Flappy Golf 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Flappy Golf 2 is the follow-up to Noodlecake’s mini-golf arcade game in which your ball has the power of flight. Using your winged golf creature, your goal is to make it to the hole at the end of each level …

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Flappy Golf 2 is the follow-up to Noodlecake’s mini-golf arcade game in which your ball has the power of flight. Using your winged golf creature, your goal is to make it to the hole at the end of each level within a certain number of flaps. Gamezebo’s Flappy Golf 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you putt-flap like an eagle.

  • Everything you learned in Flappy Golf still applies. Flappy Golf 2 will be immediately recognizable to fans of the original: the gameplay, controls, and even obstacles are roughly the same, but in different arrangements of levels. Nadia Oxford wrote a great guide for the original Flappy Golf: we recommend checking out her tips if you’re new to the series. We won’t repeat everything she’s already said, so for gameplay tips and strategies, head over to the link above.
  • Momentum is still key. The one point we do want to reiterate is the importance of momentum in the Flappy Golf series: your ball requires a lot of coercion to get up off the ground, but once flying, can travel great distances on a single flap. It will always be easier to travel across the map as opposed to up it. Always look for the least-vertical path when aiming for low flap counts.
Flappy Golf 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • Sometimes hitting a wall is faster than turning in mid-air. Because of the momentum issue, stopping yourself in mid-air will sometimes require more flaps than simply running into a wall. Use the landscape and even sides of the map as brakes when necessary. Most levels make the sides of the screen physical boundaries. There are a few where falling off the bottom of the screen will count as an out-of-bounds, but most of the time you are free to flap to the edge and back.
  • You can fly straight up if needed. Although it’s generally advised against, there will be times you’ll need to fly up in a straight line. To do so, simply alternate tapping on the left and right flap buttons. Your flappy ball will slowly work its way into the air.
  • You can scroll around a level at any time. To view distant areas of the map, just tap and drag on any part of the screen that are not the flap buttons. You can scroll in any direction as long as there’s more map to see. There’s no timer in Flappy Golf 2, so take your time before lift-off and even mid-level to look around and get a lay of the land.
  • Try looking up for hard-to-reach eggs. Speaking of scrolling, if you’re having trouble finding the last few eggs for a course, try scrolling up. They may be in the sky above you just out of view.
Flappy Golf 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • You don’t have to earn gold stars to unlock stages. Unlocking later courses requires a minimum number of stars earned via meeting the par requirements on previous levels. However, any star—gold, silver, or bronze—counts towards this star total equally. So if you need 40 stars to unlock a course, you can get 40 bronze stars and it will unlock. Gold stars don’t award any more points, merely bragging rights.
  • But gold star pars are not always the fewest number of flaps possible. Despite their difficulty, gold stars still sometimes allow room for error. For instance, on Beach Land 5, the par is four flaps but the level can definitely be beat in three. If you’ve become a Flappy Golf master and want to challenge yourself further, try to beat the gold star par on different levels. There’s no reward for this; it’s just a fun side challenge.
  • Ignore eggs when aiming for fewest flaps. Eggs can be collected at any time and are a permanent unlock per level. Keep your egg collection and star earnings separate: play a level with the low flap count in mind and then go back and get the eggs with as many flaps as needed (or vice versa, getting the eggs off-screen and out of mind first).
  • Egg-collecting tips: If you’re going back just to snag some skipped eggs, you don’t have to actually finish the level. You can get the eggs and then exit to the menu without entering the hole: they’ll be counted as collected. If you’re unsure if you’ve collected all eggs for a certain course, hitting pause on a level will tell you how many you’ve found out of the total for that course (across all nine levels). This is useful since collecting all eggs on a course will award you ten extra as a bonus.
Flappy Golf 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • Don’t be afraid to go slowly and explore. The main benefit of doing so is to find the “ghost flag” hidden on one map within each course. Finding the path to this flag is often a matter of running into a random wall where a teleporter is hidden. The other benefit is simply finding unexpected alternate paths to the hole. Sometimes flying into a wall or over a hill that you wouldn’t have usually will get you to the goal faster than the standard route. This can come in handy in multiplayer, where number of flaps don’t matter but speed does.
  • Explore other levels, too. As long as a course if unlocked, you can play any level within that course at any time. Try jumping around and playing later courses if you’re struggling with a certain set. Maneuvering around different obstacles might help you figure out new paths in earlier stages.
Flappy Golf 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • Don’t always play with portals. Many of the portals levels are actually faster to complete if you avoid some (or all) of the portals. Don’t assume you have to use a portal just because it exists. And the ones you do need to use are often more about timing and when / where you enter them.
  • And try not to get sticky. In the Sticky Zone, almost every level’s par is easiest to meet when you avoid the pink sticky spots altogether. Again, this is not necessarily true for a speedy multiplayer attempt, but for fewest flaps: you don’t want to have to waste flaps getting unstuck from a wall.
  • Take part in the daily race to practice for multiplayer. The daily race is a good way to practice the fast maneuvering aspect of multiplayer that is sometimes at odds with the “fewest flaps” mentality of the single-player mode. You’ll be up against bot ghosts and can watch the paths they take and try to mimic them to improve your speed. Since multiplayer courses use the same maps as single-player, you can also practice there: just ignore the flap counter while training.
Flappy Golf 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • Multiplayer is a good way to earn eggs. You earn eggs even for coming in last in multiplayer, so if you’re itching for a new style of flappy ball, dive into a local or online match. And your fancy new look carries over into multiplayer games, so if you think being a tiny orange flying cat will intimidate your opponents, go for it! (It also helps differentiate you from any similar-looking challengers, but we’re all about the intimidation factor.)
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