Fire Balls 3D Tips, Cheats and Strategies


From its title you wouldn’t think Fire Balls 3D would be the most complex game in the world. And you would be right. It isn’t. Revolving around firing balls at a tower to knock away its layers, this title from Voodoo won’t be winning any gaming BAFTAs (and yeah, they’re a thing).

But it is addictive and hugely compulsive. It’s also very challenging, especially the further you progress. That’s why this guide exists – just follow these tips and you’ll be smashing the towers down in no time at all.

  • Patience The most obvious skill you need to do well in Fire Balls 3D is patience. Firing too many balls will result in you seeing the Game Over screen if you hit one of the barriers, so learning when to hold fire is essential. In early stages you can afford to be a bit more reckless, but later on it’s best to take a very pragmatic approach. You don’t want to lose that high score after all.
  • Diamonds are not forever There’s a diamond symbol on the right of the screen that is slightly mocking – especially as tapping it only brings up a “coming soon!” message. Keep an eye on it though, as eventually you’ll be able to click it to make use of the many diamonds you’ll collect.
  • Ad annoyance Although the ads aspects of the game can be useful (see “Video ads” below), they can also be hugely irritating in Fire Balls 3D – there are far too many of them for our liking, especially ones that appear on-screen while you’re playing. If you want to be rid of them just turn off your internet connection – the game will still be playable but the ads will be gone.

  • Lightning round Keep an eye on the left hand side of the screen – namely on the yellow bar. When this fills up you can take advantage of a range of power ups, and you can add to it by landing consecutive successful hits on your tower.
  • Power up These power ups include the ability to clear away several sections of a tower, but also – more usefully – allow you to destroy moving barriers too. If used correctly you can even clear away multiple barriers that are stacked against each other.
  • Use it or lose it It’s definitely not worth hanging onto these power ups for long either, as once the yellow bar is filled it won’t refill or offer anything until the lightning button has been pressed. Bear this in mind especially in the early stages, where you may as well experiment with the power ups and become skilful at using them.
  • Bye bye bar It’s also worth noting that the yellow bar will drop if you go for a while without hitting any parts of a tower – so don’t dilly-dally about whether you want to use a power up for too long.

  • Video ads That’s right, our old friend (enemy?) video ads turn up in Fire Balls 3D, and they’re an evil worth making a deal with in certain circumstances. Namely if you’re close to completing a stage watching a video ad to simply go back top where you are is always worth it – particularly if it’s a later level.
  • Patterns The barriers always follow a set pattern, so take a few seconds to watch them closely. In later stages they can have more irregular patterns so it’s well worth keeping an eye on them to make sure you don’t get caught out.

Try these tips and tricks for yourself now by downloading Fire Balls 3D – available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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