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  • Fitness Dash has 2 modes, Story Mode and Endless Mode.
  • Story Mode consists of 5 locations with 10 levels each for a total of 50 levels. It also has a tug-of-war mini game at the end of each location, which gives you an additional 5 levels of fun.
  • The Endless Mode consists of 2 different options, "Tug-Of-War" and "Fitness". You have 3 difficulty levels to choose from in these modes, "easy", "medium" or "hard".
  • You may want to start off with the easy or medium level before you begin with the hard mode. It will give you a chance to get accustomed to the games before you decide to take on harder challenges. Of course, if you’ve played many Time management Games, you can try your hand at the hard level first.
  • Tug-Of-War in Endless Mode consists of playing until you can defeat your opponents by clearing the board completely.
  • Fitness Endless Mode-You can replay any of the levels you’ve completed in order to see how far you can get without losing any customers.

Color Matching Strategies

  • In this game, the best things you can do to earn expert in all levels is to color match and chain tasks as much as possible. You can get lots of color bonuses by making sure that you designate certain stations all the time with the same color.
  • For example, for the equipment, I would always make the front row one color and the back row a different color, the color would depend on the level. But let’s say the front row was always blue and the back row was always red.
  • You can use your stretching mats to rack in huge color bonuses by placing people on the mat as often as possible. For example, place people on the mats as soon as they walk and before you place them on the equipment. Then make sure that you place people on the mat before you place them in the shower so you can earn extra bonuses at the last minute. Also make sure that you place people on showers that color match as well so you can earn even more points.

Chaining Strategies

  • At the end of the day, leave all the machines dirty so you can score a bigger cleaning chain bonus. Instead of cleaning one or two machines at the end of the day, just do all of them at once, you’ll be surprised at the amount of points you can earn this way.
  • Give out the maximum amount of water bottles that your machine allows and then pick them up all at once to earn chaining bonuses both ways. Make sure that you are not picking up bottles in between serving them. Complete each task before starting the next one or your chaining bonus will be broken.
  • Maximize your chaining abilities as much as possible by doing things in an organized matter. Place as many people as you can on the machines back to back so you can earn a chaining bonus right off the bat before your day begins. Note that if you place them on the mat first, it will break up your chaining bonus.

Customer Priorities

  • Make sure that you place people on their stations according to their personality and patience level. You want to take The Bride, Aunt Ethel and the Senior lady above others since they run out of patience faster than the other people in the game.
  • If someone is about to lose patience while waiting for a machine there’s no way to make them happier while they are in line (unless someone asks for the TV channel to be changed) so it is best to place them on the mat and give them enough water to fill their hearts before you place them on the machines. If there are people on the mats take them off and place them on the machines instead.
  • In levels where things are really hectic, just let some people leave since you only lose 125 for each one that you lose but you have the possibility to earn over 300 points for the people that leave of hearts.I had one level in which I lost 5 people on purpose and was still able to get an expert score.

Happiness level

  • There are ways in which you can boost the heart level of one person or of everyone in the room at once. It is very important in this game that your clients remain happy while they are in your gym because the happier they are the more they will pay before they leave. If someone leaves the gym because they got angry and were tired of waiting you will lose 125 points.
  • Make sure that you give people bottles of water until their hearts have been restored to their full capacity. Usually one or two bottles will do the trick. I would always make sure that a client had water right before they went into the shower.
  • Some customers will ask for you to change the channels on the TV, when you do so it boosts the heart of all the people working out and of the people that are waiting in line.
  • Give people water that are on the mats before you place them on machines that way they will be happier as they go on the exercise equipment. In order to boost some hearts, place people on the mats after a work out and give them 2 bottles of water before you send them to take a shower.

Extra Strategy Tips

  • You can put someone on a machine even if they don’t want to be there just to keep them from leaving.
  • Pay attention to the sounds or the visual cues in the game. When you hear the sound of ringing bells, it means that the ice cream man is in the gym, make sure that you click on him and earn an extra 250 dollars.
  • As you open up for the day, click on the juice and snack machine right away so that things can be ready for you when you need it.
  • Also get in the habit of clicking on the juice or snack machine after you’ve taken something so that you always have a batch of that item available to you right away.
  • Make sure that you clean up the equipment after each customer or another customer will not get on it. Try to clean several machines back to back so you can get chaining bonuses.
  • When 2 people want to use the same machines, place one on the machine and leave the other one at the mat so they will not lose patience by waiting in line.
  • The bottles of water and the towels are graded separately when it comes to chaining so make sure that you pick up all the bottles or all the towels back to back in order to get your max points.


