Fashion Fits Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Check out Gamezebo's Tips and Tricks for Fashion Fits and help Francie build her clothing empire.   General Hints   These tips and tricks are for version 1.1 of Fashion Fits.   One of the keys to beating this game is to manage the lines. efficiently. Try to keep all lines, dressing room, register and customer service lines as short as possible. It sounds easy but it can be a real juggling act, especially when you have to restock shelves as well. If you have …

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Check out Gamezebo’s Tips and Tricks for Fashion Fits and help Francie build her clothing empire.


General Hints


These tips and tricks are for version 1.1 of Fashion Fits.


  • One of the keys to beating this game is to manage the lines. efficiently. Try to keep all lines, dressing room, register and customer service lines as short as possible. It sounds easy but it can be a real juggling act, especially when you have to restock shelves as well.
  • If you have more than 5 people in any line, all the customers will start turning on you and getting very angry. As soon as you see the 4th person come up, start working on all the people in line and get rid of them quickly before the line starts getting too long.
  • The best way to avoid lines is by keeping your shelves well stocked. People will start going straight to the customer service desk if they don’t find the item that they are looking for. Stock shelves in between doing everything else and it will help in maintaining order at the service desk and throughout the store.


  • You can queue up to 6 actions at a time, and they will be executed in the order in which you did them. If you need to cancel an action in the queue you can right-click and the last action in the queue will be cancelled.
  • If you pick up an item from the table that you do not want, left click it again and it will go back on the table.
  • You can tell the order of the items you clicked by the numbers attached to each person (1 through 6) once you click on them to have an action performed. If you have to queue more than 6 times, wait until you see the counter drop to 5 or lower and proceed to do some more chaining.
  • Serve customers in the most efficient way, do many things on your way to somebody else. For example, if you’re going to get some clothes in the back for someone in the dressing room and you have empty spots on the table, grab 2 different articles of clothing.Take one to the dressing room and the other one to the table.
  • For the last 3 months of a store ( October, November and December) things can get hectic. The best thing to do is do a little bit of everything at once.

    1. Clear the dressing rooms 2 at a time and throw the clothes on the discard rack. You do not get penalized for doing so and it saves a lot of confusion.This will really keep things moving and you will not have to worry about where to put things.

    2. As you take an article of clothing to someone at the service desk, get 2 of the same outfits. Take one to the person at the desk and take the next one to the racks in the showroom.

    3. As you gift wrap some clothes, go to the backroom and get some clothes for the people at the dressing rooms.

    4. As soon as you see a line get 4 deep at any station, take care of it so the line doesn’t get too long or people will get angry quickly and leave.



  • When I was playing the game the whining sounds that the customers made really annoyed me and interfered with my concentration fortunately, I was able to turn off the voices in the options menu under the "voice volume" section. However, I did keep the music and sound on. Of course when you take the voices off you have to pay close attention to your visual cues instead of the audible ones.
  • You can also pick up clothes that are hanging in the dressing room on your way to the cash register. You can kill 2 birds with one stone, you free up the dressing rooms and get to the people at the cash register.You can then either put the clothes on the discard rack or you can put them back on the table.
  • Another good technique is to swap clothes between the people that require dressing room assistance. If the college guy wants a sweater and somebody else wants jeans just give the college guy the sweater and give the jeans you took off of him to the other person. This will save you time from gong back and forth to the stock room too much.
  • There will be times when you just know that you are not going to beat a level because you are too far from your goal and you’ve lost too many customers. At times like these it is best to quit the game before the last customer leaves and start the game over. If you don’t do that, you will lose a life. Once you lose all your lives, you will be forced to start the game from January of the current store you are in.
  • Once you quit the game go to the main menu and click on the "resume " tab , do not click new game or you will lose whatever progress you’ve made so far in terms of all the levels you’ve played.
  • If you decide to restart the game or you have been forced to replay a level, it is a good idea to choose a different set of upgrades and maybe you will have a different outcome. It’s amazing how differently the game turns out when you choose a whole new set of options.
  • One of the best things that worked for me when the level was getting hectic was to pause the game.I would pause the game in the middle of it. I would not quit and I would step away from the game for a couple of minutes just so I could see things in a new light. It also gives your blood pressure a chance to stabilize from all the chaos.
  • You might tend to want to buy the clothes upgrades right away but sometimes it’s better to save your money so you can get Francie to move faster. I usually skip a month or two until I have enough saved up to make Francie faster and I buy that upgrade.I try to buy it within the first few months of the year.
  • As you come out of the back room you can wrap a gift for someone even if your hands are full.
  • Learning the customer types and their temperaments will be one of the biggest time savers in the game. I will have a list below that explains all the different types and how to best handle them. For example, the Soccer Mom always buys the first thing she tries on, so you know that you can restock that item right away because she will not be putting it back.
  • You can anticipate what certain customers are going to do by their actions before they ask for anything. If you see a customer walk by an empty table and all of a sudden they change direction and start heading towards the customer service desk then they are going to ask you for the item that was missing from that table.Go to the back room, get it and by the time they reach the desk you can have it ready for them.
  • The punk boy always buys two things, so when you see him come out of the fitting room with 2 pieces of clothing in his hands you know he’s ready to go to the register and pay. Always try to keep him happy, because he spends more money than most.
  • Grandpa and Grannies never buy the first things they try on, so you can be sure that they will be leaving things in the dressing room, the first time around. It might be a good idea in some levels not to restock the items that they picked up since you know you will have to get them from the dressing room anyway.This all depends on which level you are on.
  • When deciding which upgrade you wish to purchase always buy the one that will net you the most money. If there are 2 shirt upgrades that you can purchase get the one that will net you more money per sale.
  • You can buy coffees, smoothies etc. to appease your customers mood but you will only get 2 or 3 cups max per month so choose who you give them to carefully.
  • You may be inclined to give out the drinks as soon as you see people get angry but try to save them for the ones that spend the most and buy the most goodies while cashing out, especially the Punk Boys since they always buy 2 articles of clothing.
  • If someone is standing in line ready to pay and they’re about to storm off don’t waste a drink on them because you may be able to get them before they leave and they will pay full price for their item even though they may spend a little less on goodies.
  • The customers will pick up extra goodies when they are at the registers, the happier they are the more they will buy. These purchases may look small but those small dollar amounts could be the difference between you beating the level, losing or getting an expert score.
  • Upgrade to the more expensive goodies as soon as possible, there will be times when you miss your goal by a small margin and the upgraded goodies would have helped you meet and/or exceed your goal.
  • Don’t spend time restocking shelves once you see the closed sign on the screen since no more customers will be coming through the door. Instead spend that time catering to the ones that you have left, you can always go to the back room and get whatever is not on the floor if a customer requests it.
  • There is a handbook that you can look at in the beginning of every level (or month as they call in in the game) that tells you the customer types that will be coming in for that day. Besides telling you which customers are coming in it also tells you their patience level, the type of clothes they like to buy and any other special needs that they may have.
  • The game constantly reminds you to check the handbook to see which type of clients you will have for that day. It will be helpful in beating the game if you check it every time. It will help you choose the upgrades that you may want to for that level. The customer types may change as you progress through the game but the handbook will inform you of any changes.
  • If the handbook says that you are getting a lot of teenagers on that day then choose clothes that the teenagers will like instead of clothes grannies would like.




