Fire Emblem Engage Maddening – Tips and Tricks

Looking for Fire Emblem Engage Maddening tips? Look no further! We’ve created this handy guide to help you as you play the game on the Maddening difficulty mode. Whether you plan to beat the game on this difficulty, or you just want to try it out, make sure to bookmark this guide to refer back to when needing a few tips and tricks!

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical RPG developed by Nintendo. It’s the latest entry in the long-running series that is loved by many fans. The great thing about Fire Emblem is that you don’t have to have any previous experience or knowledge of past games – you can get straight into the action! Play through an immersive storyline as you meet a variety of likable characters, followed by engaging combat.

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Fire Emblem Engage Maddening

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Maddening Difficulty Tips

These are some important tips that you need to remember when playing the game on the Maddening difficulty level!

  • Keep in mind that you can’t save during battles during this game mode
  • The overall number of enemies is heavily increased
  • The overall stats of enemies are heavily increased
  • Some enemies may have certain skills during battles
  • Some tutorials are skipped during the game
  • Units have fixed stat growths in this mode – but saving and resetting rerolls stats when levelling up
  • Draconic Time Crystal has a total of 10 charges – only use it when you really need it
  • The enemies are smarter
  • Focus on specific units instead of spreading the equipment and resources out
  • Utilise the Engage Mode as much as possible

Best Units to Use

We’ve handpicked our favourite units to use when playing on Maddening difficulty!

  • Louis
  • Goldmary
  • Citrinne
  • Yunaka
  • Kagetsu
  • Pandreo
  • Panette
  • Amber

If you’d like to know more about the game, visit the game’s official Nintendo page.

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