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  • You can make the right choices in terms of machines but if you do not put them in the right order, you will lose points. You should start with the warm up mat before you place customers on the exercise equipment.
  • You don’t have to start with the warm up mat but you will get more points when you do. When you start at other machines you may not get your points to be as high. Your choice may come out to "Great Choice" but not a "Perfect Choice". Stretch Bars should always be placed last in a routine.
  • When you have several people that come into the gym at one time you have to schedule them in a way that will keep people going to the same machines at different intervals.
  • You don’t want to schedule it so that too many people are waiting for the same stations since it makes people impatient. If they wait too long, they could get angry and ultimately leave.
  • A customer’s happiness level goes hand in hand with the amount of tip they will give you at the end of the day. The happier they are the more you will earn.
  • The money you earn at the end of the day will give you the ability to purchase upgrades for your shop. That’s why it’s important to make as much as you can so you can afford the best upgrades as soon as possible.
  • You can always save your money and not buy an upgrade in a round so you can combine that money with the money in the next round and buy a better upgrade to suit your needs.
  • Chain as many of the same tasks as you can. Try and get all the people with "?" in a row so you can earn bigger chaining points. The same goes for scheduling stations and exclamation points. Please see our section below called "Chaining" to get more details on this subject.
  • Schedule Spa Treatments as often as possible since each time they go to the Masseuse they earn an extra heart. Happier customers leave bigger tips.
  • If you can afford it buy the Masseuse as soon as the massage table is available. She will be able to take care of giving massages while you attend to other tasks.
  • Giving beverages to your customers can help you a great deal in this game in a couple of ways. The beverages make people workout faster which in turn makes them get off a station faster too.
  • The faster they get off a machine the more people will be able to get on and enjoy that station. It’s always a good idea to give beverages in order to free up some machines
  • Let a few people come through the door before you start scheduling, you don’t have to get them the moment they come in. Wait until you have several people in line and then schedule them all at once.
  • This can help you make better scheduling choices and will also allow you to obtain bigger chaining combos. It also keeps a lot of people going at similar schedules since you can get a better idea of how to spread things out.
  • If you have too many people waiting on certain machines, use the Stretching Bars more often so you can keep the wait at a minimum. Scheduling the Stretching Bar can be especially helpful when there are several people asking for the same type of workouts.
  • Try to do things so that Vicky makes the most of her time by multi-tasking. If Vicky is taking care of a customer and she needs to go to the people in line next, have her take a soda to someone at a station before she goes to the line.
  • If you haven’t purchased the Janitor make sure that you clean up the sweat off the machines quickly. If you don’t it will make customers impatient and you will lose money if they get angry and leave.
  • Even if you have the janitor you can still help him clean up the machines if he’s falling behind schedule.


  • There’s a yellow bar on the lower right corner of the screen, you fill it up by earning stars. The more stars you earn, the faster it will fill up.
  • The way to earn stars is by doing certain tasks quickly, the faster you are at taking care of a client the more stars you will earn.
  • For example, a person has a question mark or an exclamation point over their head, the faster you get to them the more stars you will see go into the meter.
  • If you get to them within a second or two, you will earn 9 to 10 stars. If you take too long to get to them you will earn less stars, the longer they wait.
  • Each time the yellow bar gets full you will have the option to increase a skill of your choice. There are 4 skills in total, here is a brief description of what they do.
  • 1-Speed- It increases the speed in which Vicky moves about the gym. I would start increasing this one to the max first since the faster Vicky moves the more things she will get done in a shorter amount of time.
  • Charisma-You will earn more money when you increase Charisma since customers will give you bigger tips.
  • Teaching- As you increase your points of Teaching it will take less time to teach the clients when they need help on a machine.
  • Cleaning-With each increase you will spend less time cleaning.
  • To view the skill upgrade menu click the button with the star at the bottom right of the screen.


  • If there are several people standing at the cash register before Vicky gets there and you ring them up, all people will be cashed out at the same time.
  • If people arrive after you cashed your last ORIGINAL customer that was standing there, you will have to start the ringing process over. Even though Vicky is standing there she will not automatically ring people up on her own.
  • Try to ring up as many people as possible in one shot so you can get back to taking care of people in the gym.


