Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location Walkthrough

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is the fifth (if you ignore FNaF World) game in the Freddy series from Scott Cawthon. And it’s one that still has you trying to avoid a grisly death via murderous animatronics, but without …

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is the fifth (if you ignore FNaF World) game in the Freddy series from Scott Cawthon. And it’s one that still has you trying to avoid a grisly death via murderous animatronics, but without defaulting to the typical FNaF gameplay style — for the most part. Gamezebo’s Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location walkthrough will keep you and your exotic butters safe. Well, safer than going in totally blind, anyway.

Also SPOILERS, obviously.

Night 1

  • Just do what Hand Unit tells you to do. Nothing can hurt you the first night and there’s nothing you can really fail. Do what you’re asked to do and go home.

Night 2

  • Follow instructions until you get to Circus Baby’s Auditorium. That’s when things start to get different.
  • Under the desk: Keep your finger inside the box that tells you to drag in order to close the door. Don’t drag your finger so much as make sure it stays in the right spot as the door moves on its own.
  • Despite what you’re told, making eye contact doesn’t matter.
  • Keep the screen focused on the right side of the door. As soon as it starts to open, tap and hold the screen in the same area you had to hold in order to close the door. Keep it up until the door stops moving.
  • They’ll try to pull the door open a total of two times. After that you just have to wait until you get the go ahead to move on.
  • Ballora Gallery: Tap and hold to move forward, and release the screen to stop when you hear Ballora getting close.
  • You don’t actually have to listen for Ballora. Just keep an eye out for the flashing red warning sign in the top-left corner of the screen and stop as soon as you see it.
  • Wait at least a second or two after the flashing warning goes away before you start moving, or else you’ll likely just have to immediately stop again.
  • Keep intermittently moving until you get to the door and reach the next section.
  • Breaker Room: The first real challenge of the game, this room requires you to jump back and forth between restoring power and distracting Funtime Freddy.
  • You have to tap and hold to start restoring power to a given area. If you let go before power is at 100% the levels will start to drop over time. Make sure you don’t leave in-progress breakers alone for too long or they’ll reset to zero.
  • You can start charging before the screen comes into focus. Just tap and hold the spot on the screen where a given breaker is as soon as you raise it.
  • Don’t keep the screen up for too long! Freddy will start to get antsy if you aren’t paying attention, and if he catches you you’re toast.
  • Try to keep track of where Freddy is in the room whenever you aren’t looking at the breaker screen. The occasional sparks and flashes will help you figure out where he is, and the farther away from you the better.
  • Play Audio in order to get Freddy to back off. If he starts getting close you can use the button to activate audio clips that should distract him.
  • Don’t get too anxious or cocky. Try to restore power in smallish increments (like 10-20%) while flipping the monitor up and down often to keep track of Freddy. Patience is essential.
  • Freddy gets more pushy as more breakers are brought back online. Be very careful as you get close to the end.
  • Back through Ballora Gallery: It’s spooky, but Ballora doesn’t seem to actually attack you on the return trip.

Night 3

  • Funtime Auditorium: Funtime Foxy’s room is pretty much the opposite of Ballora’s as she works based on movement rather than sound. It’s pitch black, and it can be a nerve-wracking test of restraint.
  • Move in small increments. The longer you’re in motion, the more likely you are to get Foxy’s attention.
  • Use your flash beacon every time you stop moving. If you see Foxy, stay where you are for another second or two and use the flash again. If you don’t see Foxy, take a few more steps forward.
  • Don’t just keep using the flash. Foxy is actually more likely to stick around if you spam the button, so if you see her make sure you wait a couple seconds before trying it again. And the closer she is to you the longer it’ll take for her to wander away.
  • Parts & Service: Here you need to perform maintenance on Funtime Freddy. just follow instructions and you should be fine. Probably.
  • Pressing the wrong button doesn’t get you killed, but it could potentially mess up the “puzzle.” Make sure not to press anything until Hand Unit tells you to.
  • When it’s time to pull the power whatever it is from the Bonnie hand puppet, the puppet will have disappeared. Don’t worry, it’ll come back
  • Keep looking around Funtime Freddy until you spot the puppet peeking out. The bright blue should make it easy.
  • Don’t look directly at the puppet or it will hide and find another spot to peek from. Wait until the black button underneath the bowtie is visible and then tap it to complete maintenance.
  • Funtime Auditorium (again): Mush like leaving on Night 2, there’s not much for you to do here. Just keep walking until Foxy jumps you. Don’t worry, this is supposed to happen.

Night 4

  • The Scooping Room: Well this is creepy.
  • Once the faceplates are open, you should be able to see the spring locks along the sides of the suits get slightly brighter. This is so you can spot them more easily.
  • Immediately start tapping and holding on all the spring locks one at a time in order to wind them. Tap and hold until the clicking stops to wind them all the way.
  • Spring locks will slowly unwind over time, and will unwind more when you wiggle, so make sure to keep checking both sides of the suit and winding at every possible moment.
  • When you see shadows start to climb up either side of the suit, wiggle (swipe inside the box at the bottom of the screen) to shake them off. Then get back to winding!
  • Spring locks that are blinking red are about ready to blow. Make these a high priority.
  • Keep things up long enough and you’ll make it through the night after a few minutes.

Night 5

  • Funtime Auditorium: Just run straight through, nobody will bother you.
  • Parts & Service: Follow instructions in order to pull up Circus Baby’s hidden keypad.
  • Enter the numbers you’re given quickly and correctly. If you take too long or press the wrong one, you’re dead. And the code is random so don’t bother trying to remember it or write it down.
  • Once you’ve entered the code a hatch will pop open on Circus Baby’s left arm. Tap the green glowing card to remove it, then press the green button on the conveyor next to her right left to progress.
  • Funtime Auditorium (again): Follow instructions EXACTLY to reach the Scooping Room. If you don’t, there’s a good chance you’re going to die.
  • Tap and hold towards the top of the screen to move forward, tap the top-left corner to go left, and tap the top-right corner to go right.
  • DO NOT use the flash. If you press the flash button you will die immediately. Just listen to instruction and move when and where you’re told.
  • Once you reach the scooping room, sit back and enjoy the ending. Sort of. Some of it is missing but you’ll get the general idea.

Baby’s Mini-Game

  • You have to beat the mini-game the “right” way to unlock… something. I can’t say for sure what it is because I haven’t properly beaten it myself yet, because the amount of patience it takes to pull off is well beyond what I’m capable of. I know HOW to do it, but actually doing it is the sticking point.
  • In order to properly beat the mini-game, you have to give cupcakes to all of the kids and then return to the start of the level within the time limit. There are three types of cupcakes (red, blue, and green, found in that order), every one of which acts differently, and “ammo” is limited so make each one count.
  • Red cupcakes are single-shots that are best left for kids who are on their own. Blue cupcakes fire three at a time in a spread and are best for kids standing in vertical columns. Green cupcakes are single-shots, like the red ones, but they pass through any kids they touch so they’re perfect for feeding multiple kids standing in a horizontal line.
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout. Once you can mostly remember where the groups of kids are you can plan your cupcake use around them.
  • I find it works best to grab the red cupcakes first, take care of the three kids who are on their own, then grab the green cupcakes that are near the end and work backwards.
  • Don’t forget the line of three kids that are just to the right of where you grab the green cupcakes! And make sure to launch the green cupcake at them from the right side – you’ll miss the last kid in the line if you shoot from the left because they’ll be off screen.
  • Work fast! You only have so much time before you automatically fail so you’ll want to keep moving.
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