Fever Frenzy Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Treat the most unusual patients with the funniest sounding illnesses in Fever Frenzy, where you’ll manage your way through 4 different hospital settings, 40 levels and several mini-games in between. Check out our general tips & tricks for mastering this game with examples on how to beat specific days.

General tips

  • On certain levels it is OK if you lose a few patients. You will still be able to obtain an expert score, even if a few of your patients leave.
  • Some patients get repeated outbreaks so just because you have already treated a patient it doesn’t mean that you are finished giving them medication. A good way to tell in advance is by looking at the patient after you’ve given them the medicine. If they are not getting better quickly or if they go back to sleep, chances are that they are about to have another outbreak.
  • A good way to earn bonus points is by making sure all the beds are being occupied at the same time. Another good way is to respond to the patients needs quickly. The faster you reach a patient, the higher your speed bonus will be.
  • Make extra points by matching the patients’ pajamas to the color of the bedsheets. T he more matches you make, the more you score.
  • When placing the patients in the matching beds, look for a number with an x marked next to it. For example, "3x " next to the bed means that you get bonus points for making an extra match on this bed because it means that you have successfully matched people on this bed 3 times.
  • There are times that trying to make too many matches will not help you. When there are too many patients in the waiting room and you have to get them out quickly it is best not to spend too much time making matches. Treat them as fast as possible and send them home.
  • Placing someone on a bed that doesn’t match will automatically change the color of the bedsheets to the color of their pajamas. It’s good to do this when you have too many beds that don’t match the pajamas of the patients that are waiting.
  • The hearts on the side of a patient determines how well you are doing at treating them. If their hearts get lower, you are not serving them as quickly as you need to.
  • There are things that you can buy the patients to make them happier. In the first hospital, for example, you can buy MED drink which will make patients feel better. You can only buy so many drinks at a time. When the light turns green it means that the machine is ready to dispense the next drink.
  • At the Children’s hospital there are kids toys. You will know the toys are ready to be given again when you hear a squeaky noise and a quick light that flashes at the top of the pile. The third level has the books that can be given out, and the last level has a band that plays music in order to soothe your patient’s mood.
  • Take patients that have less hearts for treatment first. You want to get them treated before they lose patience and leave. It’s good to familiarize yourself with each type of patient; some take a long time to diagnose and others have little patience when it comes to being treated. This can help in determining which patients you need to keep a closer eye on.
  • You don’t always have to chase the virus as soon as an outbreak occurs. Sometimes it’s best to attend to patients in waiting. Once you’ve taken care of your patients then you can chase the virus. You will have to determine, depending on the level, if it’s best to wait or take care of it right away.

    Perks and Upgrades:

    At the end of each hospital you have a chance to earn extra money by playing a mini-game.

    The money you earn playing the mini-game will go towards your total that you can use to buy upgrades. You can also purchase a "perk" that you can use sparingly throughout the game. There are 4 types of perks:

    Speed Burst: It will give you an extra spring in your step.

    Healing Hands: You can cure a string of patients with one touch. This will last for approximately 5 or 6 patients, depending on how quick you are.

    Luck (rainbow): Patient colors will match the beds that you need to fill.

    Anti-V Bomb: Push the button and the virus will vanish.

    As the levels get higher the upgrades will remain the same except for the fact that they will become more powerful. Here are the 4 types of upgrades you can buy:

    Medication: It can shorten the patients recovery time.

    Charisma: Patients will become more patient the more charming you become.

    Stethoscope: Diagnose patients faster with upgraded equipment.

    Speed: New shoes give you more momentum.

    The Chldren’s Hospital

  • The Children’s Hospital accepts visitors. When a patient’s parents arrive, quickly click and drag them to the correct bed in order to lift the kid’s spirits. The parents will stand on the left side of the bed. The number next to the parent corresponds with the number on the side of the child’s bed.
  • Give the kids toys to make them feel better. You have to wait for the toys to refill before you can click and get more toys for the kids. You will know that they are ready to be grabbed when you hear a "squeaky" noise. You can give toys to the kids even if they’re ready to check out. Grab the toy first and then click the patient that is ready to check out, that will make them happier and add an extra heart or 2.

    Day 16 – 27 tips

  • On day 16 don’t try to make too many color matches. The goal in this level is to get the patients in and out as soon as possible, without losing any.
  • On day 17 you will get an extra diagnosis chair for the patients in the waiting room. Try to seat similar patients at the same time since they will finish being diagnosed simultaneously. This will help you place the same type of patients in bed at the same time. Place the parents next to their children as quickly as possible.
  • Before you start playing the Sanitarium it is a good idea to buy the Anti-V bomb for this hospital. There will be several virus outbreaks in this hospital so the spray will come in handy. The virus will take a toll on everyone’s mental health as well.
  • On day 21 you can do things in pairs in order to finish with a higher score. Wait until you have 4 patients waiting for a bed and then place them all at the same time. This way you can treat them, give their medications and discharge them all at the same time.
  • On day 25 it’s a good move to give patients with a low heart rate a book. The book will increase their heart rate and buy you some more time with that patient and others.
  • Keep handing books and using your virus spray to keep everybody healthy on day 27.

    The last levels tips

  • In the last hospital your beds are going to break down, and you need to have them repaired quickly. Use the man sitting on the right side of the screen holding a toolbox. Just drag the man to the appropriate bed and he will fix it on his own. If you don’t get him to the bed in time, you will lose that patient. It is also recommended that you keep the band playing as much as possible to soothe the patients.
  • In the last few levels things will get hectic, it seems that every single patient you have encountered comes back with an illness, and you have the added annoyance of the monkey coming in every few seconds. Use your musicians to keep peace and the man with the toolbox to keep the beds fixed. As soon as you see the monkey appear, click on the bed that he is hopping on. Sometimes, I was able to click on the monkey itself, other times I had to click on the bed to make it disappear. The healing hands (if you bought this perk) will come in handy because you will be able to cure a lot of patients in a short period of time.
  • It will become harder for you to navigate through the beds. It seems like you’re going around the beds in an odd way. Look at the pattern and try to service patients in a sequence that will allow you to take care of the most patients at one time. You can also use any and all perks in these levels. Just remember that perks can only be used for a short period of time so use them wisely.

    Tips for beating days 39 and 40

  • The best way to beat these last 2 days is to plan accordingly and don’t do too much at one time.

    There are 8 beds each in both levels, you don’t have to fill them all up at the same time in order to finish.

  • Fill either 5 or 6 beds at a time. It’s best to do the 5 or 6 that are closest together since the nurse doesn’t maneuver easily around them. Try to leave the patients that have the most patience waiting in the waiting room until last. Start with the ones that have the lower number of hearts and who tend to lose them faster. Place them in their beds, matching the sheets to the pajamas whenever possible. If you can’t match them all, just match the ones that have the highest multipliers next to them.
  • If you can’t match all of them don’t worry about it, it’s more important to be able to take care of everyone rather than matching. You may lose a patient or 2 in the waiting room but it will not affect you too much (you will still be able to get an expert score).
  • The monkey will appear several times in these last 2 levels so be prepared to get rid of him as quickly as possible because he will annoy your patients and you can lose them easily. Keep the band playing and the beds fixed.
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