Eversoul Mephistopeles Guide – All You Need to Know


Looking for an Eversoul Mephistopeles guide? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at our guide below where we’ve included all the information you need. As the game’s new at the moment, we plan to add even more content to this article soon! We’re currently playing through the game to get our own hands-on experience with the characters of Eversoul.

Eversoul is a brand new gacha RPG that focuses on strategic combat. Collect a variety of characters – each with a stylish anime portrait. These characters are called Souls, and they must be placed strategically in battle depending on their type.

There’s also a fun system where you can run your own little town. As you have become the lord of Arkenine, you can now assign part-time jobs. Keep the town clean during the day, and defeat dangerous hordes of monsters by night. For more information about the game, visit the official website.

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Eversoul Mephistopeles Guide

Now, let’s move on to our character guide for Mephistopeles.

The Basics

  • Type: Human
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Class: Caster
  • Gear Type: INT
  • Alias: Operator One


  • Likes cake
  • Dislikes errors and things that are out of her control
  • Watching cats


  • Spear of the Ark – Ultimate Skill
    • Deals damage equal to 260% of Attack in an AoE around the enemy who has the highest Attack
  • Code: Overdrive – Main Skill
    • Shoots a beam that deals damage equal to 190% of Attack
  • Prism Ray – Sub Skill
    • Shoots a prism beam that deals damage equal to 140% of Attack
    • Decreases the enemy’s accuracy by 20 for a total of 6 seconds
  • Code: Banish – Sub Skill
    • Targets the enemy with the highest Attack and stuns them for a total of 6 seconds
  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis – Passive Skill
    • Analyses the patterns of all enemies and finds their weaknesses
    • Increases the chance of a Crit hit by 22% for a total of 18 seconds

Mephistopeles Artifact

  • Ark Metatron
    • Adds an effect to the skill “Multi-Dimensional Analysis”
    • Enemy’s defense is reduced by 6% for a total of 18 seconds

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