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Game Introduction – Flying Kingdoms

Flying Kingdoms is an adventure style game from Vostu. Using your own character, you can go on your own adventures in far off worlds high in the sky. Choosing the right path may prove difficult but with Gamezebo’s quick start guide, we’re confident you’ll be soaring through the clouds in no time!

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Flying Kingdoms

  • When the game has loaded, you will be presented with the choice of your avatar. You can choose to have either a male or female.

Flying Kingdoms

  • Next, you will be introduces to Eric, the grand poet. He will guide you through the first tasks introduced to you within the game. Your first task is to defeat the guards that happen to be in your way.

How To Play

Flying Kingdoms

  • To attack the guards, just click on them to send your adventurer over to attack them. He/She will then attack the guard until it has fallen and died. You can then fight the other guards until you’ve completed the quest.

Flying Kingdoms

  • After defeating the guards, Eric will help you find the key to the door so you can move on to the next quest. When the quest window pops-up, go ahead and click “Show me” to see exactly where the key is.

Flying Kingdoms

  • You can now easily see that Eric has hidden the key in the chest that’s directly down the path. Click on the chest to have your adventurer open it.

Flying Kingdoms

  • Now that you have the key, you can go ahead and open the castle door that is just straight down the path. All you have to do to open the door is click on it.

Flying Kingdoms

  • Now that the door to the castle has been opened, you can examine the castle by clicking on it. By doing so, you’ll find out that there are many hidden mysteries within this castle. You’ll even have to break the spell on the king to bring everything back to normal!

  • After you’re done exploring the castle, you’re done exploring the area for now. Click on the globe on the right of the gameplay screen to be taken to the map.

Flying Kingdoms

  • On the map, you can choose a different destination for your next adventure. Go ahead and click on Elkwood to travel there.

  • Upon arrival, you’ll be guided to click on the “My Kingdom” button located in the bottom right corner to go back to your kingdom. To go back to adventuring from your kingdom, click on the same button again.

  • A quest you will be given here in Elkwood involves you collecting a few resources before you can carry on. To collect the Wood from the orange trees, all you have to do is click on the trees that are around you. Your character will automatically chop them, and you will receive wood for doing so.

  • To collect Stone, click on the stones around the area. Unlike the trees, you may have to wait before you can collect from the same stone again.

  • After you’ve collected these resources, you can make your way down the path again to find the missing chickens. When you find one, click on it to rescue it.

  • In order to continue receiving quests while playing Flying Kingdoms, you will need to occasionally stop and talk to people along the way. By talking to them, they will likely give you valuable quests.

My Kingdom and Market

  • When you want to take a break from all of the adventuring you’re doing, you can head to the market to buy new items and buildings for your kingdom.

  • The market button can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. Bringing this up will allow you to plant crops, place buildings, trees, decorations and more.

  • Plots are always a good choice because you can grow crops from them, making you supplies when harvesting. Place the plots down, then click on the empty ones to plant crops.

  • Crops usually have different growing times, and the amount of supplies you receive for them is adjusted accordingly. Tomatoes, for instance, only take 20 seconds to fully grow and will produce 8 supplies per crop. Carrots, however, take 6 hours to fully grow but will produce 22 supplies per crop.

  • Make sure you schedule your crops accordingly with your own schedule, so that you are making the maximum amount of supplies possible.

Flying Kingdoms

  • Next, we should build a Lumbermill in your kingdom so that you can produce valuable tools you’ll need. Go into the Market, select the buildings tab, and then on the Lumbermill to build one.

  • Once you’ve placed the foundation down, you will need to click on it two or three times to finish building it. After it is done building, you can harvest it for tools.

Flying Kingdoms

  • One of the first things you will want to do with these tools is build a bridge in Elkwood. Go to the bottom of Elkwood, and then click on the bridge to rebuild the bridge. Having done so, you can now access an entirely new area of Elkwood.

Social Features

Flying Kingdoms

  • Early on in the game, you will be tasked with restoring your kingdom’s castle to its former glory. In order to do so, you will need help from your Facebook friends.

  • To do so, click on the castle. Now, a window will pop-up giving you an option to ask friends to help you with the mission. Once they click on your link that you’ve shared with them, you can continue restoring the castle.

  • Another feature is that you can visit your friends’ kingdoms. Here, you can click on buildings to collect coins and XP. Once you’re done, you can go back to your kingdom.


  • You have completed the quick start guide for Flying Kingdoms. Now you are ready for your own adventures, so get going!

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