Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is an RPG from Square-Enix. In this game, you travel back to worlds introduced across the Final Fantasy series’ history and re-live classic battles. Gamezebo’s Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tips, Tricks and Strategies will help you make JRPG history all over again.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Don’t plow through a single game; jump from world to world – New worlds open up as you progress through Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Though you might be tempted to run straight through a favorite world, it’s best to spread yourself out. Enemies get tougher the longer you stay in one spot, missions take up more stamina, and you deny yourself the opportunity to recruit characters from other games. Besides which, each world eventually hits a wall that doesn’t come down until you progress a certain amount in other worlds, so explore.
  • Save your mythril for relic draws – Don’t use mythril for stamina refills, and only use it to continue battles if you feel it’s absolutely necessary. Mythril should be used for relic draws, and for adding slots to your inventory.
  • Bosses have the same weaknesses they have in their host games – Cagnazzo hated lightning magic in Final Fantasy IV, and he sure hates it in Record Keeper. Classic elemental strengths and weaknesses apply to every boss you face down in-game.
  • Save your Soul Breaks for each world’s boss – The enemies you dispatch before a boss are small potatoes. Save up your Soul Breaks for each dungeon’s final baddie.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Participate in events for good stuff – Events don’t progress the game’s main storyline, but they’re an excellent way to win gold and invaluable upgrade materials. Take a little time every day to participate. The harder the challenge level, the better your reward – but don’t overdo it.
  • Bring fighters into their host games for added strength and bonuses – Heroes that are brought into their home worlds hit harder, plus they get big experience bonuses. For instance, Cloud is happiest in Final Fantasy VII’s world, and Tidus meshes well in Final Fantasy X’s world. This is a great way to level-up a newcomer who’s lagging behind.
  • Always have a healer on-hand – You won’t last long in Record Keeper unless you have a healer accompanying you. Your early battles are fairly easy, but things get hairy later on. Train up a white mage, or any character capable of wielding white magic.
  • Press on a character’s icon to see what they’re capable of – When visiting the “Party” menu, hold down on a character to view their information. This lets you see what they have equipped, but more importantly, you can toggle the “Usable” menu to see what weapons and abilities they can equip themselves with.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Don’t forget to forge physical abilities as well as magical ones – Orbs aren’t just for making magic spells. They can also be used to put together some powerful physical attacks for the magically-disinclined.
  • When in doubt, balance your party – If you’re not sure what to expect from a battle or a boss, it’s best to approach the situation with a balanced party. With any luck, one of the spells or attacks you have on-hand will exploit your enemies’ vulnerable spots.
  • Don’t forget to select a target for spells and attacks – especially healing spells – When someone in your party is ordered to attack or use a spell, they’ll choose their own target. Sometimes, however, this isn’t the best option. When necessary, choose a target before ordering your character to attack. More importantly, choose a suitable target before using a healing spell.

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