FF7 Ever Crisis Stamina Boost – All You Need to Know

Our FF7 Ever Crisis stamina boost guide contains all you need to know about the item! Plus, how to use it and what it can be used for.

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Curious about the FF7 Ever Crisis Stamina Boost item? You’ll need to use it for a mission and you may find yourself using them to complete solo content. It’s a common system in mobile games, but how does it work in FF7 Ever Crisis?

FF7 Ever Crisis lets you relive iconic moments in the popular game – but on your mobile device. Delve into brand-new and classic stories as you join a young Sephiroth on his journey. Play as fan-favourite characters, uncover secrets, and take part in explosive combat whilst utilising a wide variety of weapons. With Materia, Summons, Limit Breaks, and more, you can battle against powerful bosses alone or with 3 other players in co-op!

For more information about FF7 Ever Crisis, you can visit the game’s official website. If you’re looking for more FF7 Ever Crisis content, check out our FF7 Ever Crisis weapon tier list, FF7 Ever Cris character tier list, and our FF7 Ever Crisis characters guide.

FF7 Ever Crisis Stamina Boost

Now, in gacha games (and mobile games in general), a “stamina” system is pretty common. Its name can differ depending on the game, but we’re here to talk about FF7 Ever Crisis today! The stamina system in Ever Crisis is simply called Stamina, and you can use Stamina Boosts to increase the amount of stamina that you have. This means you can take part in additional Solo Content that can be somewhat limited by the daily amount of stamina provided to players.

How to Use a Stamina Boost

When you’re on the party screen, you’ll spot the stamina count in the bottom right, displayed with a lightning bolt. If you have a Stamina Boost in your inventory, a little box should pop up above the stamina count. Tap this little box to use a Stamina Boost!

You’ll be required to utilise a Stamina Boost during a certain mission that asks you to use one before clearing a quest of your choice.

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