Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency Guide – All You Need to Know

Not sure how Fire Emblem Engage weapon proficiency works? We’re here to help! This handy guide contains all you need to know about the game’s weapon proficiency system. It can be a little confusing to get your head around at first – it was for us too! After some hands-on experience, we’ve worked out the best way to unlock and increase weapon proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage. Make sure to bookmark this page to refer back to when you’re playing the game!

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical RPG developed by Nintendo. It’s the latest entry in the long-running series that is loved by many fans. The great thing about Fire Emblem is that you don’t have to have any previous experience or knowledge of past games – you can get straight into the action! Play through an immersive storyline as you meet a variety of likable characters, followed by engaging combat.

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Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

What is Weapon Proficiency?

In Fire Emblem Engage, weapon proficiency determines which weapon types and classes a character can use. Classes each have their own set proficiency with certain weapons available. The proficiency levels range from D to S!

You’ll notice that there are three different icons for weapon proficiencies:

  • Grey Dagger
    • No proficiency
    • Can’t change into the specific class
  • White Sword
    • Standard proficiency
    • Can obtain from Emblems
  • Blue Axe
    • Innate proficiency
    • Bonus level for the weapon

How to Increase Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency

The entire weapon proficiency system relies heavily on bond levels with Emblem Rings. By increasing bond levels with Emblem Rings, you will also raise weapon proficiency for that character. Emblem Bond Effects work towards obtaining proficiencies depending on the weapon type and characters.

To unlock proficiencies further, you need to change classes when possible! Allowing characters to bond with an Emblem Ring allows them to use specific weapons depending on the Emblem Ring’s spirit.

You can also raise weapon proficiency by simply taking part in battles with that character/weapon. Keep in mind that starter proficiencies and growth are different for each character!

Weapon Proficiencies for Emblems


  • Roy – Level 6
  • Corrin – Level 6
  • Lucina – Level 6
  • Leif – Level 8
  • Marth – Level 8
  • Lyn – Level 8
  • Eirika – Level 9
  • Celica – Level 9
  • Byleth – Level 9
  • Ike – Level 9
  • Alear (Female) – Level 10


  • Eirika – Level 6
  • Sigurd – Level 6
  • Leif – Level 7


  • Ike – Level 6
  • Leif – Level 2


  • Lucina – Level 8
  • Leif – Level 3
  • Lyn – Level 6


  • Micaiah – Level 6
  • Leif – Level 4


  • Leif – Level 6
  • Micaiah – Level 3


  • Micaiah – Level 9
  • Celica – Level 6


  • Alear (Female) Level 10
  • Byleth – Level 6

If you’d like to know more about the game, visit the game’s official Nintendo page.

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