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Game Introduction – Explorers of the Lost World

Explorers of the Lost World is a persistent city-building game developed by Beeline. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To download the game, click the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Once downloaded, click the “play” button
  • That’s it! You’re ready to start the game!

Explorers of the Lost World

  • Level Bar: In the top left of the main screen, you’ll get a snapshot of where you are at with regards to your level. As you complete quests, you will gain experience, gain levels and be able to build more items in your island.
  • Gold: Gold is the base currency of the game. It is earned through various buildings you construct. Gold is used to build new gold earning buildings, as well as a variety of other tasks in the world.
  • Gems: Gems are the premium currency in the game.  These are earned by leveling up and of course purchasing them in the game’s store in cold hard cash. Gems are used to buy premium buildings and speeding up the time it takes to build something new on your island.
  • Energy Bar:  The energy bar is the blue bar next to the red gems.  This determines if you can create new buildings; explore new areas and so on.  This recharges over time, so you just have to wait once this runs out—unless you want to spend your precious gems on getting the bar refilled.
  • Resources: The game has a couple of resources that you need to keep track of early on—the first is wood and food (notated by the apple).  You get wood by chopping down trees and food by building things like the lobster pot or fisherman’s hut that you will see in the below photo.

Explorers of the Lost World

  • Picking up Rewards: As you can see in the above screenshot, you have various floating icons of your buildings.  This is how you will collect coins and resources from your various buildings.  Unlike a lot of other city building games, this is actually an important segment of the game.  Most city-building games stack your coins and resources.  However, Explorers of the Lost World does not.  If you go to sleep, you’ll still collect the same amount of coins as the second you pick them up.  The side effect of this—unless you’re right on top of these resources, it’s actually going to take you some time to progress in the game.

Explorers of the Lost World

  • Completing Quests (People): There isn’t any combat to speak of in the game—however, there is something along the lines of combat.  You’ll receive quests where you have to complete various tasks—usually involving other people.  There’s not a whole lot of thought involved.  Each of the three options have a dice roll of success.  From right to left increases the amount of the other side’s “health bar” with success.

Explorers of the Lost World

  • Placing Objects: Placing objects in Explorers of the Lost World is fairly straightforward. When you have selected the object, simply swipe your finger along the screen to place the object where you would like.  You have to make sure that the object doesn’t touch any other objects or water—and you’ll see a red icon when you can’t place it.

Explorers of the Lost World

  • Exploring: The white puffy clouds are the areas that you can explore currently in the game.  By exploring new areas, you are opening yourself up to being able to place new buildings down, and the squares have plenty of trees that you can chop down to add to your wood supply.  Exploring takes time, energy and food.
  • Quest Log: Much like every other city-building game out there, the quest log is the guide to the game.  You will get quests that make you create buildings that will garner you resources.  It is also the fastest way to level.  Complete the tasks that the game sets out for you, and you will quickly build your island empire.

Explorers of the Lost World

  • Upgrading Buildings:  As you play the game, you can start to upgrade your buildings.  This will make them earn more coins for you.  Upgrading will cost you ore—which you will get earn as you get further in the game.

Explorers of the Lost World

  • Store: The store can be accessed in the bottom right corner of the screen.  Here you can purchase various items—the least of which will be gems and coins.  Unfortunately, even extremely early on in the game gems are essential to progress. 

Explorers of the Lost World

  • Gem Prices: The prices on gems can be seen above.  There are some discounts as you buy higher quantities of gems.


  • Stay on the Ball:  Explorers of the Lost World is not a very forgiving game.  Because coins and resource buildings don’t stack, you have to keep constant tabs on picking up your coins and food resources.  The game shockingly doesn’t have any notifications, so you’re on your own in keeping the game top of mind.
  • Conserve Your Gems: The game gives you a decent amount of gems early on.  Do not use them in speeding up items.  Save them.  There’s a quest later on that requires 15 gems to complete, and if you don’t have them—it’s going to be a pretty big slog through the other quest it gives you (exploring the remaining white clouds).  That requires coins and food—and shouldn’t take you too long—except your coins and food doesn’t stack and you’re never notified when they’re ready.  Save the gems to avoid this!


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