Faily Tumbler Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Faily Tumbler is the latest game from the makers of Faily Rider and Faily Brakes, Spunge Games. You play a neanderthal man who is tossed down the side of a mountain after disturbing a volcano. Tumbling down the mountain, it’s up to you to avoid obstacles and hazards, while also collecting coins as you go. It’s a simple game to learn but there’s plenty to master too.

Gamezebo’s Faily Tumbler Tips, Cheats and Strategies is on hand to help you out and get you tumbling with the best of them.

Timing is everything

Steering is pretty easy with a finger to the left or right to move you around. Take a few attempts and you’ll soon learn how sensitive it is. The trickier side of things is learning to tumblr correctly.

Holding both fingers down causes you to tumble and you want to get this just right. Pull it off well, and you’ll sail over greater distances in a short space of time. It’s far better than just falling. Want to cover even more ground? Combine it with gliding.

What’s gliding?

Gliding is your new best friend in this game. You unlock it early on for a very low coin cost, then it’s a matter of finding the power up as you play. You want to invest plenty of coins into the upgrades wherever possible too.

Such upgrades will increase your gliding time. How does that help? It means you’ll be airborne and away from the worst obstacles for longer.

The key is to let go just as you reach the piece of land you want, meaning you’re consistently in control and doing more than just ‘falling with style’.

Advanced Tips

  • Practice really does make perfect here. Because of the random nature of obstacles and the ragdoll physics involved, sometimes your success is going to feel a bit random and out of your hands. Don’t worry when a run ends within mere seconds. Just keep trying and you’ll do better next time. Or the time after that.
  • While you’re at it, avoid everything. Pretty much everything is out to get you unless it’s an egg or coin. Don’t overdo it with your dodging though. Remember the controls are sensitive, otherwise you’ll probably end up slamming into something else.
  • Try to stay airborne wherever possible as that means no obstacles to deal with and you can cover more ground that way. It’s pretty much the only safe part of the game. Until you hit the ground, that is.
  • See icons while you’re tumbling? They’re an indicator of where eggs and power ups are. Listen to them and follow their path.
  • Don’t forget to buy the shield. It’s not as vital as the glider, but it’s a good way of ensuring you can destroy some obstacles along the way.
  • The shield won’t last forever, but it should take the edge off the danger you’re up against.

Don’t forget the eggs

Eggs are collected and then hatched. By hatching them, you can unlock new items and coins. Different eggs take different lengths of time to hatch, but you want to always keep working at unlocking a new thing.

If you want, you can watch an ad or two to speed things up. It only takes about 30 seconds, and you’ll speed up that slow timer a ton.

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