Fab Fashion Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Help Kate Masters becom a world-renowned fashion designer using Gamezebo’s tips & tricks for Fab Fashion.


First things first: the map on the main screen will be one of the things that you need to be very familiar with in order to play the game correctly. In the main map menu you will have 3 storefronts in which you can choose a variety of upgrades. Here is a brief explanation of each storefront and what type of items you can purchase in them.


This store offers a variety of items that will help you keep the models patient and happy.

Water – Give to models to add extra seconds to their patience timer.

  • It’s a good idea to give a bottle of water to a model right before you hand her her items so you can get a higher star rating.
  • Bottles are especially crucial for models that have gold or black robes on since they have less patience than the other models.
  • If you have to repeat a level and you’ve used up all the water the first time around, you cannot get any more water until you’ve passed that level.

    Turntables – When played, soothes the models by slowing their runway timer for 20 seconds or more depending on the upgrade.

  • The good thing about the turntable versus the bottled water is that it affects all the models at once.
  • You have to always keep an eye on the the turntable since there’s no sound that alerts you that it is no longer playing.

    Styling Bots – They need to be used on models that have towels on their heads.

  • You can actually use the styling bot on the model and not have to take her measurements until later and it will not affect the model’s patience timer.
  • The styling bot can be used before, during or after taking measurements.
  • Don’t forget to activate the machine when someone needs it or they will not leave until their hair is done,which will cost you star ratings.

    Kate’s Studio

    This section is where you purchase all the new designs the models will be wearing.

  • It is vital in the game that you purchase new outfits constantly in order for you to satisfy the tastes of the more demanding models. As you progress through the levels, the outfits will be costlier.
  • New designs increase in price as the game goes along but it will result in higher offers from buyers.


    This is where you go to purchase new and faster equipment which will help you get orders out quicker.

    Sewing Machines – You can upgrade your sewing machines so that they will be faster and you can also purchase multiple ones so you can get several jobs done at once.

    Spare Table – The spare table is there so you can put an item down that you made a mistake on, or store extra accessories.

    Cutting Stations – You can purchase multiple cutting stations and also upgrade the ones you have so they can cut the fabric faster.

    Accessory Makers – This machine allows you to make purses, shoes and hats for the models. You can also purchase multiple machines and upgrade the ones you have.


    Colored Robes

  • There are 6 different types of models that can be identified by the color of their robes. Once you understand each robe and what it represents you will be able to play the game with ease.
  • The robes will be labeled by color and by their patience level from 1 through 6 , which is the order in which they came up in the game, 1 is the most patient and 6 is the least patient.
  • The higher the number the more they will earn on the runway, so the model with the black robe (#6) will earn you more than any other model and will also have the most elaborate outfits that you must put together.

