Fashion World Walkthrough

Fashion World – Game Introduction

Fashion World is a Facebook game developed by MetroGames that brings players to the boutique business. Open a store to sell a variety of clothes and accessories to customers and work towards a profitable and popular business. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Fashion World.

Manufacture your Clothing Line

Instead of relying from vendors or designers, you get to sew them yourself. Purchase more sewing machines until the maximum number each level will allow you. You’ll need it to manufacture as many as you can to keep up with the flow of customers coming in to your store.

Purchase sewing machines from the store by clicking on the Functionals icon. There are different type of machines but picking them is just for aesthetic purposes at this point. It doesn’t let you sew faster.

Fashion World

Your catalog will offer a few choices but as you progress, more merchandise will be unlocked after your each the required level. At the earlier stages, pick items that take a shorter time to produce. Take note these items are cheaper but also produce less for each batch. It’s recommended to get the highest yield or sew a couple or more of the same item to stock up your inventory.

Hire your Sales Staff

You’ll notice that your customers will flock to your store pretty quickly. Be ready by hiring salesmen as soon as a vacant position is available. Hire your friends to be part of your staff by clicking on the Employees icon. As of this writing, it hires Jane Fashion automatically on every other instance the position is vacant. Check to be sure and hire a friend immediately if Jane Fashion doesn’t show up at work. You can opt to fire your friends and pick another one to be part of your staff.

Fashion World

You can customize your staff’s avatar at the Customize screen. This also allows you to change their skin color, hair style, facial features and clothes.

Fashion World

Hiring enough sales staff will help increase your popularity rating. Your customers will be assisted and they eventually purchase an item from your store. The faster you serve their needs, the more your inventory gets sold.

Stock up on Inventory

Purchase as many clothes as possible to fill up your clothing displays. As mentioned earlier, the more sewing machines you have the more you can manufacture at the same time. When you are starting, it’s better to close your store first while you stock up. This is less stressful than trying to keep up with the customers.

Click on your open/close signage outside your store. This will toggle between you wanting to keep your doors open for business or close it until you are ready.

Fashion World

Tip on purchasing clothing displays: Get one that has multiple shelves or hangers. This way, you can have different items on the rack. Take note that you can add to the existing clothing items displayed. You can stock as many as you like since there is no maximum number at this point.

Popularity Rating

Your popularity rating determines your customer traffic. The higher it is, the more shoppers you’ll have visiting your store. More customers mean more sales! You can check your rating at the upper right side of the gaming screen. The number beside the thumbs up icon is your rating.

The highest you can achieve is 50. It used to be 99 when the game was still in its infancy stage but this has changed a couple of days ago.

Several factors affect your rating.

  • How fast you can serve your customers
  • Having enough stock in your inventory
  • Having enough salesmen in your staff
  • Having enough dressing rooms

You’ll notice your rating go down when a customer is unhappy. A thought bubble will appear above their heads and soon they’ll leave your store.

Customize your Store

It’s now time to organize your boutique. Having enough space for customers to go around your store and look at your inventory is key to having happy shoppers.

Click on the Decor icon and this will bring up a window that will let you purchase doors, windows, floor tiles, wallpaper and other decorative items to make your store unique. Remember to buy the necessary functional items to run your business.

As you progress, you will need more space. The expansion option is available. The largest size would be 13 x 15.

Fashion World

You can also change the name of your store to whatever you like. Just click on the existing name, found at the top of the screen and it should open a window for you to edit.

Send Gifts to Neighbors

It’s always good to send gifts and you’re sure to receive some as well. Your gift icon is found at the lower right (one that has the shirts alongside it). You can then send 1 gift to a friend daily. They can include this in their inventory for them to sell.

Fashion World

If you receive gifts, your red gift box will indicate how many you have. You can now place them into your displays to sell for 100% profit.

Set an Alert and Follow for Updates

Be sure to click on “set an alert” on the top of this page to be notified of any updates, reviews, posts, tips, and cheats for Fashion World. We’ll be updating our guides all the time.

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