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There are many ways to earn extra cash in this game that will help boost your score. When customers are getting ready to pay you can increase the amount of money you will receive from them all the way up to the last minute. If they are at the cash register and you see the credit card machine flashing you should click on it before the customer is done paying. For every time you activate the credit card machine you will get an extra $20.

Not all customers pay with a credit card, you can look at the list in the help menu and it will tell you which ones do and do not. The Businessmen and the “Made Men” always pay with credit cards. They are easily identifiable because they both wear suits. You know once you see them at the register that you can earn an extra fast $20 if you get to the credit card machine on time.

You can flirt your way into a customer’s heart by standing next to them and clicking on the “eye” icon that is at the bottom of the screen. You can flirt with customers while they wait in line, as they look at themselves in the mirror, before you take their order, basically anywhere. You have to wait for the icon to refill itself before you use it again. The good thing about flirting is that you can do it with either males or females.

You can also make some extra money by selling candy once a customer is at the register. Click on the candy dish and you will make an extra $30. Be careful though because everyone does not like candy and if you serve it to them you will lose $30 instead. The models, the African-American men and businesswomen do not care for the candy so don’t offer it to them when they are at the register.

There are times when certain customers throw merchandise on the floor. You can earn $20 for every piece of clothing that you pick up from the floor. When people throw clothes on the floor it angers those people around them. If you see someone with a cloud over their head you know that somebody close to them has thrown some clothes on the floor. Pick it up right away because the longer it stays there the angrier those around them get.

In certain levels you will be given a sewing machine, you get $20 for every outfit you place on it at one time. In order to use it you have to wait until the machine is highlighted otherwise it will not work. If you place 3 outfits on there you will get $60. The only problem that I found is that sometimes it would give you credit for all 3 garments and at other times it would only give you credit for one. Just keep in mind that you may not always get the right amount of credit each time.

There’s a mini game that you will play from time to time, completing the task in time will earn you extra money. You need to dress Maya in a hurry, you will have to memorize an outfit that is shown to you quickly and dress her by dragging clothes from the rack to her. Use hints if you get stuck, the hint button will show you another picture to refresh your memory of what she was wearing. Pay close attention to the jewelry that she is wearing and where it is placed. If you don’t put the outfit together the way she was you will fail.

Since you can carry up to three items at a time you can earn chaining bonuses by doing multiple things at once. Wait and pick up three orders at one time, instead of taking one by one. By doing this it will also save you from wasting too much time going back and forth everywhere. You receive chaining bonuses for delivering several items in a row, taking several orders back to back and by placing the same genders in the same dressing rooms each time.

In order to attend to a customer’s needs you can either click on their bubble or on them. I found it easier to click on the bubble since at times there were so many people close together that it was hard to tell them apart.


A customer’s happiness is the key to the amount of tips you will get. You can gauge their happiness and patience level by the amount of hearts they have over their head. The more hearts they have the more they will end up giving you in tips. There are several things you can do to boost their hearts and there are things that will make them lose their hearts faster.

To increase the amount of hearts you can serve your customers water. In most time management games you have to wait for upgrades like these to refill themselves after each use, not so with the water. You can go back and get as much water as you want. You can give them water while they wait in line or anywhere in the store and it will boost their hearts.

In some people water will only give them a small boost and in others it seems that they benefited more from it. The pregnant lady will come in and always ask for water after you’ve taken her order. You have to give her the water or else she will not accept her order until she does.

Pretty much every time you interact with your customer their hearts get boosted a little. Dragging them to their station gives them a small boost, taking their order also slightly increases their mood, usually by one full heart or so. That’s why it’s important to take care of them quickly, it helps keep their heart rate up.

Certain upgrades will become available throughout the game that can also help maintain a customer’s heart rate at a certain level. The speakers will boost the moods of everyone at once every time you click on it. Unlike the water cooler, you do have to wait for the speakers to highlight themselves before you can use it again. When you have the speakers make sure to pay attention when it’s time to use them again, especially when you have a lot people in the room.

Making people wait in line, at the dressing room or anywhere in the store will make them lose their hearts very quickly. Always take a second look around the room and make sure that nobody is getting low on hearts. If they are give them water or flirt with them.


Another great way to make a lot of extra money is by upselling items to a customer as they are about to pay. Before you drag a customer to the register click on the shirt icon that is located at the bottom of the screen. When you do this you can ask your customer if they would like to buy some extra things before they leave. The customer will either accept or decline your offer at that time.

