EXCLUSIVE Titanfall: Assault Tips, Cheats and Strategies Straight From the Developers


If you’ve been playing Titanfall: Assault since it launched and find yourself logging in regularly, you’ve probably been sucked in by its blend of action and strategy. And Titans, naturally, because it’s always fun to drop some on poor opposing units’ heads, regardless of whether it’s on mobile or console.

We’ve offered up our own tips and advice for budding commanders out there, but the Frontier is a dangerous place. But who better to help ensure you’re equipped for battle than the people who made the game?

That’s right, we got the developers from Particle City to share even more tips and strategies, and we’re not ashamed to say that even though we’ve played Titanfall: Assault heavily, they might have a tad more expertise on it than we do. Maybe multiple tads.

In any case, here’s what the devs wanted to share to help you:

Shields Matter

Titanfall: Assault

Shielded units have added protection against conventional weapons making them robust defenders that can withstand AOE assault like Missiles and Grenadier. But, with their shields raised, they are classified as robotic units and are more susceptible to anti-robotic damage. Arc weapons like Arcfall will do bonus damage against shielded units like Shield Grunts and Boomer, taking them out or knocking down their shields in a single hit.

Do Call it a Comeback

Titanfall: Assault

Even though you may be behind in a match, it’s still not too late to make a comeback. If you can lock up the Hardpoints, neutralizing them, it will prevent your opponent from gaining score. Your opponent can’t capture a Hardpoint as long as you have a Pilot or Infantry like Grunts or Spectres in capture range. Try to at least neutralize all Hardpoints to stop your opponent’s score from increasing. Then keep a careful eye on the map and stop any attempts to recapture points as you take 1 or more for yourself for a positive score gain. Often your opponent may have turned his or her attention to assaulting your Turrets and they may not be prepared for you retaking Hardpoint control.

First Titan is a Good Thing, Even Reserves

Titanfall: Assault

Being the first to get a Titan on the field can give you an advantage. Reserve Titans have less health and deal less damage than their non-Reserve counterparts, but they cost less Supply, allowing you to deploy them sooner and more often. They may fall in 1-v-1 scenarios against other Titans but, used strategically, they can be highly effective in battle. Use the Reserve Stryder to wipe out human targets like Pilots and Grunts, Reserve Atlas to deal damage against Titans and Turrets, and Reserve Ogre to draw fire and soak up damage.

Don’t Forget Rally Point Effects

Rally point deployment effects allow you to choose where special events trigger for Pilots and Titans that have rally point abilities. For example, use Smoke Stryder’s rally point to trigger his Electric Smoke on top of a target like a cluster of Titans or an enemy Turret – the electrified cloud deals damage to an area over time. Use Sentry Tech’s rally point to choose where he builds his Sentry for added protection and defense.

How to Take Out the Heavy Turret

Titanfall: Assault

Taking out the Heavy Turret is a difficult yet highly satisfying way of winning the match. If your goal is to destroy the enemy Turrets, you shouldn’t completely forgo the Hardpoint game, since you’ll likely need to slow your opponent’s score to buy you time. Invest enough Supply to build some score or, at the very least, keep your enemy from gaining – but try and save some Supply for your push. Destroying the Medium Turret is an obvious but critical step since it expands the deployment area for your Titans deeper into enemy territory. Having the right Titans in your squad is also vital to any siege. Atlas Titans are a good workhorse since they are fairly sturdy and deal bonus damage against structures and defending Titans. Ogres of any variety make especially good shields for your weaker Titans. Also having a Titan that can attack from longer range (Sniper Ion or Mortar Ogre) or soak up more damage (Core Ogre) lets you put additional pressure on your opponent. Titans aren’t the only tool in your Turret-taking arsenal – Burn Cards like Arcfall and EMP can help weaken or strip Turret shields. Having more than one AOE attack is also good since you can chain repeated assaults if you save enough Supply. Often you’ll reach a point of no return, investing all your Supply into taking out the Heavy and letting go of any Hardpoint control or even defending your own Base.

Bump to Stay Alive

Titanfall: Asault

Bumping is an advanced tactic to redirect and distract the attacks from enemy units. Anytime you drop a unit like a Grunt drop pod, Sentry, or Titan onto another enemy, it effectively “bumps” them and, in most cases, re-prioritizes their target to the new threat. It can be most useful when your Heavy Turret is under pressure from Titan attack. By dropping a Titan onto the attacking enemy, the enemy Titan will turn their attention away from your Turret and towards the new enemy.

Why You Should Order the Titans in Your Squad

Titanfall: Assault

The order of your Titans in your Squad matters since it defines the order they will become available once Titanfall enables 1 minute into a match. Consider which Titan you want to get out onto the battlefield first – and which can wait until you have more Supply or the timing is right.

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