  • A wide variety of people come to the gym each day. Each customer has their own preference and their own level of patience.
  • Make sure that you take people to their stations according to their patience level. The people that are most impatient can sometimes be the ones that pay the most at the end. Place impatient people first since the patient ones will wait in line longer.

Big Tippers

  • The celebrity and the bride are the ones that tip the best but they are highly spoiled and impatient. Make sure that as soon as you see them that you take care of them right away. keep a close look on their patience level since they tend to lose hearts rather quickly.

Sweaty Clients

  • There are several clients that will start to sweat while they are working out. When they start to sweat they make others wound them miserable because they are being constantly sprayed.
  • When the customers start to sweat, hand them a towel, even though they will not ask for one. That is the only way to stop them from sweating. These customers include, Uncle Ernie, The body builder and the hungry man.

High Patience Clients

  • Some customers have a high tolerance for waiting in line, these customers should be placed last to make room for the least patient people first.
  • These include the young lady, the mom and the teenage boy.

Impatient people

  • Some people just simply cannot wait in line for long, and if they leave you will lose 125 dollars. These include the Senior Lady, Aunt Ethel, The Celebrity and The Bride.


  • Give customers a water bottle to improve their happiness level. A customer will never ask you for water so it is up to you to bring it for them in order to increase their heart rate.
  • Grab the bottle of water from the water station, once a customer is done with it, they will throw it on the floor. Make sure that you pick up the bottles and that you recycle them at the water station, otherwise you will not have enough for the next customers.
  • You can give a bottle of water to someone right before they go into the shower but not once they are in there.
  • You cannot give bottles of water to a person that is standing in line, only to the people working out.
  • You can give the same person more than one bottle of water back to back but once their hearts are full, they will not accept any more water.
  • The water station refills the bottles automatically once you place them back in there.
  • You can buy 3 different upgrades for the water station. Each upgrade allows you to serve more water and will make the bottles fill faster. The number of bottles that each upgrade gives you depends on the level that you are playing. The water station will hold more bottles at once, the higher the level is.
  • If there are a lot of people that are losing patience in the gym, hand the water out one person at a time. This strategy will allow you to keep more people happy at once.
  • Be careful with the bottles of water because sometimes you may be trying to give a customer an empty bottle and they are not going to accept it. If the bottle is blue, it means that it is full. If the bottle is empty then it will be clear.
  • You can get a 5x multiplier when recycling bottles of water.


  • Customers will ask for towels while working out, go to the towel station and grab them some towels and hand it to them. You can actually grab 2 towels at a time.
  • As soon as they are don e with the towels they will throw them on the floor. You must pick up all the towers and take them back to the towel station so they can be cleaned.
  • If you don’t pick up the towels and clean them you will run out of towels to give your customers. Sometimes customers throw towels away from their station, like by the customers waiting in line, make sure that you pick all of them up.
  • You can upgrade your towel station 3 times, each upgrade gives you the ability to have more towels at one time before you have to wash them.
  • Customers will always ask for a towel as soon as they start on the machines, so just pick up the towels right after you place the customers in the line so you can be ready with them as soon as the customer asks for it.


  • Some customers will sweat profusely while they are exercising, When this happens, it annoys the other people in the gym and it makes them lose hearts faster.
  • When you see someone sweating, give them a towel even though they are not asking for it. The towel will make the swat stop and will stop decreasing the hearts of those around it. These include The bodybuilder, The Hungry Man and Uncle Ernie


  • Starting on level 1.3 the juice machine will be introduced. Customers will ask for juice while they are working out to help them move a bit faster.
  • In order to get juice you have to click on the machine and wait for the glass to fill up before you hand it to a customer.
  • You can prepare juice in advance but you cannot pick up a glass until someone actually requests it (which is a good thing since there is nowhere to put it back).


  • Starting in level 2.3 you will automatically receive a snack station. When you give a client a treat from the snack machine they will automatically finish their workout and ask to go to the shower.
  • It is a really good idea to give snacks to the people that ask for several sessions at once. This allows you to get more people through the door since their wait time will be shorter.
  • The snack machine can take a long time before it is ready. I would recommend clicking on the machine as soon as you open the gym, even before you place a customer, that way the snack can prepare itself and be ready for when you need it.
  • You should also prepare another snack as soon as you take one out, get in the habit of doing that and you will be able to serve several snacks in each level.


