Fantasy Kingdoms Walkthrough

Fantasy Kingdoms – Game Introduction

Fantasy Kingdoms is a Facebook game developed by Sneaky Games that let players go wild with their imagination as they build their kingdom either as a witch or wizard by infusing land, plant magical flowers, gather mana, cast spells and decorate with castles and magic trees. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Fantasy Kingdoms.

Magic Speak – Definition of Terms

Not all of us are familiar with terms within a magical world. To familiarize yourself, here is a list of common terms being used in the game.

Mana: Your power to enchant spells equivalent to your coins which you can use to purchase items from the market.

Infuse: This is the same as plowing land to create plots to conjure flowers for your potions.

Bewitched: When your flowers or anything you plant have withered.

Gather: This is equivalent to harvesting.

Cast a Spell: It’s similar to planting your crops but in this case using flowers to create potions.

The Game Interface

The graphics for this game is very creative and its interface indeed resembles a magical kingdom. If you are not much of a magic or fantasy fan, some of the icons will be new to you. Here is a run down of what the menu and icons are used during game play.

Starting at the top most, your kingdom’s name is found at the left side. Unfortunately you can’t change the name at this time. Beside it are the progress bars. The first one shows what level you are at and the number of experience points you have. If you mouse over the bar, it will tell you how many points you still need to reach the next level. The blue bars shows how much mana you have accumulated. The green bar indicates the number of Kingdoms Cash you currently have.

Fantasy Kingdoms

A familiar menu is found below that lists all your neighbors in the game. It has 3 arrows which you can choose when scrolling through your list. First one lets you scroll one neighbor at a time. The second scrolls one page and the last lets you go to the beginning or end of the list. Their current level and experience points are seen for you to compare with yours. Harmony from Fantasy Kingdoms is at the maximum level (60) and is added to your list automatically.

The magical icons seen at the far bottom right are the following:

  • Multi-tool – an arrow for you to select items which you’d like to move, store or rotate. It can also be used to check on the growth of your flowers and trees by mousing over each plot or tree.
  • Wand – looks like a stick or branch of a tree which allows you to create plots.
  • Delete / Sell – seen as a tornado, this will sell any item in your kingdom and will show how much mana you will earn when you confirm the sale.
  • Open Market – a gateway that enters your store where you can purchase decorations, buildings, flowers to make potions, trees and expand your land.
  • Charms – a list of goals to earn charms for achieving it
  • Storage and Gifts – your chest that stores your gifts and items you’ve previously purchased

You can use the arrows found on top of the icons to look at other parts of your kingdom. Better yet, expand it to full screen.

Lastly, taking a snapshot of your kingdom is the best way to share it to friends. The graphics are breathtaking so it’s not surprising that players save pictures in their hard drive.

Creating your Avatar

When you start, it will ask you whether you’d like to be a witch or a wizard. After selecting, you can now choose your wardrobe. Since the game is new, there is not much to choose from in terms of style but there is a variety of colors you can select from. If you feel like switching from time to time, you can just click on your avatar and it will open the same window.

Fantasy Kingdoms

Casting a Spell

First thing you need to do is infuse some land for you to cast a spell. Once infused, you will have an enchanted land ready for potion and magic making. An enchanted land (or plot) looks plush compared to one that isn’t. Take note that you can’t move plots once you expand. You can only delete them (or sell) so plan ahead.

Fantasy Kingdoms

You can then go to the market and choose a potion or flower to cast on the infused land. Each item will show how much mana you will earn once it ready for gathering, how many days until you harvest, the number of experience points you get for planting it and the cost of each.

Fantasy Kingdoms

When ready, you can mouse over the flower or potion to check and click to gather it and receive mana. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock new potions and ingredients for your spell.

Expand your Kingdom

As you level up, you’ll be able to expand your kingdom and infuse more land to cast better spells. You also need it once you start earning more mana to purchase decorations and buildings.

You start off with a 12×12 sized kingdom. At earlier levels you can only expand by using Kingdoms Cash. You have to wait until level 10 to be able to purchase the 14×14 land with mana and level up to unlock the other sizes.

Fantasy Kingdoms

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