Flock! Tips Walkthrough

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Check out these tips and tricks for Flock! courtesy of the game’s developer, Capcom. In Flock! you control a UFO herding animals to its mothership.

Fields will slow down most animals. You need to clear a path, so be creative.

Herd animals to your mothership as fast as you can!

Animals will follow their loved one wherever they go.

You can pick hay bales up and plug pits to make the path a little safer.

All the animals in flock! Herd differently. Cows are slower to get up to
Speed but push them too fast and they are prone to stampeding!

Pick up and throw boulders with your tractor beam.

Night time can be dangerous. Look out for the beastie! It’ll try to eat your herd.

Some stones can be switched on with your depressor beam, they will
Illuminate your situation.

Cows are heavy and can knock over some objects.

Some levels start with you having too few animals. Explore them before giving up! Play cupid – herd a lucky couple to the love patch, then avert your gaze!

You can bridge small gaps with a solid fence — rotate it while it is in your beam.

Leaves can be ripped off of trees with a bit of effort.

Animals will try not to fall off edges, but if the player is too persistent then they will drop down. Animals that drop down or fall into pits are lost forever.

Sheep are made of cotton wool. They will shrink when made wet.

Before playing co-op, you should make sure you’ve played at least a few single-player levels already, just so you’ve got the hang of things!


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