Fashion Dash Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our tips & tricks for Fashion Dash.


  • As in most time management games, the best way to keep customers happy is by serving them as fast as you can, this is no exception. Serve customers as fast you can and they will give you a bigger tip.
  • Pick up the phone if it rings even after all the customers have left in order to make some extra money. Each time you pick up the phone you earn an extra $150. You can still answer the phone even if your hands are full.
  • In some levels people will get mad and leave since there’s no way to get to them in time. In those type of levels, just concentrate on making long chains with all the people you have in the dressing area. It’s more important to keep your chain multiplier going than to break it.
  • If a person gets to the dressing room and they are unhappy, make sure that you stay close by so you can be there when they need help. If you get to them fast enough you will earn a Fast Service bonus and in addition give the customer a heart boost. This is most useful when you don’t have any tea or patience items to give the customers.
  • Don’t place everyone in the order that they come in, nor as soon as they come in either. It’s better to wait until a few customers have come in so you can make the best seating arrangements possible.
  • The main exception for the rule above, came in a level (4-4) in which you had only Businessmen, Heiresses and Starlets. They are all very impatient in the waiting area as well as in the dressing area. Seat them as soon as they come in and make as many color matches as you can. Keep turning on the radio for the people in the waiting area and keep giving drinks to those in the dressing area.
  • To save time try to pick up orders for the seamstress that have the same color. Let’s say there are several customers with different orders, choose the orders that have the same color. You will only have to click on the color pattern once, not twice, in order for the seamstress to make both outfits. It will save you from having to click on two things at once and will help you avoid confusion as to which 2 fabrics to click.
  • If someone is almost out of hearts as they sit down, bring them a beverage along with their catalogue. Since you’re headed their way anyway, you might as well bring them something to lift their spirits.
  • Guitar Girls annoy everyone while they are in line, place them as soon as you can so you can keep the rest of the people happy. While they are in the dressing room, don’t let them wait for too long either since they will start to play the guitar which in turn annoys those around her as well. Read the section in the guide called "Guitar Girls" so you can handle them the best way possible.
  • Since some people are faster at ordering than others you may want to seat the ones that order slow first and seat the faster ones last, that way you can have people ordering at the same time.
  • The old lady takes a long time to order, don’t wait for her order when you have a lot of people waiting. Take care of other people instead. Also try to take the old ladies to the dressing rooms last since they have lots of patience on the bench.
  • Learn the customer types very well in this game it is important that you match people next to each other that will bring out the best in them. If you match people that do not get along, everyone involved will lose patience faster thus leaving you a smaller tip in the end.
  • If somebody has a question mark above their head, it means that they need your help, click on them when you see it in order to assist them.Giving customers help will boost their hearts, thus making them happier. You will also earn some money each time you help them.
  • Make some add-on sales. The best way to ensure that somebody is going to buy jewelry is to make sure they are happy. Sell the shoes, handbags, perfume and jewelry as soon as they request it.
  • Click on the radio before you take anybody to the dressing room, that way they will be happier as they sit down and will have more patience. You can also give them a beverage once they reach the dressing room.
  • If you have a choice between placing someone in a matching dressing room with a number and one without, always choose the one with the number above anything else. The number represents the amount of time you made color matches in that particular dressing room. Each time you make a match, the number goes up. The higher it goes the more you earn.
  • Give beverages to people in the dressing room to keep them calm so you can cash everybody out at the same time. People will have different degrees of patience while in the shop. You want to be able to cash everyone out at the same time so you can make a bigger chaining bonus.


  • These girls need a special section of their own in this guide since they are the most problematic customers in Fashion Dash. They could possibly be the most annoying customer in a Time Management game. They tend to play their guitars and annoy those people around them.
  • If you leave the Guitar Girls in the waiting area too long, they will start to play the guitar. The people that are in the waiting room with her will lose ten points each and will lose more patience each time she does this.
  • You can actually keep her from playing the guitar in the waiting area. The best way to do it is by scheduling several tasks in advance for Coco to do. While she’s busy delivering and picking up things, hold the guitar girl on your mouse and drop her once you can schedule more tasks for Coco to do.
  • If you do this while she’s in the waiting area, she’ll never play the guitar. However, this can only be done when there’s only one of her there, since you cannot hold two of them at the same time.
  • When the Guitar Girls are in the dressing area and they’re left unattended for too long, they will also start playing the guitar. This will annoy the people that are closest to them.
  • You can make her stop playing the guitar by simply clicking on her at the moment she starts playing and that will keep her quiet for a while.
  • Whenever possible, it’s best to seat them in a remote area. This really depends on the layout of the level you’re in. When they are in a remote area, their guitar playing will not annoy the other customers in the dressing area.
  • If you’re at the end of a level and the Guitar Girl comes in, leave her in the waiting area by herself. Let her get impatient and leave, yes you will lose 200 points but you will not have to worry about her having a negative effect on all the people who are shopping.
  • If there’s a level in which there are a lot of Guitar Girls coming in, leave a couple of seats empty for her. When you do this you will be able to place her right away so she will not be in the waiting area too long. Keeping a space open for her allows you to take care of and get rid of her quickly.


