Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Tips, Cheats and Strategies


There’s a lot going on in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. So much so, in fact, that it’s pretty easy to get swamped by all the menus and ideas that it throws at you. If that’s happened to you, then don’t worry, because our Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius tips, cheats and strategies will walk you through plenty of the mechanics that you might be getting stuck on. We’ll even throw in some advice to ensure that the team you’re taking into battle is as strong as it can be.

So if you don’t know your espers from your visions, read on. And even if you’ve got to grips with everything the game throws at you, you might find some useful hints here you hadn’t thought of before.

The Basics

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Fight it out – When you’re battling, make sure you’re linking together attacks as much as possible. Tap quickly, and find an order that works for you. You can repeat your last actions by hitting the repeat button.
  • Make friends – It’s important to make friends in Brave Exvius. Whenever you use another player’s character, make sure you send them a friend request. We’ll explain why later.
  • Be smart with your limits – If an enemy is on its last legs, don’t throw your limit breaks at it, save them for the next chunk of the level when they’ll be much more useful.
  • Buy what you need – Early on it’s much easier to head to the shops in town and buy the potions you need. Make sure you’ve got a good stock because you’re going to need them.


Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Fill up your roster – It’s not explained, but you can have up to five characters on your team at once. Unlock new visions and add them to your team to get it up to the full compliment.
  • Bring a friend – When you choose a support character, pick one from a friend. That way you can use all of the skills that they have rather than just their standard attack.
  • Heal and clear – It’s important to keep your health up and get rid of any ailments as quickly as you can. Taking a white mage along for the ride is a great way to make sure you’ve always got a way to heal up.
  • Use your magic – It’s easy to get into a cycle of attack, attack, limit, but try and keep things interesting by throwing magic into the mix, you never know what combos you might be able to create.

Tips and Hints

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Buy when you can – It’s always good to have more characters than you need. That way you can use them to power up your other heroes. Use friend points to get a huge number of new characters quickly.
  • The Forge – Making things in the forge is a great way to equip your characters. When you’ve got the materials you should always try and cook something up.
  • Espers – You need to equip espers like gear in the unit screen. Then when you fill up their activation gauge you can use them to devastating effect in a scrap.
  • The Vortex – Head into the Vortex to earn extra XP and gain equipment you won’t be able to find in the main game world. Remember you only unlock one dungeon a day here though.
  • Can’t take a friend? – If there are no friendly characters on the list then scroll down and find the most powerful one instead. Remember to send a request when you finish.
  • Collect your rewards – Don’t forget to grab all the rewards that you win for completing various challenges. You can find them in the main menu.

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