Fieldrunners Attack! Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Four years after Fieldrunners 2 hit mobile, Subatomic Studios is following it up with Fieldrunners Attack! A departure from the usual Tower Defense model, Fieldrunners Attack! is a base building strategy game, meaning there’s plenty of key concepts to learn if you want to be the best commander out there.

Gamezebo’s Fieldrunners Attack! Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you through the early stages, giving you some much needed advice on how best to get ahead in battle.

Be Prepared

Fieldrunners Attack! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Like so many base-building games, Fieldrunners Attack! encourages you to log in regularly. Every 3 hours, you gain a free crate. That crate frequently offers you a special drink which boosts your hero’s experience. Use a couple of them at a time to level up and enjoy some stat bonuses.
  • While you’re logging on, check in on the Daily Ops section of the game. It gives you a free bonus depending on how many days in a row you’ve been logging in for. It’s worth consulting.
  • Feel like investing in Fieldrunners Attack? One of its IAPs is a monthly pass. You earn 50 gems per day for this monthly fee of $4.99 so it might be worth doing if you’re an avid player.
  • While you’re doing some maintenance work, check in on the Warlog. It’ll tell you who’s recently been scrapping with you. You might want to consider hitting the ‘revenge’ button but bear in mind, it might escalate quickly!

Know Your Objectives

Fieldrunners Attack! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Objectives are incredibly useful at giving you some direction, as well as rewarding you generously. Keep on top of them. There’s almost always something you can be working on immediately.
  • Some tasks might have you building a new structure, or simply upgrading an existing one. Each takes time, so make sure you start them off before leaving the game for a while.
  • You’d be wise to follow the Recommended path, but don’t be afraid to check out other objectives. Some can still be useful earlier on than the game suggests.
  • Missions sound like objectives but are single player battles instead. Don’t forget about them. You can only complete a couple at a time before being expected to progress in the PvP league, but the rewards are substantial.

Battling It Out

Fieldrunners Attack! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • When tackling an enemy base, remember you can move your troops around. You can either use the ‘select all’ button to manipulate everyone en masse or you can split your troops up and move them around to tackle things individually.
  • Ideally, you want to focus on anything attacking you first. That way, once everything has been defeated, you can deal with the buildings that give you the rewards instead.
  • Consider going for the Power Station as a priority too. These control the towers that attack you. Take out the Power Station, and they’re helpless. It’s one of the few really key strategies behind Fieldrunners Attack!
  • Keep battling away. It’s the main way of progressing in the game. By ranking up and working your way through the leagues, you gain new items and can make your base even better than before.
  • Battle a little close to call? Focus on destroying the HQ and nothing else. That way you’ll still gain one star for a victory.

Prepare Your Own Base

Fieldrunners Attack! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Remember what I just said about Power Stations? That rule applies in reverse. If you place your Power Station away from the towers, they’ll be ineffective. Make sure things are sticking closely together.
  • Overall, you want to keep towers near your main structures so they can defend you effectively.
  • Remember to upgrade your heroes. This is done through energy drinks and food. Food upgrades their skills while energy drinks boosts their level. Both are important, and you don’t really want to bother stockpiling anything.

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