Flappy Golf Walkthrough

Game Introduction – Flappy Golf

Flappy Golf is a golfing / physics game from Noodlecake Studios that’s inspired by Flappy Bird. In this game, you guide a winged ball around the golf courses previously seen in Noodlecake’s Super Stickman Golf 2. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you flap to the finish.

Tips and Strategies

Flappy Golf

Plot out your course beforehand if possible – When you enter a new course in Flappy Golf, the camera quickly pans around the level. Time to exercise your short-term memory: See if you can take in all the course’s important traits in those few seconds. What kind of hazards are around? Where’s the hole? What does the terrain look like? Where are the pits? 

Remember, changing directions takes a lot of moves – Momentum is everything in Flappy Golf, and if you change the direction you’re flying in, you can expect to eat up a lot of moves. Keep that in mind as you plot your course through a level.

Use slopes to your advantage – Rolling down a slope is a great way to travel without having to expend flaps.

There’s more than one way to sink the ball – A single course of Flappy Golf can offer tons of ways to reach the hole. Remember, the most obvious way isn’t always the most efficient way. A long, meandering journey that lets you coast down hills can be a better choice than a more direct route that pits you against tons of hazards and requires you to change direction often.

Flappy Golf

Sticky surfaces and sandtraps are great ways to change direction – Sandtraps are dreaded in actual golf, but in Flappy Golf, they can be a godsend. Sand and pink goo cause your ball to come to a total stop, making it easy to change your ball’s direction without having to build up your flap count by fighting momentum.

Memorize a course, then try again for a better score – Unhappy with that bronze or silver star you earned? Some courses make it difficult to grab a top score until you really have the layout memorized. Try again while the course is still fresh in your mind.

Roll to the hole – When you hit the green, let your ball roll to a complete stop before flapping closer to the hole. You might be surprised how far rolling can take you.

Narrow passageways often lead to major shortcuts – Practice squeezing into narrow crevices. They often guide you to amazing shortcuts.

Use long, slow button presses for long journeys – Holding down the flap button will take you further than short taps. Remember this when you’re travelling across long, open spaces on a course.

Flappy Golf

Physics change on the putting green – Once you hit the putting green, your ball will no longer “leap” when you press the buttons. Instead, the ball rolls left or right according to which side of the screen you tap.

You can skip around level packs as long as you have enough stars to do so – No need to play every level pack of Flappy Golf in order. If you don’t want to deal with a particular troupe of levels, move ahead and see which others you’ve unlocked. 

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