Flying Gorilla Strategy Guide – How to Unlock Skins and Earn Bananas

Flying Gorilla is a game about – wait for it – a flying gorilla. It’s pretty silly, but it still offers up a decent chunk of challenge if it gets its teeth into you. There are some things you’re going to have to learn, especially if you want to get all of the bizarre gorilla skins that are on offer.

So we figured we’d write up this guide. We’ve played a lot of Flying Gorilla and discovered a bunch of strategies that we think are really going to help you out. Follow these suggestions and you’re going to be soaring with the best of them in no time flat.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just about to take your first flight or you’ve already smashed into too many angry birds – there’s going to be something here that’ll make you an even more polished great ape pilot. So here we go – these are the best hints, tips and cheats for Flying Gorilla.

Tap, don’t swipe

The most important thing to know about Flying Gorilla is that you need to tap and press the sides of the screen instead of swiping. Tap the left to swing left and the right to swing right. You can change the controls in the options, but this is the default, and knowing that will save you a lot of swiping confusion early on.

Play the endless mode

There are two different modes available here – endless and levels. The endless mode is a good way to unlock new skins and get extra points, and it’s a nice break if you’re struggling with the challenges in the level mode. Swap between the two to earn as much as you can as you play.

Learn from your mistakes

The challenges in the levels mode are the same every time you play them, so if you need to go right to avoid a swinging hammer, that’s going to be the case the next time round as well. Remember where you went wrong and don’t make the same mistake twice, otherwise people will think you’re foolish.

Look out for gems

Sometimes you’ll spot gems on the path ahead of you. It’s worth getting these, but only if you can get them without getting hit. There are better rewards waiting if you keep your run going, so only pick up the gems if you’re sure you can get that without being hurt and having to start again.

Play the slot machine

Take some time to play the slot machine. It’s the only way to earn certain skins and you’ll usually finish your spinning with more than you started. You’ll also level up as you play, which is another way to get some of the more exclusive gorilla skins, so it’s worth putting some time into.

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