Farm Country Walkthrough

Farm Counry – Game Introduction

Farm Country is a new game played on Facebook. What’s interesting in this game is that crops and products from animals can be made into another product to produce higher profit. You will not be bored in this game as the growing and producing time is very fast. This guide will help you with playing Farm Country.

Choosing Your Character

At the start of the game, you need to choose first the gender of your character, whether they will be male or female.

Farm Country

Your First Harvest

Clovers and Corns are readily available to harvest at the start of the game. Harvest the clovers and corns by clicking them. Each harvested crops will automatically placed in your inventory. Take note that crops in Farm Country are not getting withered even though you left them for so long.

Farm Country

Plowing Your Plots

The second task of this game is to plow the dried plots. To plow, click the “Plow” button located at the right bottom side of the game screen. Click it in your dry plots to plow. Each plow cost 12 coins.

Farm Country

Feeding Your Cow

The only plant your cow’s eating is clover. Click your cow and choose the “Feed 1 Clover” from the selection. Your cow will now eat in less than a minute.

Collecing Your Cow’s Milk

Your cow will produce milk after you feed him. Upon seeing 100%, click your cow and it will produce milk. The produced milk will be place in your inventory. You are given one experience point every time you milk your cow.

Farm Country

Nurturing Your Animals

You can do several things to your animals. You can either feed them, hire groomers for them, move, turn and sell them. You can do this by just simply clicking your animal and choose your desired action after the drop down selections.

Farm Country

Game Buttons

Here are the lists of tools you will use when playing the game.

  • Do-It-All – This tool is used to clear any tool used by the player.
  • Plow – This tool is used to ready the plots for new seeds. Each plow cost 12 coins.
  • Remove – This tool is used to remove unwanted things in your farm like plots and decorations.
  • Shop – This is where players can purchase seeds, collectibles, expansion, storage, animals, factories and decorations. You need coins or credits to purchase from the shop.
  • Inventory – This is where all crops and products goes when they are harvested or collected. You can sell your products right to your inventory by clicking the item you want to sell and click the “Sell” button at the bottom part.
  • Character – There are only two things you can do to your character. First is selecting the gender and second is giving name to your character. You can always change the gender and name of your character by clicking the “Character” button.
  • Trophies – This is where players can see their achievements while playing the game.
  • Gifts – This is where you can find all your received gifts from your friends and from the moderators of the game.
  • Snapshot – You can have a snap of your farm by clicking this tool. The photos will automatically be added in your albums.

Sending Gifts and Adding Friends

You can invite and send gifts to 16 of your Facebook friends every day.


You can click the “Bid” button at the left upper part of the game screen to go to the Auction house. Auction House is the place where you can find special, rare game items and collectibles. Just like in a real auction, you can only bid at the given time. When the auction ends, the highest bidder will win the item. Players should come back at Auction House again to claim their winnings.

Farm Country

Special Farmers Award

Special Farmers Award is the place where you need to invite friends for you to receive the award. There are different categories you can choose from which only has one purpose and it is for you to invite friends to join the fun. Every successful invite will give you award in return.

Farm Country

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