Fantasy War Tactics Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Fantasy War Tactics is a turn-based strategy game from Nexon. It’s a colorful and somewhat twisted story where you play the bad guy and try to “Pinky and the Brain” the rest of the world, but that’s easier said than done — even with an army of elite warriors. Gamezebo’s Fantasy War Tactics tips, cheats and strategies will get you ready for conquering the world in no time.

Upgrade everything all the time

Fantasy War Tactics Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Just about every aspect of your soldiers can be upgraded, from individual skills to their equipment to passive buffs and so on. Always remember to keep improving all of this stuff whenever you can as it will make a pretty significant difference once you start reaching later dungeons. Or even the third dungeon, really.

It will use up quite a bit of gold and a fair number of items, however, so it’s best to pick one or two characters to focus on until you get them to where you want them. Spreading everything out among the entire group won’t really amount to much.

Check back on the Home screen every once in a while

Fantasy War Tactics Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Fantasy War Tactics absolutely loves piling little knickknacks and bonuses on you pretty much every time you accomplish anything. Achievements will give you gold and gems (premium currency), as will watching the occasional story segment for the first time. You can also use the main screen to see where any new stuff might have popped up as new gear, new Lord levels, completed expeditions, and so on. Every single thing you end up with can be useful in some way, whether that means selling it off for gold or using it to make a character super powerful. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Go on Expeditions whenever possible

Expeditions are an additional way for you to earn some extra items and experience that will unlock through regular play. All you have to do is assign a character to head up the expedition and then wait however long it takes to complete. Do this all the time.

Characters sent on expeditions don’t actually leave the party, so you can send them off and still use them in combat, so there’s absolutely no reason to not do it. Especially since it steadily earns you extra stuff and will easily earn 1-star warriors a full level every single time. Even characters that have gone through “Rebirth” can still earn a fair bit of experience this way.

Oh yeah, and also use Rebirth as soon as you can

Fantasy War Tactics Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Rebirth is a permanent upgrade for a character that exponentially increases their combat potential. Once a given 1-star character reaches their maximum level of 30, you can spend some gold and use a few special items to boost them up to a 2-star rank (then eventually 3-stars, and so on up the ladder). Of course it gets far more costly to do this as the ranks increase.

Being Reborn allows a character to keep their level 30 stats (it actually even boosts them a little further) but resets their level to 1, so they can become even stronger. It also unlocks new skills and gives them access to more powerful weapons.

Pay attention to tougher dungeon rewards

For the sake of unlocking everything you definitely want to make your way through every single level you can, but make sure to check out what each level offers as a reward for beating it on harder difficulties. Most earn you things like gold and equipment, but some will grant you entirely new playable characters and other cool stuff. You’ll have to work for it, but it’ll be worth it.

Location, location, location

Fantasy War Tactics Tips, Cheats and Strategies

As with many strategy RPGs, you can take advantage of the terrain and attack enemies from the sides or the back for added damage. However, you can also use your soldiers’ location in relation to each other to pull of some pretty nasty (the good kind of nasty) combination attacks.

If a character is within range of an enemy and you attack that enemy with another character, then both will team up to do more damage than usual. The best part is, this stacks with multiple friendlies so it’s entirely possible to have a 4-way combo attack on a single enemy.

Area-effect attacks are king

It won’t take long for most of your soldiers to earn new skills that can attack multiple enemies at the same time. Make good use of these attacks as they can really make a difference. Being able to hit two, three, or even four targets simultaneously will weaken them all at the very least or even defeat several of them outright. Couple these with the way you can have characters support each other during an attack and you’ve got some seriously nasty damage potential on your hands.

Use Mercenaries to protect wounded characters

Fantasy War Tactics Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Before you start a battle you’re asked to select a mercenary. At the moment there aren’t many choices as everyone seems to be using Chris as the default, but who you pick isn’t as important as the act of simply picking.

This is important because while in combat you can tap the Mercenary icon to the left of the selected character’s portrait to switch to that mercenary. Switching at the right time can actually save your bacon, regardless of how powerful your companion mercenary might be. The thing is, when you switch you’re effectively swapping the selected character for someone entirely different. So if your soldier is on the verge of death or suffering from some nasty status effects you can swap to a healthy character and move them out of harm’s way. Then you can switch back to the other character when you’re in a better spot.

Save time by using “Auto” on easy levels

The early levels (or later levels once you have a much more powerful team) generally don’t require much effort to complete. If you make use of the Auto function (seen on the bottom-left portion of the screen) you can set your device aside and do other stuff while your troops wreck stuff in your name. Heck, most of the time they should be proficient enough to even earn you an “SS” rank on their own. Not too shabby!

Spam the Nephthys Dungeon

You’ll see the Nephthys Dungeon on your world map right around the time you complete Verna (the second area) and unlock Tezen (the third area). This dungeon is a great place to farm for experience and upgrade items. Unfortunately the Flame Garden has a limit to how many times you can complete it each day, which is a shame because it gives you some all-important character level enhancing items, but the Grand Corridor and Armor Storage are still great for stockpiling what you need to enhance equipment and put certain characters through Rebirth.

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