  • One of the best ways to get the highest score in this game is by making the right scheduling decisions.
  • When you’re looking for the best workout for a client the right session makes the customer very happy. The happier they are the more stars you will earn for your meter.
  • You will see the words "Perfect Choice" when you choose all the right machines, which in turn will send 10 stars to the yellow bar on the lower right side. It will also boost the heart rate of that client.
  • Use the numbers next to a station to help you determine where you need to schedule people. Those numbers represent how many people are scheduled to be in a particular machine. You don’t want to schedule too many people in a row to the same station.
  • Just remember that the yellow equipment will be for scheduling the first and last part of your client’s workout.
  • The yellow mat will be where they should all start their workouts before they go on to the machines. You really want to upgrade these mats right away so they can make people move faster while on them since this will be everybody’s first stop.
  • The only time you should skip the mat is when someone only wants to go work out in one station only, then the mat is not the best choice.
  • The yellow stretch bar should be where everybody ends up after they’ve finished working out on the machines.
  • The stretch bars are not as critical as using the mats since everyone does not need to use the stretch bars during every workout.
  • You will really need to use the stretch bars the most in situations in which the client comes in and you have to schedule 4 0r 5 stations for them. The stretch bars will be the last thing you will schedule for them.


  • The more things you can chain for Vicky to do the more points you will earn and the faster she will move while performing these tasks.
  • You will also earn stars when you successfully complete tasks to a customer’s satisfaction.
  • You can chain several things in this game. You can form a long chain when you wait and take care of several people with question marks and exclamation points over their heads.The longer the chain the bigger the combo will be.
  • You cannot mix chaining exclamation points and question marks together; they have to be done separately. If you chain three "?", one "!" and then one "?" again-your last "?" will count as one, not 4 since you placed an "!" in the middle of it.
  • You only get chaining points when you queue the same actions back to back. When you perform something different, that chain will be broken and a new one will begin.
  • You can also chain the amount of people you schedule by sending several of them in a row to the different stations.Wait until you have a line of several people waiting in line and then schedule them one after another to get the bonuses.
  • Even though you can chain several people to be cashed out at the cash register at the same time, you will not get chaining bonuses for doing so.
  • There’s no way to cancel a set of tasks once you’ve chained them so make your choices carefully.


  • When you see people that have exclamation points over their heads it means that they are struggling with a routine and they need a push to get through it. Click on them and the exclamation point will go away.
  • Once you hire a Spotter she will help you take care of the customer’s with the exclamation points by going to them when they ask for help.
  • The Spotter starts out walking slowly and will get faster with each upgrade you buy.
  • You can get chaining bonuses by scheduling several exclamation points back to back.
  • People with question marks need your help, the Spotter cannot help them when they need instructions, only you can.
  • Try to attend to the people with "?" as soon as possible, if you take too long to get to them, they will slip, fall off the machine and hurt themselves. They will also lose a heart in the process.
  • It is a good idea to chain several people with "?" back to back so you can earn a bigger chaining bonus.


  • Once an upgrade has a green check mark next to it means that you’ve maxed out the amount of upgrades you can buy for that item.You can upgrade items a total of three times, after that they will be maxed out.
  • Here’s a brief description of some of the upgrades and what they can do. I only included the Special Upgrades since the Machine Upgrades are well explained within the help section of the game.


  • There are 3 upgrades for the TV. With each upgrade your customers become more patient while waiting for you in line.

Drink dispenser

  • Give your customers an energy drink and they will have more stamina.
  • The best time to give people energy drinks is when you have a lot of people waiting for the same machine. When you give them energy drinks it helps them move faster and thus get off the machine faster so other people can get on.
  • Each upgrade that you make to the machine will make the clients get off the machine even faster.
  • Vicky can only carry one drink at a time.


  • This little helper will assist you with the customers that are struggling with the machines. You will need to get her as you get higher up in levels so she can attend to all the people with the red exclamation points over their head.
  • Just because you have a Spotter does not mean that you cannot take care of people with "!" as well. Once in a while if there are a lot of "!" you can help the Spotter take care of them. When you do you will be able to earn extra stars that you wouldn’t have earned if the Spotter had taken care of it by herself.
  • If you have the spotter and she’s heading towards a customer that needs help she will stop dead in her tracks if you get there first.


  • Sending people to the Masseuse makes everyone relax, which is great because they will be so happy at the end of the massage that their hearts will increase by one once they are done.
  • Try to schedule as many people to go to the masseuse as possible whenever you get a chance, it’s a great way for them to end the day
  • Janitor
  • This was one of the first upgrades I purchased as soon as it became unlocked. It gave Vicky the ability to keep a good flow going since she didn’t have to stop and clean the machines often.
  • As soon as you can afford it, make sure that you upgrade the speed of your janitor since it takes him so long to get around to cleaning.
  • Even though you have the janitor, Vicky can still help in cleaning the machines. If there are too many machines to clean at one time send Vicky to clean some as well so the customers can get on the machines as quickly as possible.

Security guard

  • The Security Guard will keep your competitors from coming into your gym and stealing your customers.
  • When you have him you’ll make more money because you will not lose potential sales since you will be able to keep your customers in your gym.
  • The guys who are trying to steal your customers are dressed in a yellow jogging suit, if the security guard doesn’t get to them on time, click on them to make them go away.


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