Find the Markers Dark Markery Guide – All You Need to Know


Looking for a Find the Markers Dark Markery guide? We’ve got you covered! What may seem like a simple game at first, Find the Markers gets surprisingly difficult when trying to unlock all of the content. This guide will help you to unlock Dark Markery, as well as how to find the boss!

The aim of the game in Find the Markers is to find the markers! It does exactly what it says on the tin. To beat the game, you need to discover a wide variety of markers. You’ll come across quite a few pretty easily, but some are harder to find – will you get them all? If you want to learn more about Find the Markers, check out the game’s official Roblox page.

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Find the Markers Dark Markery Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

What is Dark Markery?

Dark Markery is a Markerous marker that wields a chainsaw and has a purple lid. This marker is from the Dimension of Darkness biome, which is a dangerous realm within Find the Markers.

You can access the Dimension of Darkness by discovering a secret room in the Void area. Dark Markery is actually a boss in the game, and their boss fight takes place in the Dimension of Darkness – you can also obtain 2 markers from this area.

Keep in mind that the Markerous difficulty level is one level above Extreme, making Dark Markery a pretty tough boss to beat – so beware! You need to efficiently complete parkour routes and puzzles to receive the markers who fall under this difficulty level.

How to Find Dark Markery

  • When you’re playing Find the Markers, head to the Candyland area
  • You’ll spot a waterfall made out of hot chocolate as you wander around.
  • If you walk behind the waterfall, you’ll find a secret safe on the ground.
  • You can unlock this safe with a code that you receive from the Foliage Marker
  • Interact with the safe and type in “3882”, followed by clicking the “GO” button
  • The safe will then open and you can pick up the crowbar that is inside
  • Now, go back to the spawn and look around for a brown door covered in decorations – it’s placed next to a tree and the text “Teleport to the gallery”
  • Interact with the door to use your crowbar to get rid of the planks of wood that cover the door
  • Once it’s open, you can walk inside and hop down the hole
  • Once you reach the bottom of the hole, you need to complete a quick obstacle course to get to the next part
  • When you reach the end of the vines, you can walk through an archway to reach a tower
  • Walk around the back of the tower – you’ll spot a code written on the tower which says “EVILPURPLECHAINSAW”
  • Next, head to spawn area and walk towards the forest area
  • Once you spot a factory, you need to walk inside of it and head to the Assembly Room
  • You’ll find a brown box that you can jump inside of, which will lead you to the basement

Next, Mars!

  • Walk towards the rocket that can be found in the corner, and interact with it. You’ll soon find yourself on the surface of Mars
  • Wander around until you find an arrow sign that points downwards. Jump off the planet once you reach this sign
  • You’ll end up landing on a mysteriously placed solar system
  • Next, you need to look around for a purple shape that says “???”
  • Interact with the purple shape to be taken to the planet
  • Now, you need to walk into a room that is outlined by a purple rectangle on the wall
  • Once you walk inside, you’ll find a maze that you need to get through
  • Once you reach the end of the maze, you’ll spot another purple rectangle
  • Walk through the purple rectangle to find a TV that needs a code
  • Interact with the TV and type in EVILPURPLECHAINSAW, then press “ENTER”
  • You’re now in the Dimension of Darkness

Please keep in mind that you need to unlock the Foliage Marker before you can get to this realm.

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