Flappy Dunk Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Flappy Dunk offers an answer to that age old question: what would happen if you took Flappy Bird and smashed it together with a basketball game? The answer is, surprisingly, you’d end up with a pretty addictive one-tap flying game.

But there are some twists to the formula, and here at Gamezebo we like to make sure that you’re prepared for anything that the gaming world has to throw at you. Which is why we’ve put together this hints and tips guide to ensure that when you first load up Flappy Dunk, you’re in with a fighting chance.

You don’t need to thank us. Not right now anyway, but when you’re winning the Gold at the Flappy Dunk olympics, we wouldn’t mind if you gave us a shout out in your acceptance speech. Seriously, it’d make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Flappy Dunk Tips, Cheats and Strategies

The Basics

  • Tap it like it ain’t no thang – The game is a pretty simple one. The only control you have involves tapping the screen. This will give your winged basketball a little boost upwards.
  • Don’t touch the floor – Touching the floor is a very bad thing. As soon as your ball makes contact with that devilish line it’s game over. So you’re going to have to do everything in your power to avoid that.
  • Score some baskets – You get your points from getting the ball in the hoops. Bear in mind that you need to get the ball through every hoop. Miss one and, you guess it, it’s game over.

Flappy Dunk Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Advanced Tips

  • Try not to touch the sides – Once you’ve got the hang of the game you’ll want to be aiming to score a swish with as many baskets as possible. And there’s good reason for this. Getting a swish will score you way more points.
  • Those swishes stack – That’s right, your multiplier will increase with each consecutive swish you get. Hit one and you’ll get two points, but keep going and you’ll see that multiplier going up. It’s the best way to get the biggest scores, so try and concentrate on doing just that.
  • Check the challenges – As well as the endless version of the game, you’ve also got a series of challenges. These are really good for practicing your skills in a slightly different, less stressful environment. So make sure you check them out and give them a go.

Flappy Dunk Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Hints and Tricks

  • The back edge of the basket – If you hit the back edge of the basket you might think you’ve over shot. That doesn’t have to be the case though. Stop tapping and there’s a good chance that your ball will roll backwards into the hoop.
  • Moving hoops are easier than you think – If you’ve landed on a moving hoop and it looks like you’re going to miss it, stop tapping again. If the movement is in the correct direction then it should just push your ball in so you can score a point. Patience is quite often key to success, despite how frantic Flappy Dunk might look.
  • Second chances are good – The game often gives you the option to have a second chance. This plays a video then drops you back into the game. It’s a good idea to do this. Not only will you be able to continue your run, but there are skins you can only unlock during a second chance.

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