Fashion Rush Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Check out our Tips and Tricks for Fashion Rush and help Satine achieve her dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer.


  • Fashion Rush may not seem hectic when you first start playing the game but things can get hectic when you can only carry things in one hand. Although you can only carry one thing at a time, there are other tasks that can be accomplished without Satine, the main character, using her hands.
  • You can chain several tasks at once but you will not earn chaining bonuses for doing so. Satine will only be able to carry one thing at a time in her hands but she can take several customers orders at one time. If there are 5 people waiting at the counter you can click on all of them one after the other and she will go to each one in the order that they were clicked.
  • If Satine is picking up a completed outfit and she has a piece of fabric in her hand, you can swap both pieces with two clicks. Simply click the seamstress’ desk, pick the design you need and then the hanging outfit will be automatically placed in her hands. It is not the same case when the girl is cutting fabric.
  • You can give the girl an order to cut fabric by simply clicking on the color you want and she will automatically start. Once she’s done cutting that piece, you can request another color by choosing it. However, if you don’t pick up the 1st piece before she finishes the 2nd one, you will lose your original order since it will automatically be replaced by the last item sewn.
  • Don’t let the rolls of fabric stay empty, once you’ve used the last piece of a color you should automatically replace it. As you’re waiting for the fabric to be cut, go to the surplus rolls and replace the empty one.
  • Throughout the game you can only choose 4 articles of clothing or accessories to sell at one time. Choose things that look as different as possible in order to make it easier to recognize when you have to put in an order. If you have too many things that look alike you risk the chance of making too many incorrect outfits.
  • Selling accessories will allow you to earn extra money during the game. You will be able to choose from a variety of accessories as you progress through the game. Choose the ones that are easiest to spot and grab. The good thing about the accessories is that Satine does not have to deliver them, it can be done as she’s making deliveries or taking orders. Click on the accessory to pick it up, then click it onto the person that wants it or you can simply drag it to them.
  • Timing is very important when customers are asking for accessories. You can only deliver them for a predetermined amount of time, if you don’t get it done in time, you will lose that sale. For every accessory that you successfully sell you will earn at least $50 for each one. This money can add up quickly and will definitely help you complete your goals faster. If you pick up the wrong accessory, simply click it back where it belongs and it will go back into inventory.
  • If you’re on your way to deliver an outfit and that same customer is requesting an accessory, go ahead and sell it to them BEFORE you give them their outfit. This will allow you to make some last minute fast cash.
  • Whenever possible, try to cut and sew clothes on the machines that are closest to the counter. This will cut down on Satine’s walk back and forth around the shop.
  • Have Satine do things on her way to do something else. If she just picked up some fabric, send her to the counter to attend to a customer on her way to the seamstress. After she’s done with the customer send her to the seamstress right away.
  • Cut fabrics ahead of time, especially in the levels where you have several machines. Before you serve any customers click on 3 different colors so they can be ready by the time the first orders start rolling in.
  • When you have several machines you should also go ahead and make some extra outfits .You can hang 1 or 2 completed outfits on the machines that are furthest away from the counter. This is especially helpful in the rounds where all your machines are turbo charged. You may not need all the machines because by the time Satine drops some fabric at the seamstress and comes back with another piece of cloth, the seamstress will be finished.
  • There is a display rack that comes into play early in the game. This rack can hold items that you’ve made by mistake. You can also make something at the beginning of a round, hang it on the rack and customers will be more likely to buy what is on it.
  • Since Satine can only carry one thing at a time, if you make a mistake and the rack is full, simply throw it away. Throwing away unwanted merchandise will not cost you any points but it may cost you a customer that is not willing to wait for you to make another outfit.
  • There are two things you can do to make customers a bit more patient while they wait, you can play the radio or send the cat to their side. In order for the radio to be effective you have to keep it on as much as possible during a level. You may forget to keep it on since you will be doing so many things in between but it’s a good idea to remember to play it as much as possible. Keeping it on may sometimes mean not losing a customer.
  • At some point in the game you will be asked to name a cat and decide whether you want it to be a male or a female. Send the cat out when you see your customers losing patience. Click the small red ball that is next to the cat and move your cursor in between the customers. You will notice a shadowy outline of the ball in different areas of the counter, place the ball in between the 2 customers that need it the most.
  • If you place the ball in a corner, it can only help one person at a time, so make the most of your placement. It will take effect as soon as the cat reaches the mark you provided.
  • Some customers have more patience than others so it’s important to know the difference between all of them. You definitely want to take care of the ones that come in with the least amount of patience, since they leave better tips.
  • The boomerang shaped bar above a customer’s head will let you know how much patience they have left. If it’s getting too low you may want to send the cat over and turn on the radio in order to keep them from leaving.
  • There are no expert scores in this game but it’s nice to look at the stats of how you did at the end of each level. It will let you know how many customers were served and lost, your fastest delivery time and how long you were able to keep the radio on. Try to beat your scores when you replay levels.

    There are 4 mini games that will appear throughout the game. Once you’ve played all the mini games, they will be unlocked and you can play the mini games at any time from the main menu.


  • In this mini game you have to make as much money as you can by selling accessories only.
  • You have one minute to accomplish this.
  • This is a nice game since you don’t have to send Satine to deliver the accessories.
  • To keep things simple try and deliver as much of the same item as possible.
  • The instructions in the game recommend clicking on the item and then dragging it to them.
  • I found it easier to just click on the accessory and then click again on the customer. Do it in the manner that is easiest for you.
  • Classic

  • You have 5 minutes to complete this game.
  • You just have to make as much money as possible by selling clothes and accessories before time runs out.
  • Serve the least patient customers first since they leave bigger tips.
  • Send the cat out and leave the radio on at all times.
  • When you replay the game, see if you can beat your top score.
  • Nightmare

  • The goal is to be able to match outfits that customers want without knowing the color they want.
  • Every outfit will have the design outlined in white, and it is up to you to figure out which color the person wants.
  • Make one style of clothing in 4 different colors and keep clicking on customers that want that particular design until you get the right match.
  • Pick the design that more than one person wants and then make that outfit in all 4 colors.
  • In between trying to figure out the outfits you also have to sell accessories as well.
  • If you don’t match the outfits in time, the customer will leave.
  • You cannot automatically swap a piece of clothes from your hand with one that is on the rack, you have to find a place to hang it or throw it in the trash to make room.
  • No light

  • You basically have to play this round in the dark.
  • All you have to see with is a spotlight.
  • Keep your mouse in constant motion around the room to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  • Those of you who’ve played the Diner Dash games will be used to playing with the spotlight.
  • Send the cat out at as much as possible to keep everyone happy.
  • Make a conscious effort to keep the radio on as much as possible.
  • Make some fabrics in advance since you have three cutters available to you.
  • When you hear the sound that somebody is requesting an accessory, try to deliver it as soon as possible.
  • Try to sew and cut clothes on the machines that are closest to you.
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