Eversoul Petra Guide – All You Need To Know


Are you struggling to figure out Petra? No need to worry! We’ve created an Eversoul Petra guide that will teach you all about the character, detailing her skills, and artifacts! Eversoul is fresh out of the gacha oven, so everyone’s scrambling to find out the inner-workings of the different characters. By the end of this guide, you’ll know all you need to use Petra efficiently.

Eversoul is a brand-new gacha RPG that adopts a strategy play-style. Collect a variety of characters – each with a stylish anime portrait. These characters are called Souls, and they must be placed strategically in battle depending on their type.

You can find out more about Eversoul by visiting the game’s official website. If you’re interested in more Eversoul content, then we’ve got plenty! Check out our Eversoul Naiah guide, Eversoul codes guide, and our Eversoul tier list.

Eversoul Petra Guide

We’ll move onto our Petra guide now. We’ve split the guide up into different sections to make reading easier for you.

The Basics:

Type: Undead

Rarity: Epic

Class: Defender

Gear Type: STR

Alias: N/A


  • Relaxing and having nothing to do
  • Collecting things
  • Likes shiny things


  • UnderWorld Keeper’s Evil Eyes – Ultimate Skill
    • Deals damage equal to 10% of her max HP to all enemies
    • Removes up to 2 buff effects
  • Energy Absorption
    • Recovers HP by absorbing the surrounding energy
    • Absorbs HP equal to 12% of the max HP of each enemy within 3m
  • Soul Extortion
    • Extorts the soul of the enemy with the highest ATK and locks it up in the lantern
    • Target takes 30% of the damage Petra receives for 18 seconds
  • Soul Release
    • Releases the lamp-bound soul, granting a shield that absorbs damage equal to 140% of Petra’s ATK for 12 seconds to all allies
  • Fickle Grave Keeper 
    • The Lonely Grave Keeper special buff will increase DEF by 60% if no ally is around Petra within 2.5m

Petra Artifact

  • Spirit Calling-Incense
    • Absorbs 0.5% of the target’s HP every 2 seconds for 18 seconds

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