Flipper Dunk Strategy Guide – Score Baskets With Style Thanks to These Hints and Tips

Flipper Dunk, as the name suggests, is a game about using a pinball-style flipper to smash a ball into a basket. It’s much easier said than done, though, and while it’s easy to pick up the game, becoming a master is going to take a little more attention and some careful thought.

So we decided to do some of that careful thinking for you. The end result of that thinking is the guide you’re reading right now. If you want to become a great Flipper Dunk player, then you should definitely follow the strategies we’ve outlined for you below.

Already hit a hundred baskets? Getting ready to flip your first shot? Whatever point you’ve reached in your Flipper Dunk journey, there’s going to be something here that will help take your skills up a notch. So let’s toss away the hyperbole and get into it. These are the best hints, tips and tricks for Flipper Dunk.

Keep the ball in play

Keeping the ball in play is one of the most important things. If it falls under your flipper, you’re going to have to start the level again. You need to pay attention and always be ready to tap the ball back into play. Keep an eye on how many baskets you need to score to finish a level so you know to keep playing and not let your guard down.

Watch out for boosts

The game will throw a variety of different time-limited boosts into play. These might make the basket bigger, increase your score or make the ball heavier. When one pops up, try and grab it. Any edge you can get is always welcomed, and the boosts can make finishing levels much simpler.

Be gentle

The speed of your tap defines how hard the flick is going to be, and a long press will keep your flipper up until you release it. You don’t have to wham the ball every time. Try and mix up the strength of your shots and keep some semblance of control over the bouncing. You can even slow it to a stop with some slick flipper moves.

Up and down

Hitting the ball straight up through the basket so it falls back down is a perfectly legitimate way to score a point. If you’re in a position to do it, it’s a trick that’s well worth adding to your repertoire. Use a soft tap to set yourself up, then when the ball rolls to the right spot on the flipper, hit it.

Watch the videos?

There are videos to get you extra gems and to extend your run if you fail. You can also watch them to unlock new skins. It’s all a matter of personal choice. We’d recommend watching the fewest ads possible and keeping your focus on the grind. But if a level is annoying you, skipping is an option.

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