Fire Force Online Ash Ability Guide – All You Need to Know

Our Fire Force Online Ash guide contains all you need to know about the Generation 3 ability in the Roblox game based on Fire Force!

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Curious about the Fire Force Online Ash ability? This guide covers all you need to know about the Generation 3 ability. Whether you’re wondering what the moves are for the Ash ability, or you want to know how to unlock it, all the important stuff is down below!

Fire Force Online is a Roblox game based on the hit anime and manga series, Fire Force! Delve into the open-world RPG as you wield familiar abilities that you may have seen in the show. Join a clan and a faction as you embark on a plethora of action-packed missions. Unlock powerful moves, obtain special augments, and upgrade your Generation. There are tons of activities to do in this experience, and it’s perfect for those who already love Fire Force!

For more information about Fire Force Online, visit the game’s official Roblox page. We also have a Fire Force Online tier list, Fire Force Online abilities guide, and a Fire Force Online clans guide.

Fire Force Online Ash Ability Guide

Now, let’s take a closer look at the latest ability added to the game.

Fire Force Online Ash Ability

The Ash ability in Fire Force Online is inspired by the powers that Yuichiro Kurono wields in the anime, Fire Force.

  • Generation: 3

As Ash is part of Generation 3, players who have characters within Generation 3 can use the abilities. If you’re not familiar with how Generations work in Fire Force Online, they are randomly assigned to your character when you start the game. Generation 3 characters are deemed the strongest when it comes to controlling the fire within their bodies.

If you have a character who is part of Generation 3, you can access and unlock the Ash abilities via the Skill Tree menu.

Fire Force Online Ash Moves

  • Hazed Slashes – Use Ash to deal a multi-hit attack
  • Wide Slash – AoE slash attack
  • Scythe Dash – Dash forwards with a scythe created from ash and attack your enemy
  • Ashen Toss – Throw a spear created from ash at your enemy
  • Halt – Choke your enemy with ash that you’ve created

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