Fish Friends Walkthrough

Fish Friends – Getting Started

Fish Friends is a fish simulation game developed by Playdom that let players buy baby fish, name them and turn them to adulthood. As the fish grow, the player earns experience points and money. This fishing game is interactive as the players can brush, tickle and pinch their fish. And if the players no longer want their fish and decided to have another one, they can return the fish in the store. Aside from that, players can also decorate their own aquarium with various decor items and plants available at the store.

At the beginning, you will be guided on how to play the game. A red arrow that you should click will appear displaying the selection of backgrounds you need to choice. Click the tank you want and then hit the “Buy” button to purchase. By the way, you are given 500 pebbles at the start of the game.

Fish Friends

The second task is to clean your tank. Cleaning your tank will boost the happiness of your fish. To do this, click the “Scrub Tank” icon at the bottom right hand of the game screen then start scrubbing all over the tank. That’s very fun and easy to do!

Fish Friends

The third task is to harvest your plants. To do this, click the “Harvest” icon you can find at the bottom right corner of the game screen and do harvest by just clicking the plant. After harvesting, a new plant will grow and just wait for it to grow. When you harvest, you also gain experience points and pebbles so keep on harvesting.

How to Buy Fish?

Since Fish Friend is a fishing game,you need to buy fish and tank in the store. To do this, click the “Store” icon at the bottom right hand of the game screen. Selection of fish will appear, choose the fish you want then click the “Buy” icon. After buying a fish, the game will automatically suggest giving it one of your friend’s name. But if you want a different name for your fish, you can do so buy typing the name of your choice in the text field.

Fish Friends

How to Feed your Fish?

Food is really essential in the growth and development of your fish. Your fish is surely hungry after you bought them so feed them right away. To do this, click the “Feed Fish” icon at the bottom right of the game screen. Select the food you want then sprinkle it inside the tank. The status bar at the bottom of your fish tells if your fish is hungry or not. The status bar appears when you click the “Feed Fish” icon.

Fish Friends

How to Know the Level of Your Fish?

If you want to know the level of your fish, just select the “Clear” icon at the bottom right hand of the game screen and click the pointer on the fish you want to know the level. A box will appear displaying the level of your fish and also an option of returning it in the store. And if you want to know the level of your tank, click the “Collection Book” at the top right hand corner of the game screen. A page will appear displaying the highest level you achieved for your fish.

Fish Friends

How to Level Up Your Fish?

Playing and taking care of your fish is the most important way to do if you want to level up your fish. You can do this by playing pebbles with them, pinching, brushing and feeding them. As you level up, your fish also grow bigger and become more valuable.

Fish Friends

How to add a Neighbor?

More neighbor means big tanks so add many neighbors as you can. To add neighbor, simply click the “Add Neighbor” icon at the left corner side of the game screen. This will direct you to a page where you can choose your Facebook friends you want to add as your neighbor.

Fish Friends

Have tips of your own? Post your user tips here. Be sure to set an alert to follow this game to be updated on new additions to this guide and updates to the game.

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