If they decide to accept it you will get a certain amount of money from them, the amount depends on the customer, it can be anywhere from $50 to $70 an item. The great thing is that you can actually upsell items to them up to 3 different times. That number only counts the amount of times they accepted not the amount of times they declined.

Upselling at the end of the day is a great way to get those last minute points that you need. I would wait until there were 2 or 3 customers left in the store and I would keep trying to upsell certain types of customers. I would keep offering until I would get yes 3 times from them. In several instances I was able to make $240 by upselling the same customer three different times in a day.

Learn what types of customers are more receptive to upselling so you can increase your chance of getting a yes instead of a no. The businesswomen, The African-American men, the “Made Men” ,the pregnant women and the models are your best bets for upselling. Your worst bets are the snobs and the rockers, everyone else is in between.


Certain choices you make on your weekends affect how the game plays out. You can go in 2 different directions, you can choose your career or choices that involve your personal life. Each choice determines how the game ends. Adjust your choices every weekend to suit your needs. If you feel that you’re not getting around fast enough, make choices that will increase your stamina. If you want the upsell button to recharge faster make choices that increase your mood.

Sales Ability-Certain choices you make affect how your upsells are received, you need to adjust your weekend activities accordingly if you want them to be received well. You need to increase your Sales Ability when making choices for the weekend. If you’ve chosen career-oriented activities during your weekends it will increase your Sales Abilities. The higher it is the more likely it will be that a client will accept your upsell offers. Your sales ability also makes your assistant work faster.

Charisma-Having high charisma will give your customers extra hearts every time you flirt with them, which increases their patience level, your tips and your upselling chances to all customers. The activities that increase your charisma are when you exercise, pamper yourself and make all around healthy choices.

Stamina- When you make choices that increase your stamina it makes you move faster around the room. You can get a lot of things done quickly which in turn will keep your customers happier. Choosing things during the weekend that relaxes you increase your stamina, like visiting a museum or watching a documentary.

Mood- This is a good one to have when you want your flirt and upsell buttons to recharge faster. Having these two items recharge faster allows you to make more upsells in a row. The more upsells you can make the more money you can earn in a short period of time. Choices that increase your mood are when you do things that are pleasant like going to the movies with your friends or attending a yoga class.


You will get extra points for every customer that you place with the same gender in the same dressing room several times in a row. You will earn $20 multiplied by the amount of times that you were able to match the same gender in the same dressing room. If you match 6 men in the same dressing room you will earn an additional $120 for just that one customer.

It’s very easy to get confused when you are placing customers in the dressing rooms. Make sure the room you want is highlighted in green before you release your mouse. Make a habit of always placing male and females in the same dressing room in most levels. I always designated men to the front stall and women in the second one. This way I could make as many dressing room bonuses as I could without getting them mixed up.

If there are 2 dressing rooms on opposite sides of the room, designate the one for males closest to the suits and the ones for women closer to their outfits. In the Atlanta store (second location) I designated the men’s dressing room on the left since it was close to where their clothes were.

If a male customer is not too impatient and wants to go into an occupied dressing room, let him wait until the other guy is finished. You don’t want to open up another dressing room because it will affect your dressing room bonus. Give him or her something to make them happy, give them water or flirt with them so they can wait a little longer.

Place the customer with the least amount of hearts in the dressing room first so he can get out quickly. You don’t want to place the person with the most hearts first because they have more patience to work with. Take the impatient one because you don’t want them to get mad and leave. For every customer that leaves you lose $200.


Every time you perform an action certain places will highlight letting you know your next move. When you pick up a customer in line it can sometimes be hard to figure out which section they want to go to. Once you take them from the line, the area they wish to go to will automatically highlight itself. If you’ve just grabbed an order from a customer, your assistant will light up as well, letting you know that she’s waiting for the order.

You can actually hold 3 garments at a time in this game and at times it can be hard to see what is going where. If you learn what the icons and the colors mean in this game it will make things easier for you.

If you have three colored icons over your head it means that you have 3 orders that you must drop off to your assistant. If you have garments in your hand and the icons are clear it means that you have to give those clothes to the customers. The problem with that is that you’re not sure how many pieces you have since you drape everything over your arm but you can look at the customers’ bubbles for those answers.

Each color of the customers thought bubble has a different meaning. If it’s blue it means that you’ve already taken their order and they are waiting for it. If it’s peach it means that you are holding their item in your hand and they are waiting for it. Green means they are waiting in line and need to be serviced.


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