Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Tips, Cheats and Strategies


So you’ve downloaded Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and need some advice on what to do next? Sure, it might seem like a fairly conventional MMO with some hefty freemium components, but there’s bound to be something new to figure out here. Gamezebo can offer you some useful tips and tricks on how to achieve the most within your time with Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

General Tips

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Listen to the tutorial. It’s very good at holding your hand every step of the way, but there’s some useful advice to learn here. Also, you can pick up plenty of easily accessible resources, making upgrading your buildings a much easier ride later on.
  • Always be busy building something. The timers get longer, the more you play, so you want to keep on top of things. Make sure you’re always upgrading a building, always researching something, and always training new troops. Don’t waste time.

Know Your Quests

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Different types of quests are available – Empire Quests, Hero Quests, Guild Quests and VIP Quests.
  • Empire Quests tend to be things like building structures or upgrading existing plots. Hero and Guild Quests are either Basic, Common, or Uncommon. They’re a simple matter of waiting for a timer to run down and finish.
  • You can run them all together, albeit only one quest from each category, so keep busy.
  • Do focus on recommended quests. The game knows how best to guide you down the path of the wealth of Empire Quests on offer, so work on doing what it says. Early on, it’s particularly easy to do as none of the quests require much effort.
  • Finish a quest? Don’t forget to collect your reward. This isn’t done automatically, so it’s easy to forget!


Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Your University is used to form research upgrades. These are divided into four categories – Economics, Combat, Defense and Hero. Check out what’s available and work on what kind of empire you want to form. There are a lot of options out there.
  • Remember to train up your offensive units too. The Training Grounds is where you do this, allowing you to train up troops such as Warriors, Mages, Cavalry, and Siege Engines. You’re protected for the first 24 hours of the game but after that, you want to be ready to attack.
  • Warriors are best against cavalry, while cavalry is best against mages. Mages can outwit warriors easily, while siege engines are good against wall traps rather than regular infantry.

Sticking Together

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Join a guild as soon as possible. You receive 100 gold for simply joining one, but there are other benefits too. You gain free speed up boosts for your quest timers, you can earn free gifts from other guild members, and you can help them along too.
  • Try to find an active guild. Some are pretty silent and anti social, and they’re far from fun. Find one where people are chatty and helpful.
  • Keep an eye out for notifications on the Guild tab. That means that someone needs some help, so you want to help them out wherever possible. Every time you do, you earn more Loyalty which can go towards buying special items from the Guild store.
  • Loyalty can also be used to activate your VIP subscription, as well as speed up special quests.
  • Always be working on earning Loyalty!

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