  • In certain levels you will have an assistant, the first time she’ll appear will be in level 3-5. She will help you carry an additional 2 items, for a total of 4 items at once.
  • Take full advantage of her when she’s in the shop helping you out. All 4 hands should be full at all times whenever possible.
  • She can be very helpful when you need to hand out drinks which will make several people happy at once. Take 4 drinks at a time and hand them out to the most impatient people first.


  • There are several types of bonuses that you can earn in the game which will help you reach your goals faster. Here’s a brief explanation of those bonuses and how they work.

Chaining Bonuses

  • Delivering several like items in a row will earn you chaining bonuses. These include, delivering catalogues, picking up orders, delivering orders, collecting money and clearing hangers.
  • The longer the chain, the more money you will earn, that’s why timing is crucial to getting a long chain going. Wait until you have several people that want the same type of service and try to take care of them all at once. Take 5 or 6 orders back to back to the seamstress and then wait and pick them all up at the same time.
  • Certain things you do will break your chaining bonuses, others will not.
  • Things that break your chaining bonuses are getting perfumes, shoes, handbags and jewelry. All those are items that can be chained within themselves. Answering the telephone also breaks a chain. Even though you can chain answering the telephone, it can be hard to do since it doesn’t ring that many times back to back.
  • Actions that do NOT break your chains are turning on the radio and handing out drinks in the dressing area.

Color Matching Bonus

  • Match the color of a customer’s outfit with the color of the dressing rooms and earn a Color Matching Bonus.
  • You will get a score multiplier for each time that you make a match with the same color dressing room. The higher the multiplier the higher your bonuses will be. That’s why it’s sometimes better to wait and seat someone that can help you keep a color match over someone that will not.
  • Gossip Bonus-Seat grannies next to any women and you’ll earn a gossip bonus. You can even earn a last minute Gossip Bonus when you seat a granny next to a woman or another granny that’s getting ready to pay.
  • Fast Service Bonus-You will earn this bonus when you take care of a customer within seconds of them asking for help. As soon as you see a customer ask for something, go by their side quickly and you’ll earn some extra money.
  • Flirt Bonus– Is achieved when you seat people next to each other that like to flirt. Not all people seated together will flirt with each other, just certain ones.
  • The young men will flirt with the young women and the guitar girls.
  • The Businessmen will flirt with Heiresses and Starlets.
  • You can look in the help guide of the game and you will see a list of all the customers and who they will flirt with.


  • Just hover your mouse over the darkened objects and you’ll be able to see a description of the items available for upgrades at that time.
  • In most Time Management games you have to buy the upgrades in order to obtain them. In Fashion Dash, you just have to choose the upgrade that you want and it will not cost you any money.
  • Click on the items that you want to upgrade and click on the red Upgrade tab to obtain it.
  • Chairs and Benches increase the patience level of the customers.
  • Changing Booths will ensure that your customers spend less time in the changing room by dressing themselves faster.
  • Coco’s Speed-You can upgrade Coco so she can zip around the shop at a much faster rate.
  • Sewing Machines-Upgrade these when you want the clothes to be finished faster by the Seamstress.


  • If you have 2 dresses of the same color going to the seamstress you only have to click on the colored fabric one time and the seamstress will begin making both outfits.
  • When several people ask for perfumes, you only have to click on the perfume station once and you can deliver several orders at a time. You can only do this as long as you haven’t clicked on a different service.
  • The same thing applies when you deliver coffee or tea to the people in the waiting area. You only have to click on the coffee or tea once and it will be delivered to several people at once.
  • This cannot be done with the beverages that you serve in the waiting area, like the wine they serve in Madrid, Spain.
  • If you want Coco to be near the seamstress so she can pick up clothes as soon as they are ready, you can click on the colored  fabric and Coco will stand next to it. You can click on the  even if she doesn’t have an order in hand.
  • As soon the clothes are ready Coco will be close by to pick them up. You cannot click on the clothes rack if there’s nothing there.
  • You can only give the outfits to the person that matches the number on the outfit, otherwise they will not accept it even if it’s the right color and article of clothing.
  • If somebody gets angry and leaves you will lose 200 points.
  • The level will not end until you’ve cleared all the hangers out of the dressing room.
  • Turning on the radio does not break any chains.
  • With each new location you will have to start with all new upgrades.
  • People cannot flirt with each other when one of them is in the dressing room. If you want to make that flirting bonus, then wait until someone is out of the dressing room before you do it.
  • If someone is paying and you want to take their hanger at the same time, then click on that person twice. You’ll do 2 steps at once, collect the money and the hanger.


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