Fisherman: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Allison Reilly |

Fisherman, from Ketchapp, is a casual game where players attempt to catch all the fish. Players have one minute to catch as many different fish as possible to complete the “Fishdex” and sell the day’s catch for gold. The fish are always biting, but how many can you catch? These tips, cheats and strategies will help you nab the catch of the day, every day.

  • Practice the controls – Fortunately, Fisherman is a very grindy game, so there’s plenty of time to get a hang of casting the line and reeling fish in. The trick is to hold the fishing pole back longer to cast the reel farther. The angle of the cast doesn’t affect the distance as much.
  • Upgrade your gear whenever possible – Both the pole and the lure can be upgraded, with the first ones available after 100 gold. It’s best to upgrade your pole and lure as much as possible before opening up a new pond for fishing. New poles allow the player to cast farther, while new lures can sink lower.
  • Hatch fish – New lures and poles enable the player to catch new fish, but so does hatching fish. The player can only hatch fish they caught at the end of each playthrough and they can only “incubate” three fish at a time. When the fish hatch, they’ll now spawn in the pond for the player to catch.
  • Go for diversity as well as quantity – Although the game encourages the player to catch as many fish as possible, it’s also good to catch a wide variety of fish too. The variety ensures different fish are incubating at any given time. The variety can also help increase the total weight of your catch, increasing the amount of gold earned from the catch.
  • Watch for when the line turns red – When the fish is close to getting a way, the line will turn red near the fish. When the fish pulls differs by species, but a good way to avoid losing the fish is to stop reeling for a second or two. The pause is usually enough to maintain control and not lose the fish.
  • Collect the worms and gold – In the pond, there are worms and gold among the fish. Each gold piece increases your gold total by one. The worms make it easier to catch the fish. The red worm kills the fish so it won’t fight against the reel. The blue worm attracts all the fish to the lure. Gold and worms can only be collected when there isn’t a fish on the lure, so aiming for them can be a bit difficult.
  • Start reeling in early to get a head start – If a fish is chasing after the lure, start reeling it in early to ease the process. It not only brings the fish closer to you, but starting early can also ensure the fish isn’t lost because the lure got too far away from the fish. Starting to reel early can also save time by preventing the lure from spending so much time sinking toward the bottom.
  • Set a goal for each playthrough – Is there a certain fish you want to catch? Or do you want to beat your weight goal? Or accrue goal through the daily bonus? Of course, the goal may change depending on the fish you catch, but having a goal helps in working with the randomness of the game.
  • Take the extra 10 seconds – If you have a fish on the line when time runs out, the game will ask if you want an extra 10 seconds. To get the extra time, you simply have to watch a video. Most of the time, this is a fair bargain. The only instance where it may be a waste is if there’s a Whaler or another large fish on the line. In those cases, 10 seconds may not be enough time to reel it in all the way from the bottom of the pond.
  • Don’t give up when the timer hits zero – Although you’ll lose the fish on the line if the timer runs out (and you’re not offered the extra 10 seconds), do not stop reeling! If you’re able to bring the fish to land and add it to the pile before the screen fades, the fish will still count. Don’t give up! Every fish makes a difference, and besides, every fish caught adds time to the timer. That last catch could be enough to catch yet one more fish.

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