FarmVille: Harvest Swap Tips, Cheats and Strategies

FarmVille: Harvest Swap is a match-three game from Zynga. In this game, you match up three or more identical crops to collect them, meet level goals, and move on to the next challenge. Gamezebo’s FarmVille: Harvest Swap tips, cheats and strategies will help you till the rough soil.

Try to match more than three vegetables or fruits whenever possible


A match counts as long as at least three pieces of the same fruit or vegetable are lined up vertically or horizontally. However, you won’t get far if you settle for measly three-piece matches. Advancing in FarmVille: Harvest Swap often requires meeting a lofty goal within a very limited number of moves, so you need to make every move as bountiful as possible.

Look at the game board carefully and plan your moves accordingly. Match four whenever possible. Better yet, match five.

The direction you match in determines the direction of your sunbeams


When you match four pieces of fruit or vegetables, you’ll make a glowing fruit. If you make another match using that glowing fruit, you’ll create a sunbeam. Sunbeams clear rows or columns depending on which direction they’re shining in.

If you match four crops vertically, the shiny fruit will create a horizontal sunbeam when it’s used next. And if you match four crops horizontally, you’ll get a shiny fruit capable of a vertical blast.

Use sunbeams wisely, since they can rip through obstacles like rocks and mud!

If you can make a match of five, take it, no matter what fruit or vegetable it is


Levels in FarmVille: Harvest Swap often require you to collect specific crops. However, other non-essential crops also litter the board, and they can be used to your advantage.

Matches of five or more create very powerful super-crops that are useful regardless of what vegetable or fruit they are. Barrels can be used to collect a huge number of crops at once (very useful for gathering a fruit or vegetable you’re tasked with collecting!), and prize crops will detonate, collecting all crops within the blast radius (and clearing away stubborn obstacles).

When the bunnies are at work, wait for them to finish before making another match


Always call on the bunnies when you have the option. Expanding the game board makes matching much easier. There’s an added bonus to letting your fluffy friends bound around, however: There’s a chance that letting them do so will help things fall into place once their job is done.

So when the rabbits are eating, don’t touch any pieces unless it’s a huge jackpot like a five-piece match. When the rabbits are finished, everything will shift into their new spots and you may get a some great matches without having to use up a move.

When crops are plumped, think out your next move very carefully


Collecting large numbers of crops in FarmVille: Harvest Swap can be very challenging. When crops are watered and “plumped up,” they can provide a huge boost to your totals. However, you need to think carefully about each move when this happens. Do you make a coveted five-crop match of single-count veggies? Or do you make a match with the three 5x blueberries staring directly at you?

It all depends on your situation. Think carefully about what you need, then go for it.

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