Family Guy – Another Freakin’ Mobile Game Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Family Guy- Another Freakin’ Mobile Game is one of the latest Match-3 games to hit the App Store. Courtesy of Jam City, the game has you matching drinks to clear some rather edgier and more adult content than you get in regular Match-3 games. Along the way, you’ll unlock new parts of the Family Guy storyline.

Need some advice? Gamezebo’s Family Guy- Another Freakin’ Mobile Game Tips, Cheats and Strategies is on hand to offer some all important tips and tricks on how best to proceed.

Getting Started

Family Guy - Another Freakin' Mobile Game Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • When you first play the game, you’re given 2 hours of infinite lives. Bear this in mind when you start out. You don’t want to waste that free time!
  • Matching drinks is simple enough but how you do it can affect a lot.
  • Matching more than 3 drinks at once makes a big difference to your options. For instance, match 4 in a square formation and you acquire a bomb that can take out a bigger area.
  • Match 4 in a line and you get a power-up that can clear a whole line in one go.
  • Whether that line is horizontal or vertical affects how the power-up line plays out too, so you’d be wise to consider the implications before you match up.
  • Matched 5 in a row? You get a special star that can be combined with any other drink. Combine it and all the drinks of that color vanish.
  • Created two special stars? Match them, and you clear the whole board.

Know your Modes

Family Guy - Another Freakin' Mobile Game Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Not all the levels are the same. Get to know what works for each mode.
  • The simplest mode has you simply serving drinks. Keep an eye on the target scores from each character and work towards reaching those totals. Don’t bother matching up drinks that aren’t required, unless you have absolutely no other choice.
  • Collecting condoms for Quagmire can be tricky. At its simplest, you’re just matching up drinks above where the condoms are located. Sometimes, you need to do this multiple times though.
  • Uncovering make up for Meg works in a similar way to Quagmire’s targets. Aim to be always clearing a space to see the makeup, so you don’t waste a move.
  • Defeating the Giant Chicken involves making matches that connect in some way. Make sure each match connects otherwise it’s a wasted move. Notice a pattern? Wasted moves are useless!

Power-ups and Boosters

Family Guy - Another Freakin' Mobile Game Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Power-ups are gained through the right kind of matches so always be working towards gaining more of those.
  • Boosters are initially given for free, before costing you some coins to buy more. Use them sparingly.
  • Each tends to remove a selection of drinks from the screen but you don’t want to go nuts.
  • You’re far wiser to restart a level than waste numerous boosters on one stage. Lives refresh after a time, but coins are very hard to come by.

Complete Quests

Family Guy - Another Freakin' Mobile Game Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Quests enable you to earn collectible items which lead to costumes and other bonuses.
  • They’re usually quite straight forward requiring you to do things like earn a specific number of stars while you play some new levels.
  • Check in often and see what your new goal is.
  • The game won’t inform you clearly when you’ve unlocked some new things so dip into that menu, earn some uranium, and open mystery boxes.
  • Sure, it’s going to take you a while to unlock much of worth, but fans will appreciate new stuff.

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