FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips, Cheats and Strategies

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is EA’s latest attempt to translate the world’s most popular sport into something that people actually want to play on mobile devices. While the Ultimate Team mode has always been a primary feature on phones and tablets, the big news for this season is that the game no longer pretends to be something it’s not (namely, a full-on approximation of the console FIFA games), and just has you go about your business building the best squad of real life players you can assemble. Gamezebo’s FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips, Cheats and Strategies should help build your ideal squad of footballers.

  •  Unless you absolutely despise Facebook, consider linking your account. You’ll get a free pack, and you can always set the notifications to go to only yourself to avoid spamming your friends — plus the game gives you a lot of control over what notifications are sent anyway. Linking to Facebook allows you to play the same team over multiple devices as well, though it doesn’t force you.
  • The game controls don’t have to be an either/or proposition. Even if you opt for the Casual control scheme with the virtual stick and three buttons, you can still use the tap and swipe controls. These can be useful for particular actions like passing directly to players in tight spaces or switching to defenders other than those closest to the ball, so don’t forget about them.
  • Consider a gamepad if you’ve got one. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a lot more fun when you dont have to use the virtual stick, as it’s simply easier to be more precise with your movements, shots and passes with physical controls. And again, you can still use the tap and swipe controls in situations where they’re more suitable, so there’s really no downside.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Quick Simulation is great for saving time and fitness, but that’s about it. It’s unquestionably shorter to play matches via Quick Simulation, and you can use the Effort slider to save wear and tear on your best players. But I guarantee you’ll lose some matches to inferior opposition this way too. If you’ve got a game you need to win, play it yourself unless you’re absolute rubbish at the actual gameplay.
  • When you rack up enough points in Season mode to clinch the trophy, the game offers you the chance to end the season early and move up. You should take it, as you’ll save games on your players’ contracts, and the rewards for winning at the next level are always higher.
  • Saving up for Premium packs is almost always worth it. Premium Gold or Silver Packs are 50 percent more expensive than their standard counterparts, but you get three times as many rare cards. Considering the difference in price can generally be made up in just a few matches, it’s better to go for the best stuff.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Don’t forget the Transfer Market. I’m a lifelong collector of ports cards, so I know the allure of opening packs is strong. But considering how you can improve both your team’s overall rating and Chemistry by buying specific players, it’s often wise to check out who’s up for auction.
  • Hold onto most of your players, especially early on. Evn though it’s fairly easy to get to the point where your primary squad consists of all Gold players, don’t be so quick to jettison the rest. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has both tournaments and leagues that have very specific entry requirements — say, no more than three different clubs represented in your starting 11, or a minimum team chemistry of 80 — and the only way you’ll ever be able to participate in some of them is to have a large pool of players from which to choose. I keep everyone except for duplicates until I’ve been playing for weeks.
  • Check the Store daily. EA is quite fond of sneaking in packs that are only offered for a limited time, especially when club soccer in season (which is most of the year, but still). That’s also a good reason not to spend your coins wastefully, as you never know when a juicy deal on some good packs is going to come your way.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips Cheats Strategies

  • See those Team of the Week players? Those are limited time only boosted versions of players who performed at a high level in real life over the past week. You can get one by winning the TOTW Cup in the Tournaments menu, though the squad requirements are among the strictest in the game. Good luck!

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