F1 Mobile Racing Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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F1 Mobile Racing does exactly what you’d expect, it allows you to take your very own F1 car around iconic tracks on the racing calendar. The aim of the game is simple, win races to unlock research and development packs. The more packs you open the more upgrades you’ll find for your F1 car.

  • Choose the right controls for you and your environment. If you were sitting on your couch then you’d be able to swing your arms as aggressively as you want. However, if you are in public then perhaps you should consider a less intense control scheme, one that involves less arm flailing. Essentially, you should pick the controls that best suit you and your environment. If you’re finding it difficult to time the braking and steering you can set it to do it for you.

F1 Mobile Racing

  • Duels unlock content. If you are looking to get the most out of F1 Mobile Racing, then you should play the Duel game mode the most. Playing Duels will earn you “Cup Points” and these will place you in a good league. Being in a good league will earn you rare research and development packs. Opening these packs will give you parts for your car, which can be upgraded.
  • Upgrade your loot. Throughout your time in F1 Mobile Racing, you’ll earn lots of common R&D packs. This means, sure enough, you’ll see the same loot again and again. But that’s no problem, instead, you can use this loot to upgrade your parts. So your parts will keep getting better and better the more you find duplicates.

F1 Mobile Racing

  • There’s more to do then Duels. If you’re finding the challenge of the duel game mode a little repetitive there are a couple things you can do instead. One of them is to design your car and the other is the Single game mode. Designing your car will give you a sense of pride while you drive as the level of detail you can design is very satisfying. The Single game mode is more like a traditional F1 game, where you can take on a full grid on a number of tracks. There is plenty to do in F1 mobile, so you should make the most of it.

F1 Mobile Racing

  • Look at the challenges. Completing challenges in F1 Mobile Racing unlocks you F1 Credits. You use these credits to speed up the time spent to research packs. So by completing challenges, you can earn your loot quicker.
  • Look at the shop. The shop offers free packs daily for you to collect. Inside these packs are normally pretty common items, but if you gather these items regularly then your car will only get better and better. Also, if you save up your F1 Credits you’ll be able to buy packs from the shop, these packs will offer rare and epic loot as well as common parts.

F1 Mobile Racing

  • Earn Resource Points by beating your rivals. If you are quicker than your rival in all three sectors in the Duel game mode, you’ll earn 10 points per sector. This means you can earn 30 Research Points per faultless win. You use these points to upgrade your parts, so ideally you do want to stockpile them.
  • Earn free credits. In the main menu, there is a small button in the bottom left corner which offers free credits every three hours. All you have to do is watch one advert and the credits are yours. I don’t normally recommend ad watching, but F1 Mobile is rather excellent for its lack of intrusive adverts. Free games almost always tailor gameplay to feature as many adverts as possible, so it’s quite refreshing to choose when you want to see them.

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