  • There are several upgrades you can purchase throughout the game. You don’t have to buy one at the beginning of each month, you can sometimes save up for the upgrade you think will suit you the most. I tended to skip a few rounds of upgrading so I could always buy the faster Francie upgrade first and then do the clothes, goodies and extra dressing rooms after that but not in any particular order.


    Here are some of the upgrades and how they help you in the game:

    Drinks – It could be coffee, smoothie, bottled water etc. depending on the level that you are on. Drinks are free and are replenished each month. It is best to used them on people that are not in line to pay or the people who don’t spend as much money.

    Clothing – You can either buy racks that will hold more clothes or buy articles of clothing that will net you more money. Always read the goal at the beginning of each month to see what choices you can make that will benefit the people you have coming in.

    Fitting Rooms – You start with 2 fitting rooms at the opening of a new store and you can purchase up to 2 additional fitting rooms for your customers. Having multiple fitting rooms allows you to keep the lines shorter.

    Goodies – Goodies are good to upgrade because they do add some money to your bottom line, they could mean the difference between winning, losing or getting an expert score, even their contribution to your total may seem minimal.



    BUSINESS WOMAN – She is very impatient,likes to buy lots of goodies and leaves 1 item in the dressing room.Keep a close eye on her because she tends to lose her patience very quickly if you don’t tend to her right away.

    CHEERLEADER – She is impatient, buys few goodies, and leaves one item in the dressing room.

    COLLEGE BOY – He buys lots of goodies, is impatient and expects fitting room service. Pay attention on each level to which clothes he wants to switch with and be ready for him with what he wants in order to save time.

    DAD – Always buys the first thing he tries on, is very patient, likes to buy the cheap stuff and starting from the 4th location, likes his clothes gift wrapped.

    GRANDMA – Never buys the first thing she tries one, patient and always leaves one thing in the dressing room.

    GRANDPA – He never buys the first thing he tries on, is very patient, buys few goodies and always leaves 1 thing in the fitting room.

    PUNK BOY – He is patient, buys few goodies and always buys 2 pieces of clothing.

    SCHOOLGIRL – She buys the least expensive item, buys few goodies is impatient and expects fitting room service.

    SOCCER MOM – Always buys the first thing she tries on, very patient and buys few goodies. After the 4th location (Metro) she likes her clothes gift wrapped.

    SURFER – He is patient, purchases few goodies and always buys 2 things.Even though the instructions in the game claims that the Surfer is patient, I tend to disagree with that statement since it seems he is always the first one to get impatient when you leave him waiting too long.

    SUPERMODEL – Expects fitting room service twice, and is impatient.

    TRENDY GIRL – Buys some goodies, is impatient and expects customer and fitting room service.

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