First Class Flurry Tips Walkthrough

Check out our tips and tricks for First Class Flurry. GENERAL TIPS You can chain many actions consecutively but if you make a mistake you can right – click your mouse in order to cancel the last queued action. This game is not like most time management games in which you can complete your tasks even if the location is closed. In First Class Flurry if you're not done by landing time you will not be able to complete your tasks, which in turn could cost you your game. You can look at…

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Check out our tips and tricks for First Class Flurry.


  • You can chain many actions consecutively but if you make a mistake you can right – click your mouse in order to cancel the last queued action.
  • This game is not like most time management games in which you can complete your tasks even if the location is closed. In First Class Flurry if you’re not done by landing time you will not be able to complete your tasks, which in turn could cost you your game.
  • You can look at the help section in the menu screen of the game in order to see the types of passengers that are in this game. Keep in mind that some passengers will not be available for viewing until you’ve unlocked certain levels.
  • If you made an order that nobody wants you can click on the order tray and that order will disappear. You cannot click on the trashcan to discard of food on the tray. The order tray is located on the top left side of the screen.
  • The only thing that you can discard in the trash bin are dirty trays that passengers hand you after they’ve finished eating. You cannot click on the recycling symbol on the tray itself to get rid of it. The only way you can do it is by clicking on the recycling bin.
  • Meals have to be prepared in the correct order or they will not be complete. You cannot make a mistake when preparing meals since the game will not let you click on items that you don’t need. If you’re making a hamburger you cannot click on the burger first and then the bread, it has to be the other way around.
  • If your character is blocking a food item you can click "through" her and the item will still go on the tray. A lot of times the stewardess is standing in front of an item that you need for a customer. Even though she’s blocking it you can still click in the right spot and it will register.
  • Things will move around in the room as new locations are revealed. Make sure that before you begin a new location that you take time and study the scene to find out where things are located. This will save you time from trying to find things after customers have placed their orders.
  • Each time a new item is introduced in a scene that item will have a glimmer around it indicating that it is a new item. That mostly happens after you purchase an upgrade or a new food item is introduced.
  • If you fail a level you will have the choice to either replay with the same upgrades or choose new ones. If you think the problem wasn’t with the upgrades and it was something else then don’t change them. On the other hand if you feel like you chose the wrong ones then choose different upgrades the second time around.
  • You will lose points if at any given time a passenger turns all the way red and lose their patience. Please look at the section below marked "Increasing Patience" in order to avoid this situation.


  • In order to make larger combo bonuses you have to perform several actions in a row. Once I figured out how to do it, I could chain more than 10 items at a time which really helps when trying to meet a goal.
  • To accomplish a huge chaining bonus will depend on how much food your tray can hold. Let’s say your tray can hold 6 meals. Serve 6 people their food all at once, then start preparing the meals for 6 more passengers.
  • The way to accomplish a 12 chaining bonus is to serve the 6 meals and immediately after pick up the trash of the first 6 people you served. If all the passengers haven’t asked for trash pick up, wait for a few seconds, they will ask for it.
  • Once you go to the trash or prepare some more meals your chaining bonuses will be broken. You will have to start chaining process all over again.
  • Upgrades are very important in this game. Buy the things that can help you serve more customers at one time. I always bought the larger serving trays first since it allowed me to make bigger chaining bonuses by accommodating more orders at one time.
  • In later levels it’s important to buy as many upgrades as you can that will keep your passenger’s patience level as high as possible. See the section below that talks about this.
  • Prepare some of the complicated meals in advance so when a customer asks for it, all you have to do is the final step.
  • For example, salmon, steaks, crabs and lobsters require you to grab the meat and place it on the tray first. Then you have to click on the grill and let it cook. Once it’s cooked you have to either garnish it or sauce it. If you prepare it and leave it on the grill, when a customer asks for it all you have to do is the last step.
  • In level 3 – 2 when you make grilled salmon you can prepare up to 3 ahead of time. Click on the salmon 3 times, then click on the 3 different parts of the grill and leave all 3 of your salmon there until you get an order.
  • A good habit to get into when you’re preparing meats is to replace one you’ve taken off the grill and start preparing your next one right away. If you get into the rhythm of doing this you will be able to serve the customers faster.
  • You don’t have to take care of everybody at the same time. In levels in which there are a lot of things to do, it is better to serve small groups of people at a time. This will help you keep your orders straight and keep more people happy.
  • One strategy that I used often to keep from getting mixed up with orders was to click on one customer at a time and take their order. In other words, click on one passenger see their order, prepare it. Do the same with every customer one by one.
  • Save yourself some time and deliver things in a fashion in which you can get more things done at once. For example, you can take care of all the customers that are seated in one area of the plane. Take all their orders at once and deliver them all at the same time.
  • You can also pick several of the same items to serve which will make it easier for you to keep track of whatever you’re delivering. Grab 3 or 4 pillows at once or serve only sodas in one go around.
  • Prepare multiple items of the same kind at one time in order to save some time. For example you can make 4 tacos at one time. Click on the taco shell 4 times and it will go on the serving tray. Then click on the filling 4 times and all your tacos will be assembled at the same time. It will save you time from having to click back and forth between toppings.
  • You can also prepare beverages that are made with the same cup at the same time as well. Click on two cups and they will go on the serving tray and then click the coffee pot once and the tea pot once and you’ll have one cup of each prepared.
  • In order to serve more people, start serving the things that only require one step to do, like a piece of cake, a soda or a teddy bear for a child. This way you can get some of the passengers out of the way and concentrate on others.
  • You have to judge each situation as it comes. In levels in which there are a lot of people it is better for you to deliver smaller amounts of orders at once instead of trying to do too many. In other levels where there aren’t too many passengers it may be better for you to wait until you have enough orders to fill your tray to the maximum before making deliveries.
  • Since you can only use the air freshener once during a flight, use it when you have the biggest number of unhappy customers. This usually happens closer to the end of a level, so use it wisely
  • Use the energy drink as much as possible and upgrade to the fastest one as soon as you can afford it. You’ll be amazed at how many chaining points you can accumulate when you have an energy drink. It also helps you with speed bonuses.
  • Look at the meter at the bottom of the page, which tells you the average passenger happiness level. If you see the level dipping too low you need to use one of the many methods that can boost a customer’s happiness level.
  • If you’re not getting the results you want start the level over. Pay attention to the mistakes you may have made in that round and try to improve on them. You’ll be able to predict some of the things that are going to happen so it should be easier the second time around.



