Fish Tycoon Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Check out our Tips & Tricks for Fish Tycoon :

  • In the beginning, drop the starter eggs into Tank 1. Go to the supplies area and buy some common eggs for $160. Drop them into Tank 1 and wait for them to hatch. If you want them to grow up quickly, you can set the game speed to fast, but you’ll have to check your fish often to make sure that they are fed. They will grow up in less than 2 hours. Once they are adults, try to find two fish EXACTLY the same. You can breed them successfully. Their babies will not lose health and die.

  • If any of your fish get sick early in the game, you should probably not spend money on medicine until you have extra money.
  • Keep breeding fish until you have enough money to buy a second tank. Tank 2 will give you more room to breed fish and you will make money faster.
  • Remember to keep making money by breeding fish and selling them. Once you have made enough money to research Fish Environment, you will be able to breed more expensive species of fish and find the 7 Magic Fish of Isola.
  • The Magic Fish have beneficial properties that affect the other fish ….but only if they are alive and swimming in the tank.
  • If your fish are selling really fast, you may be pricing them too low. If nobody is buying, they may be priced too high.
  • Researching advertising brings more visitors in your store!
  • There is more than one approach to solving the game.
  • Changing the price of one fish, will change if for all fish of the same species.
  • Fish from Isola don’t die of old age.
  • You can click on the poster in the fish store and find additional tips on the game.
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