  • Every once in a while you will have some fitness disasters that will occur in your gym. You have to make sure that when one of these disasters happen that you take care of them right away.
  • There are 5 different disasters that can occur in the gym, sometimes you can have more than one appear at a time.
  • When you see a disaster, all you have to do is click on it, in order to take care of it.
  • Each time you avert a disaster you earn 250 dollars. That extra money can come in quite handy.
  • The 5 disasters are as follows:
  • The Ice Cream Man
  • He likes to come into the gym to try and sabotage your clients by offering them ice cream. When you see him come into the gym, you have to click on him right away in order to make him disappear.
  • TV break-down
  • The TV will break down all of a sudden, you will know that the TV needs repair when you see Jo’s icon appear next to the TV on the wall. Simply click on the TV to take care of the disaster.
  • Air Conditioning repair
  • If you don’t fix the A/C right away, the customers will start spraying each other with sweat, which will make everyone unhappy really quickly.
  • Showers
  • When you see Jo’s picture on the shower stall, it means that it need to be fixed. Customers will not be able to enter the shower until this problem is fixed. Simply click on the affected shower to take care of this issue.
  • Paparazzi
  • The Paparazzi will only show up at the gym when you have celebrities training at your gym, click on them to get rid of them.


  • Some machines will break down periodically and you have to get your toolkit to fix them. Whenever you see the toolkit icon next to a station, click on the toolkit first and then click on the machine that needs repairs.
  • If somebody is requesting for their machine to be fixed and they get tired of waiting, they will leave. The toolkit icon will disappear but you will still need to fix that machine. If you find that you are holding a toolkit in your hand and you don’t see an icon then just look for the machine that looks broken and fix it.
  • A customer will not be able to continue their workout until you’ve repaired their machine. Make sure that you repair the machines right away or the customer will get upset and leave if they have to wait too long.


  • All customers must go to the shower once they’ve finished their showers. When they are done with their showers they will leave on their own and they will pay on their way out. The happier they are once they leave, the more money you will get.


  • The stretching mats are used so that your clients can stretch and warm up before exercising. While people are on the mats their patience level will remain the same.
  • Place clients on the stretching mats as much as possible since you can earn some good color bonuses each time you make a match.
  • Instead of having people waiting around for a machine put them on the mats to keep them busy and make them happier.
  • Place people on stretching mats before you even place them on the equipment and before you place them in the shower because each time you do so, you will get extra chaining bonuses that you would have otherwise not had.
  • Place the impatient people on the mat right away so that they will not lose patience in line and leave.


  • You can earn chaining bonuses by performing the same type of actions back to back without any breaks in the middle. The more items you can chain back to back the bigger your multiplier will be and the more money you can earn.
  • There are several tasks you can chain like:
  • Serving water bottles
  • Picking up water bottles.
  • Handing out towels.
  • Picking up towels.
  • Cleaning up the exercise equipment.
  • Repairing broken equipment.
  • Placing people on the machines.
  • Taking people to the shower.
  • You can chain repairs as long as they are done while two people are asking for it at the same time. When 2 people are asking for repairs, click on the two people right after the other and you will receive the chaining bonus. If a person asks for a repair after you’re done with a client you will have to get the toolkit again and you will not receive the chaining bonuses.


  • You can earn color bonuses when you place people on stations that match the color of their outfit.
  • Each time you place someone at a station the color of the station will automatically change to match their outfit. Place the next clients with the same color on the same station and your color matches will have multipliers to them. The more people you put on it, the higher the multiplier.
  • The color multiplier caps itself at 5 for the machines and 6 for the showers.
  • You only get the color match for the first machine you put somebody on. If they want to do a different machine, then only being in the first machine will count.
  • I would always keep all the machines in a row with the same color so that I could make more matching bonuses, I could pace people more automatically since I didn’t have to think about where I was dropping them.


  • In order to get the relationship bonus you must place a celebrity next to any male customer that is in the gym. This is a great way to earn extra money.
  • You can place the bodybuilder next to any female and you will earn a relationship bonus as well.


  • At the end of each location there will be a tug-of-war event in which the dashers compete against the other PlayFirst game characters.
  • In order to play the tug of war mini game, you must make tile matches of 4 or more tiles of the same color. The rope will be pulled in your favor for each match that you make, the bigger the match, the more your opponent gets pulled.
  • Click on tiles that have 4 or more of the same color and those tiles will be eliminated.
  • You can change the color of the tiles by simply clicking on them. Each click gives them a different color. You can also click on the "add column" button to add a new column of tiles.
  • There are 3 ways to beat your opponents, you have to make your opponents fall in the mud, you have to achieve an experts score or you have to clear all the tiles from the board and you will receive an instant knockout.


