Fishdom Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for Fishdom, courtesy of the game’s developer Playrix Entertainment.

  • If you are having trouble finding a match, watch for two red arrows to appear showing the pieces you can swap
  • To earn more money on a level, try to complete it in the shortest possible time while scoring as many points as possible. You make no money if you lose a level.
  • When using the lightning bonus, consider which piece type you want to get rid of to achieve a better effect. This bonus can be very helpful in the most difficult situations.
  • The explosives in the game levels are earned by matching five or more pieces. Try not to miss the opportunities to get them.
  • To earn the next cup, fill up your fish, beauty and comfort meters to 100%.
  • If you keep buying the same item over and over again it will do less and less to fill up the relevant meters. 
  • Your fishies can give you hints about what they are missing in the aquarium. Take note of their wishes.
  • If you seem to be stuck in a level, make sure you made all the possible matches of three or more pieces.
  • It might be a good idea to start the level from the bottom of the board — that way you’ll get more chances of getting cascade matches at the top.
  • If you find any aspect of the game confusing, feel free to open the Help section by clicking on a question mark in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


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