Flip Master Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Flip Master from Miniclip is a lively little jumping game that lets you bounce, bounce, bounce to glory on some fancy trampolines. Though the intense ragdoll physics make for entertaining wipeouts, you won’t progress very far if you can’t stay on your feet. With tons of tricks to learn and skills to upgrade, Flip Master relies both on reflexes and resource management. If you’re looking to become the ultimate trampoline hero, here are Gamezebo’s Flip Master tips, cheats and strategies.

Get In A Rhythm

Timing your flips well is crucial for success. If you want to go very high to reach some coins, for example, jump and then flip only at the very last second before you head back to the ground. If you do this several times in a row, you’ll gain momentum and go higher and higher each time. If you get in a bounce-flip-bounce rhythm your score and coins will steadily increase.

Flip Master Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Rock The Pike

It’s very easy to start flipping like crazy to earn points or to correct an anticipated error. However, it’s just as easy to over-rotate and end up hitting your head. If you’re the type who doesn’t want to go slow-and-steady, then consider using a stunt like the Pike. Because of the position of your legs and arms relative to your head, your body is actually very protected with less surface area to hit and end your streak. Plus, if you’re loving the pike, then you can also upgrade your tuck power to spin even faster.

Invest Wisely

There are a lot of places to spend your gold coins so consider the long or short term benefits of your investment. Once you’ve played for a while, you’ll learn your weaknesses and that’s where you should focus your upgrades first. If you’re having trouble landing, then level up your Balance. If you’ve picked up a lot of tricks, then level up Confidence to sharpen those skills. Don’t spend coins on any timed powerups until you are really good and can make the most of your time. Similarly avoid shopping for clothing until you’ve gotten so good at the game you actually need superficial ways to spend your hordes of cash.

Flip Master Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Collect Every Bonus

The daily free spin is a good place to get a free powerup like the foam cubes or medicine balls to kick which will give you lots of extra coins. Just be ready to play right away because those powerups only last for a limited time, and pausing or having to reload a round will waste the boost. If you put notifications on, you’ll also get the most out of the balloon bonus which gives you a stack of coins each hour. You can then double up on that bonus by watching a video. In fact, there are video bonuses all over the game which will give you more coins. However, be mindful of how much watching the videos will interrupt your flow; if you’re the type of player who needs to get in a groove then the videos might end up doing more harm than good.

Practice, Practice

If you truly want to become the eponymous Flip Master, you’re going to have to practice. Though skills are upgradable, even the highest upgrades aren’t going to give you the focus or timing you’ll need to succeed. There is a learning curve to this game, but if you stick with it, you’ll be a trampoline pro.

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