  • There are several types of bonuses that you can earn in this game. Completing several actions in a row will help you get to your goal much faster.
  • Fast Service Bonus – This is when you serve a passenger their item shortly after they’ve placed their order. Preparing meals in advance and getting simple orders can help you earn lots of this type of bonus.
  • Chain Combo Bonuses – In order to get this bonus you must do several tasks in a row. This includes, serving food, collecting garbage and handing out pillows and masks. Please look at the Strategy Tips section above for examples on how to accomplish this.
  • Turbulence – There are times in which your plane will experience some turbulence. If you can get back to the jump seat in time you will earn some bonus points. The more time you have left on your clock the more money you will earn.
  • Right before turbulence occurs you’ll see a sign appear saying "Turbulence" Once you know it’s coming try and get an energy drink so you can buckle people in faster. Also make sure that if there are any passengers in the aisles that you seat them before you go back to the jump seat.
  • Upgrade Points depend on the average happiness level of all your passengers. The higher it is the more points you’ll receive. You can find this meter at the bottom of the screen.


  • You can buy a variety of upgrades that will help you in the game. Choose the ones that will help you in the areas that you need most help with.
  • You can also choose based on items that will let you serve more passengers at once.
  • All the upgrades you can afford with the money you have available will be highlighted in pink. The ones that you can’t afford at the moment will be in gray.
  • Service Training – will help Claire prepare meals faster. This will allow you to serve more customers at once.
  • Faster Shoes – Will make sure that Claire delivers food in a speedy manner.
  • Flowers are introduced in level 2 – 4. they will slow down the rate at which a passengers heart level drops.
  • Larger Trays – Larger trays will allow you to serve more customers at once. I always purchased the largest trays as soon as I could afford it. They allow you to make bigger chaining bonuses.
  • Treat Machines that with each upgrade refill faster. Treat machines are important since they give you a way to increase a passenger’s mood for a short while.
  • Faster energy Drinks – You’ll be amazed as to how fast your character can move when she has an energy drink. In levels where there’s a lot to do, having energy drinks often will help you reach the expert score.
  • Partitions, carpets, seats and new walls that will increase the passenger’s patience level.


  • You have little boys and little girls that do not like to stay in their seats. They will wander around and annoy other passengers. Your job is to drag them back to their seat. You cannot do that until they actually stop walking around. As soon as they stop, drag them back to their seat.
  • Customers will request to change seats mostly because the person next to them is annoying them. Switch them as soon as possible because if you don’t that customer will lose their temper quickly.
  • In level 2 – 1 (Business Class) you will be introduced to the first business man. He tends to lose his PDA often and you have to make sure that you get it for him.
  • You will get an extra points each time you drag a PDA to a businessman. The amounts that you get vary and it’s due to how long it takes you to deliver their property back. If you return the PDA quickly you will earn $100
  • Captain Charles will come into the cabin to say hello. As soon as he steps into the aisles he will ask for some coffee, stop what you’re doing and give it to him. If you get the coffee to him in time, he’ll increase the mood of all the passengers at once.
  • Honeymoon couple – Make make sure you pay close attention to them because they will take on each other’s moods. If one of them is unhappy then both of them will be unhappy, t’s a 2 for 1 package.
  • Movie and sports stars will increase the mood of others when you take care of them quickly.
  • Other passengers like the singer, the king and the queen are very impatient so take care of them first.


There are several things that you can do to make your customers happier and make them more patient.

Air Freshener

  • The Air Freshener will lift the moods of all your passengers with just one spray. Use this only when you have too many passengers that are unhappy at the same time. You can only use it once during a flight so make sure that you use it only when you need it the most.

Captain’s Visit

  • The captain of the plane will come and visit the cabin once in a while. He will ask for a drink, if you can deliver it in time, he’ll walk around the cabin and lift the mood of all the passengers at once.
  • Make sure that as soon as you see the Captain, you serve him a drink. Chances are you will need the boost that he can provide your passengers. You will know the Captain is happy when he says "Have a nice flight"


  • You have an assistant that will strike up conversations with your fellow passengers. He will automatically go and chat with the person that is the least patient.
  • If your assistant is taking too long with a certain passenger you can drag them to somebody else instead. Your assistant will stay with a passenger until they get whatever they ordered.