Fast & Furious: Legacy Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Tie a new Fast & Furious game into just the movie that’s coming out this April? Perish the thought. Kabam changes things up a bit with Fast & Furious: Legacy, embracing the entire movie franchise and the way it’s morphed …

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Tie a new Fast & Furious game into just the movie that’s coming out this April? Perish the thought.

Kabam changes things up a bit with Fast & Furious: Legacy, embracing the entire movie franchise and the way it’s morphed over time from being all about cars to crazy action that just happens to have a strong automotive undercurrent. Not only will you find plenty of your favorite heroes and villains from throughout the series in the new game, but there are more over-the-top stunts thrown in to boot.

Never fear, though, as racing is still very much the primary objective, followed closely by getting a bunch of awesome cars. We can help you accomplish both with Gamezebo’s Fast & Furious: Legacy Tips, Cheats & Strategies, so put the pedal down and motor through them with us.

Fast & Furious Legacy Tips Cheats Strategies
  • The three different kinds of racing take slightly different skills. The simplest is drag racing, which is all about timing. The trick to getting a great start is revving the engine until the needle is in the launch zone, then tapping the ‘Launch’ button just when the countdown is complete. After launch, all you need to do is tap to shift right before the RPM needle hits the red for best results. Don’t forget to tap the nitrous for an extra bost of speed if needed.
  • Street racing uses the same timing at the start, but it’s a different beast out on the road. Tapping left and right switches lanes, but to go fastest, you need to draft off the other cars on the road. Drafting for as long as possible and switching lanes right before you are about to run into a car helps refill your nitrous, which you should use as soon as you get it to keep going fast. Jumps can also refill your N20, but watch out on the landing, as you’ll sometimes want to immediately tap to get back on the road.
  • Some street races turn into stages where you are being chased by the police. To win these races, you need to make it to the finish without being caught by a pursuing cop car, but be wary of the other cars on the road. Police cars will occasionally try to block you by spinning sideways to block your path, and you’ll need to quickly tap to make it all the way to the far lane to avoid them.
Fast & Furious Legacy Tips Cheats Strategies
  • The final kind of street race that will pop up in the game’s story mode is called Takedown. The objective here is to ram into a specific car a number of times, which will eventually get them to flip over, incapacitating the bad guy driving it. All of the previous advice on street racing still applies, but you’ll actually want to avoid going too fast at some points lest you blow by the target car and have to wait for it to catch up.
  • Drifting probably requires the most skill and/or practice. Again, the launch technique is the same, and you’ll want to use nitrous as often as you can. Refilling it requires you to keep your car centered on the line of arrows that is on the track as much as you can. Just hold a finger on the screen and drag to turn the car — no need to worry about shifting — and watch to see if what color the arrows turn. Green means you’re right on the correct line, yellow indicates you are close, and red means you’re way off and should adjust to get back to the center as quickly as possible.
Fast & Furious Legacy Tips Cheats Strategies
  • Ranked races offer a way to get some extra rewards that can help get your car better prepared for the story mode levels. You’ll be racing against ghost runs done by other human players, so the difficulty can vary wildly. If you aren’t so good at one particular type of racing (for me, it’s drifting), no worries. The race types alternate with each win or loss.
  • Performance upgrades can be done to six different areas of your car: engine, nitrous, suspension, tires, gearbox and chassis. You’ll need both a specified number of coins and the right number of wrenches to perform any upgrade.
  • After five upgrades, that area of your car will be maxed out. You can boost it to the next level by using parts, which you can win as race rewards or purchase with gold in crates in the game’s store. There are specific types of parts for different classes of cars, which start at class E and go up from there.
Fast & Furious Legacy Tips Cheats Strategies
  • You’ll only get to race five times before your car needs an oil change. The good news is that it doesn’t cost anything. The bad news is that it takes several hours to complete, and you can only have one car serviced at a time. There are three ways to speed this up: leveling up, which automatically changes the oil for all your cars, using a speed-up item or by joining a Crew and asking your fellow members for help. It’s good etiquette to help them out in return.
  • The cosmetic upgrades, things like paint, vinyls, tires and spoilers, don’t make your car faster or turn any better. You shouldn’t discount them completely, though, because every cosmetic addition increases your ride’s style points. When you have enough of them, style points can give you extra coins and other resources every time you race, which can be quite helpful. Consider some cosmetic work if it’s a car you know you’re going to use often and you can spare the gold.
  • The reason you might not have the gold to spare is that new cars are quite expensive. Standard crates, which can hold cars from class E on up, aren’t too bad, but the premium crates, which ensure you get at least a class D vehicle, will set you back a four-digit sum. To max out your garage, you’ll likely want to save up your gold for new cars. Multiples of the same car aren’t as bad as they seem either, as four of any stock car can be traded in for its performance version, which is much faster.
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