Equipment Upgrade Tips

  • The upgrade screen will show up at the end of each level. There are 2 types of upgrades that you can buy in the game, the ones that make everything more efficient or the ones that are for decorating your gym.
  • You have a certain amount of cash available to purchase these upgrades. The amount of money available is shown at the bottom of the screen, where it says "cash". This money comes from the amount of money that you were able to accumulate while playing the previous level.
  • In order to read a description of what each equipment upgrade does, just click on it and read what the upgrade will do. At that you time you can decide to buy the upgrade or you can click on "cancel" which will keep you from buying it.
  • You don’t have to buy the upgrades as they are presented, you can save your money and upgrade your equipment all at once.
  • When you make the expert goal in all levels you will be able to buy better upgrades since that means that you earned extra money. Buying better equipment also allows you to make more money because customers will be able to use the machines in a shorter amount of time which allows you to service more customers in a level.
  • With each new gym you will have to start over from scratch, you will have to choose new upgrades all over again. The good news is that the further along you are in the game, the better your upgrades will be. For example, your water and towel stations will be able to hold more products at a time.

Decorating Upgrades

  • Decorating upgrades are good for aesthetic purposes only, the decoration upgrades do not help you make more money or make you more efficient.
  • Decorating the gym should be the last thing you do, provided that there are no more equipment upgrades left to buy. I would only buy them, if I had enough money to buy the decorations and buy the last piece equipment upgrade available
  • If you just want to see what the decoration upgrades look like, you can buy them and start playing the level. Restart the game before you complete the level and then go back and buy your equipment upgrade.


  • You can give a customer a personal training by simply clicking on them when they are exercising. When you give a client personal training it will motivate them to work faster. This is a great tool to use when you want people to get off a machine faster when you have other people that need to get on it.
  • The customers will never ask for personal training so it is up to you to decide when you want to give it to them. You cannot personal train someone when they are asking for a towel.
  • You can tell a person is training when your character is still talking next to them.


  • Satellite television will be automatically added to the game in level 1.8. The TV provides entertainment to people as they work out.
  • Some people will ask that you change the channel for them, you can tell the ones that want the channels changed because they will have the TV icon appear next to them.
  • When they ask for this service, simply click on the TV on the wall and it will change the channel.
  • If 2 people are asking for the channel to be changed at the same time, you only have to click on the TV once and it will make both customers happy at the same time.


  • Each icon next to a customer’s head represents the kind of workout that they would like to have. It’s important to recognize which machine does what so you can give the clients what they need.
  • The machines that are needed for this type of workout varies from location to location.
  • Each icon will fill up completely when they are done working out.
  • People can have multiple icons attached to them, the more icons they have the longer it will take them to complete their workout.
  • People that have 2 different types of icons will need to get on 2 machines or they will need to get on one machine that can provide both types of exercises.


  • The icon of the squiggle lines means that clients want a cardio workout.
  • The best machines for these types of exercises are:
  • The treadmill
  • The bike machine
  • Stairmaster


  • The people who want strength training will have the barbell icons attached to them. You need to place them on the bench press. The machines include:
  • Bench press
  • Ab cruncher


  • People who wish to have a cardio and strength training exercises can be placed on machines that will help them out in both those areas. The machines include:
  • Rowing Machine
  • Elliptical Machine


  • Even though Jo (the main character) has to walk and perform most of the actions herself, there are other things that can be done without her physically walking over to them. You can drag someone to a station even while Jo is doing other things. Drag people to the shower or to another machine as Jo cleans up the gym.
  • You can restart a level and choose new upgrades if the ones you have are not working for you. Just click on the menu tab and select "restart" so you can play that level over.
  • Jo has the ability to hold 2 items at a time so make sure that her hands are full at all times.
  • You can pick up different items to throw them away, like a water bottle and a towel but it is best to do them separately so you can earn chaining bonuses.
  • When you get a glass of orange juice make sure that you click on the machine as you pick up the glass so that the next glass starts filling.
  • Some clicks can be hard to register when you are chaining certain actions so make sure that you see a check mark next to an area that you scheduled or the task will not be done.
  • You can still clean up the machines even if both your hands are full.
  • At the beginning of the day, click on the juice machine so it will be ready as soon as someone asks for it,
  • You lose 125 dollars when a customer leaves and earn 250 dollars when a crisis is averted.
  • Putting back a full bottle of water will not affect your chaining bonus.


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