Fez Pocket Edition Hints, Tips and Tricks

By Simon Reed |

Fez came out on mobile last week. It’s one of the best indie games of the past few years, and this mobile version is every bit as good as the console and PC versions that came out a while back. Which also means it’s a pretty tough nut to crack.

The game sees you controlling a Fez-wearing hero as he makes his way through a series of 2D worlds. Except the worlds are actually 3D. It might take you a while to get your head around things, so we’ve gone right ahead and written up some Fez Pocket Edition hints and tips to make sure you’re going into the game at the right angle.

How to Play

  • It’s a platformer – The game is a platformer, so that means you’re going to be jumping around. Usually you’ll be shown your target at the start of a section.
  • Always look around – Long pressing on the screen lets you move the camera around. This is a great way to keep an eye on where you’re going, where you’ve been, and the obstacles that are going to be in your path.
  • Swipe to spin – Swiping on the screen let’s you switch the plane you’re viewing the level from. This in turn opens up new ways of exploring the world around you. It’s often a good idea to spin to a new plane, then check out what you’re going to be facing before you move on to it.
  • Press up to catch ledges – Learning to press up when you jump to a ledge is important if you want to succeed. This will grab on to the ledge, if it’s within reach, and let you pull yourself up.

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What you’re trying to do

  • Collect the cubes – Fez is all about collecting chunks of cubes. These are scattered around the different levels. There’s a hub level which features locked doors. You need to collect enough cubes to open these doors and progress.
  • The world is open – Apart from the aforementioned locked doors, you can explore the world as you see fit. If you get stuck on one level, go back to the hub and find another one to try and make your way through.
  • When the talk icon appears – When you see the speech bubble, you can talk to people or find out what you can do with certain objects. This will give you plenty of clues about what you’re meant to be doing.
  • Check your chest – You’ve got a chest that shows you the items you’ve collected. Some of these are treasure maps. You’ll need to fathom out what they mean yourself, but it’s well worth doing to get some amazing rewards.

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