Fire Emblem Engage Money Farm Guide – How to Farm Gold

Looking for a Fire Emblem Engage money farm guide? Look no further! We know how tedious it can be when trying to earn enough currency in games. That’s why we created this handy guide to help you farm Gold in Fire Emblem Engage efficiently. Make sure to bookmark this page to refer back to when playing!

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical RPG developed by Nintendo. It’s the latest entry in the long-running series that is loved by many fans. The great thing about Fire Emblem is that you don’t have to have any previous experience or knowledge of past games – you can get straight into the action! Play through an immersive storyline as you meet a variety of likable characters, followed by engaging combat.

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Fire Emblem Engage Money Farm Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

DLC Purchase for Tiki

By purchasing the DLC for Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll receive two exclusive bracelets. The one you need to use is Tiki’s bracelet!

  • Firstly, you need to complete Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring
    • You also need to defeat Tiki during her Divine Prologue
  • Next, you need to recruit Anna
    • You can do this by talking to her in Paralogue 2: Mysterious Merchant (this is Anna’s chapter)
  • After you have recruited Anna, you need to equip Anna with Tiki’s bracelet, and level Anna to level 10 Master Class
  • Wait to be notified to promote her to High Priest
    • This boosts her luck stat
  • Anna will now have a chance to earn 500 Gold each time she defeats an enemy
    • Thanks to Anna’s skill, “Make a Killing”

Skirmishes – Defeat Gold Corrupted

Silver and Gold Corrupted will drop Gold each time they are defeated. These enemies appear in Emblem Paralogues, and Skirmishes. In fact, you can actually check the amount of Gold you’ll earn from a Gold Corrupted beforehand. Simply check its inventory to take note of how much Gold it’ll drop!

A quick tip is to level up your kingdom with donations! This will increase your chances of a Gold Corrupted appearing on your map.

Training Skirmishes

These battles are completely optional, but you’ll get Gold as a reward for completing them! You’ll also get a decent amount of EXP too, so they’re definitely worth doing.

Spirits of the Fallen

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription, this method is pretty useful! If you connect the game to the internet, you may come across random Spirits of the Fallen. By picking this item up, you can sell it in the Somniel for Gold!

Fire Emblem Engage Money Farm FAQ

Got some questions about our guide? Or about Fire Emblem Engage in general? We’ve got you covered.

What is Gold Used for in Fire Emblem Engage?

As with many other RPGs, Gold is an extremely useful, and valuable, resource! In Fire Emblem Engage, you can use your Gold to purchase new items such as weapons, accessories, clothing, and consumables such as potions. You can also spend your Gold by donating to a range of kingdoms.

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