    1-White Robes

    2-Green Robes

    3-Blue Robes

    4-Red Robes

    5-Gold Robes

    6-Black Robes

  • You can look at the clock that is on a model’s chair to see how much patience she came in with. If the clock on her chair shows a lot of black inside, that means that they don’t have too much patience. If there is a lot of green inside that clock then that means you will be able to get a higher rating if it stays predominantly green when you finish dressing them.
  • The ones with less patience (gold and black) have to be attended to quickly or your rating at the end of the game will suffer. Try and take care of the black robes by themselves so you can finish them without losing too much time on your clock.
  • Another good tip for taking care of the impatient models faster is to drop their clothes off on 2 different machines.This way both articles of clothing will be ready at the same time and Kate does not have to stand at one machine in order to finish the 2nd piece. This also applies to making accessories, if you make it on 2 different machines you can pick them up faster.
  • You do not have to take care of the models as they come up. Wait and try to serve the customers in the same colored robe at the same time so you can gain chaining bonuses. The only time I would make an exception to this rule is when the women in the black and sometimes the gold robes show up. It is best to take care of the black robes one at a time since they start off with less time on their clock than everybody else. If you take care of them quickly you may be able to get a decent rating out of them.
  • The women in the white robes are the most patient ones and they usually can be taken care of with plenty of time left over on the clock. It is always good to do several white robed women at the same time because it is easy to obtain chaining bonuses with them.
  • The model’s patience timer does not start until you start taking their measurements, so letting the least patient ones wait longer does not matter.You can pick and choose which models you want to do. However, once you start measuring them you have to take care them right away because the meter is ticking.
  • To speed up your game you can click the machines in a way that Kate can do 2 jobs at once and pick up the items once it’s done. The game has instructions on how to do this but I noticed that if you have 2 pieces of cloth cutting on a single machine you have to click until you see the number ‘4’ appear on the side of the machine so that it will finish both jobs and put both orders in her hand. If you only see the number ‘2’ appear, it will cut and put in Kate’s hand only piece of cloth. The same applies for the sewing machine.
  • I recommend buying 4 bottles of water at the beginning of every level first and then buying your other options with the money that is left over. Some people may disagree with this but I found that the water can really help when it comes to upping your star rating, especially when given right before they are handed their clothes.
  • It is a good idea to sometimes hold on to your water until the last minute or try not to use it all unless you need it. There are some exceptions to this rule but I will explain in detail. If you fail a level and you’ve used up all your water, you will be forced forced to replay the same level with no water because you used it all up on your first try. If you hang on to some water at least you have a chance of making it on the next level. However, if your meter says that you’ve earned the minimum 3 star rating then go ahead and use up the rest of the water since you can buy more at the next level and it will help boost your score.
  • You have a limited amount of time in which to finish a level. Pay attention to the large clock that is on the top left corner of the scene. Once the clock turns completely red no more models will come into the studio. However, when the clock is completely red you will
  • In order to pass a level, you must get a minimum 3 star rating or else you will have to redo the level. A 5 star rating will earn you an expert score throughout the game.If you get a 5 star rating on a level you will also earn a ‘rating bonus’ for that level. The rating bonus amounts change according to which location you are playing in. It starts with an extra $50 for the first location and it goes up an additional $50 for every level thereafter. For example, level 1 is $ 50, level 2 is $100 and level 3 is $150 and so on.
  • The game starts you off with 1 sewing machine and 1 cutting table but you are able to upgrade and buy 2 additional machines of each for a total of 3 of each kind. By the time you reach the last few locations you should be able to have 3 machines of each. I chose to only buy 2 of each since I did not feel a need for a third machine, I instead I chose to concentrate on buying all the new outfits that were available in order to earn more money.
  • Try to buy a second sewing and cutting machine before you upgrade the ones that you have. The reason for this is that you will not need the faster machines until some of the most impatient models show up. Once you have at least 2 of each machine then you can start upgrading them to make them faster. You need the extra machines so you can get more work done.
  • You don’t have to spend all the money that you’ve earned buying upgrades and such at the end of every level. You can buy what you need and hold on to the rest until the next round since the game will roll over the leftover cash to the next level. Just buy what you need and you’ll be able to afford something better on the next round
  • There are certain tasks that Kate NEEDS to walk over to a station and do, like turn on the turntable, take models measurements, cut, sew and deliver goodies. She does NOT need to walk to the fabric station (cutting) handing out bottles of water or for hair styling. This enables you to activate the hair bot, make accessories and cut fabric without interrupting Kate’s work. So while she’s sewing or doing something else, you can maximize your time by doing other things.
  • If you are failing a level repeatedly, it is a good idea to go on the map and replay some levels. Whatever money you earn over your original amount will be yours to keep and add will be added to your total.
  • You can have up to 2 items in your hand at one time. When you deliver 2 items at a time to the sewing machines or to a model you will earn a ‘double delivery’ bonus. This means that it is a good idea to deliver 2 items to the same model at the same time in order to get this bonus.
  • You can chain several tasks at once, chaining is the best way to boost your ratings. You can measure several models at one time, take clothes to the cutting machine, drop off clothes to the sewing machine etc. The longer the chain the bigger the boost to your ratings. I was able to chain items up to 13 times, so I’m not sure how high it goes but that is more time than most time management games allow you to do.
  • If in the middle of chaining tasks you feel that you clicked something incorrectly you can right click to undo all your actions up to that point and just start over again.
  • The chaining process is a little vague in the game but I will try and explain it very simply. If you take 2 items to the sewing machine, you will get a ‘double delivery’ bonus but it will also become your first action in a chain. If you then take the 2 articles of clothing to 2 different models at the same time you will have a chaining bonus of 3.
  • For each quarter of a model’s timer that is left when she is ready to go on the runway you will earn a star on her rating.
  • Once you’ve finished the game you will unlock the ‘hard mode’ version of the game. If you decide to play the hard levels all your progress in the game will be lost with the exception of your awards and achievements. In order to view all your awards you can click on the ‘scrapbook’ section in the main menu.

    The fashion show mini-game

  • Most of the money you will spend on upgrades will be made on the Fashion Show mini-game in between levels
  • In order to earn money for upgrades you must click on the dollar amounts that pop up on the screen.
  • Always aim for the highest dollar amount for two reasons. One, if you earn more money you can afford better upgrades. Two, when you click on the highest dollar amount you earn a 10% per-outfit bonus.
  • As the game progresses you have less and less time to click on the numbers, if you miss a set of numbers you will not earn anything for that part. However, if you click on a smaller bid the amount will still count towards your earnings but you will not get the 10% per-outfit bonus.
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