Flip Trickster Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Sam Simmons |

Flip Trickster is a simple one-touch puzzler all about trying to land the perfect flip. The parkour-inspired puzzler has you leaping backwards off many different obstacles all with the intention of landing feet first in a tiny red square. Don’t worry if you’re not managing to hit that square just yet, read on and we’ll have you landing your vaults like an Olympic champion.

  • Learn to launch. This may sound a little obvious or bizarre for some of you, but in order to land well, you must learn to launch properly. Some targets are far away, which means you need to press and hold to launch and not let go until you are at that sweet spot. Other targets are right in front of you, this means you should barely hold down to launch and think about tucking as soon as. Overall, there are many different types of jumps in this game so learning the basics early on will help you in the long run.Flip Trickster
  • Time your tuck. The beginner levels are trying to instil a sense of timing by giving you extra coins for not tucking for a certain period of time. This is to let you know that for some levels it’s beneficial to not tuck early. Specific levels you will need to wait until you’re just above the target before you tuck. This is because after a great drop your body will naturally rotate and attempt to do a flip, so all you’ll need to do is time your tuck to land perfectly.

Flip Trickster

  • Failing is part of success. If you’ve ever tried to play darts or archery, you’ll notice that it’s rare to hit a target exactly where you want too. More often than not you fail the first few times in order to gauge how much power to use. This applies to Flip Trickster as it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll land in the red zone in your first attempt. This means you should be learning from your previous attempts. Whether it’s tuck earlier or launch later you should always be trying to iterate your previous go, this way you’ll eventually make it to the red zone.
  • Know your flips. Some levels will require a humongous score in order to get the gold medal, even if you land in the red zone. This normally indicates that in order to get gold, you will have to perform more than one flip. By doing this, you press and hold your flip and let go after two rotations. As the game progresses the difficulty increases which means the need for double, triple and even quadruple flips will appear.

Flip Trickster

  • Use as many tucks. If you are on a jump where you press and hold but can’t seem to land two flips then odds are this level requires a different skill. Using many tucks in the air is a steady way to ensure that you will land on two feet, rather than your face. However, this method is a guaranteed way to reduce your points as completing a whole flip will earn you a higher score.
  • Learn the ragdoll physics. I know earlier I said you should be timing your tucks, as it is essential for landing in the red zone, but there is more to it than just timing. If you watch how your body tumbles off the ledge, you’ll notice how slowly it rotates over time. This means the longer you wait to tuck, the less time you need to be spent tucking in order to land on your feet. So if you launch high up for a target close to you, press and hold as soon as possible to bring yourself straight down.

Flip Trickster

  • Remember to have fun. It can be frustrating to constantly aim for the red zone in Flip Trickster, that’s why there are special challenges in every level. The challenges can give you something to aim for beyond just landing every time. So keep it fresh and try new ideas while you play, remember that flinging a ragdoll backwards is supposed to be fun, not frustrating.

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