Fire Rides Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Fire Rides is the epitome of ‘just one more go’ as you’d expect from Voodoo, the makers of Snake vs Block, Rolly Vortex, and so many other addictively simple games. All you have to do is keep a magic fireball going for as long as possible, as it swings through the caverns of a mysterious cave. Easy, huh? Not quite.

Fortunately, you have Gamezebo’s Fire Rides Tips, Cheats and Strategies right in front of you meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for you to improve and fast. Here’s some wise advice.

Learning the Momentum

Fire Rides Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Momentum is key to Fire Rides. Hold your finger to the screen to hang and move from left to right. Release to fly in whatever direction you happen to have released at. It’s simple stuff. Think of it as like Indiana Jones using his whip to escape peril. However, you might struggle early on.
  • My first few attempts were fairly awful as I learned the momentum involved. Don’t worry if it takes you a few attempts to figure things out too. It’s fairly intuitive but practice really does make perfect (or better at least).

Moving Around

Fire Rides Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • You want to keep fairly central as you go. Aim too high and you’ll hit the ceiling. Aim too low and you’ll swing into the ground. Both will lead to a game over so focus on keeping balanced in the middle. Imagine a line in the middle of the screen. That’s what you’re aiming for at (almost) all times.
  • While keeping central will keep you safe, it’s not the route to the big points. See those hoops with a green target in the middle? Hit them and you gain extra points.
  • Hit the target itself and you get a significant bonus, while you gain a lesser bonus for just going through the hoop. Hit multiple targets in a row and the points go up even faster.
  • Points mean, well, nothing but you’re going to feel really good about it as this is a score chasing game after all.

Focus, Focus, Focus

  • The absolute key to Fire Rides is to pay attention. This isn’t a game that you can play while juggling a bunch of other things going on around you. The moment you look away is invariably the moment you screw up.
  • Starting to lose track of what you’re doing? Focus on that fireball. Pull it back to simple survival and you should do ok.
  • If you’re really screwing up, consider making a quick and short tap. It’ll sort of readjust where you’re going and can often correct your trajectory just enough to save you from hitting something bad.


Fire Rides Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • The ads in Fire Rides might seem a little over the top to you. Remember – you can always pay to have no ads. It’s up to you.
  • They do come in handy, though. If you watch one after an unsuccessful run, you can restart from where you left off. You’re given some time to line up your run again but bear in mind that you’ve probably got out of the momentum that got you this far.
  • Fire Rides works kind of like a rhythm game so don’t rely on a second chance to help you for that long. At least not until you’re really in the zone.

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